Marantz 2240


Marantz 2240


Produced in 1974 this Marantz 2240 had a list price of $449.95.  It had the option of the WC-22 wood case and weighs just over 30 pounds. It puts out a modest 40 watts per channel in to 8 ohms. It features both tuning and signal meters as well as a phono input and two tape inputs. It also has separate Bass, Treble and Mid controls, Dolby FM, Muting and High/Low filter controls.


Marantz 2240 Back


Marantz receivers are very popular with collectors and audio enthusiasts. The Marantz 2240 is a low to mid range model but still sells for decent money. Both the 2240 and 2240b (a revised version of the 2240) can sell for up to $400 in excellent working condition.  More commonly they will sell for around $200 in average used condition.


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