Other Receiver Values

Below is a list of values for recent sales of various receivers on eBay. The list was compiled on May 2, 2020 and values are from $100 up. This list does not include Kenwood, Marantz, Pioneer, Realistic, Sansui, Technics or Yamaha receivers. Those brands have their own separate lists.

DescriptionSale PriceSale DateBrand
Fisher 400 stereo tube amp Output Transformers$199.00 Apr 1, 2020Fisher
Fisher MODEL 500 TUBE AMP AM-FM MONO RECEIVER 1957$298.00 Apr 1, 2020Fisher
Fisher 800-B STEREO FM/AM TUBE RECEIVER -$675.00 Apr 1, 2020Fisher
Luxman R-114 Digital Synthesized AM/FM Stereo Receiver with REMOTE.$175.00 Apr 1, 2020Luxman
Sanyo JCX-2600K SUPER RECEIVER$269.85 Apr 1, 2020SANYO
Acoustic Research X-10 Receiver ,Tested And Working Good, Free Shipping$169.00 Apr 10, 2020Acoustic Research
Harman Kardon 430 TWIN POWERED RECEIVER, Sounds Great!!!$150.00 Apr 10, 2020Harman Kardon
Modular Component Systems MCS 3837 & 3700 Tuner/ Amplifier Set - Serviced$299.99 Apr 10, 2020MCS
Sherwood S-7650-CP STEREO RECEIVER-45 W/C-VGC-100% WORKING$159.00 Apr 10, 2020Sherwood
Lafayette LR-2200 Stereo Receiver Silver Face Made in Japan - Working$124.95 Apr 11, 2020Lafayette
Luxman R-1030 Solid State AM/FM Stereo Receiver Tested Works Looks Great$180.00 Apr 11, 2020Luxman
Modular Component Systems MCS STEREO RECEIVER 3275$180.00 Apr 11, 2020MCS
Optonica SA 5201 Stereo Receiver$189.00 Apr 11, 2020Optonica
Rotel RSX-1065 Surround AVR Receiver NM in Original Box/Packing Materials$200.00 Apr 11, 2020Rotel
Sanyo Plus Series DC Integrated Amplifier Plus A35$129.99 Apr 11, 2020SANYO
Sony STR-7065 FM/AM Stereo Receiver$310.00 Apr 11, 2020Sony
Adcom GTP-400 Pre-Amp w/ tuner -audiophile-$102.50 Apr 12, 2020Adcom
Bang & Olufsen Of Denmark Beomaster 1900 Hifi Receiver Amplifier$125.00 Apr 12, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Carver HR-722 Sonic Holography Stereo Receiver in MINT Condition W/Remote$162.50 Apr 12, 2020Carver
SEARS AUDIO BY Fisher 143.9252160 STEREO RECEIVER-VGC$139.00 Apr 12, 2020Fisher
HH Scott Type 222 StereoMaster 6BQ5 Tube Amplifier ( 222a 222b 222c 222d ) el84$455.00 Apr 12, 2020H.H. Scott
Nikko NR-815, Stereo Receiver, Receiver, Classic Receiver, AM/FM Tuner$305.00 Apr 12, 2020Nikko
Akai AA-R40 Stereo Receiver 50WPC Original Owner - Works Great$125.00 Apr 13, 2020Akai
Fisher Professional Series 440-T Home Stereo FM Receiver$235.50 Apr 13, 2020Fisher
Fisher 601 4/2-CH Quadraphonic Receiver *Works* WATCH VIDEO - Cleaned$310.00 Apr 13, 2020Fisher
KLH Model 54 Quadrophonic Receiver (Very Nice) In Original Box$340.00 Apr 13, 2020KLH
Modular Component Systems MCS 3845 Integrated Amplifier - Serviced$249.99 Apr 13, 2020MCS
NAD 7225PE Power Envelope AM/FM Stereo Receiver w/ Phono Section$139.99 Apr 13, 2020NAD
Onkyo Model TX-3000, AM/FM Stereo Receiver$119.95 Apr 13, 2020Onkyo
Akai Stereo Receiver Model AA-1115 Tested-Fully Functional (1C4.31.JK)$109.99 Apr 14, 2020Akai
JVC JR-S301 DC Stereo Receiver Amp + Graphic Equalizer Clean Tested$189.99 Apr 14, 2020JVC
McIntosh MAC 4100 AM/FM Receiver Perfect Mint Working Condition$1,199.99 Apr 14, 2020McIntosh
Tandberg TR-1055 RECEIVER$239.00 Apr 14, 2020Tandberg
Tandberg TR-2045 FM-STEREO RECEIVER ROSEWOOD$198.78 Apr 14, 2020Tandberg
Tandberg TR-1055 Stereo Receiver in Excellent Condition$345.00 Apr 14, 2020Tandberg
McIntosh 1500 Receiver RESTORED Excellent Condition Free US SHIPPING$1,725.00 Apr 15, 2020McIntosh
Mitsubishi DA-R25 Stereo Receiver$100.00 Apr 15, 2020Mitsubishi
Nakamichi FM Stereo Tuner Model ST-3s - Great Condition$104.92 Apr 15, 2020Nakamichi
Nakamichi Model TA-3A Stasis Stereo Receiver Amplifier Tested & Working$147.00 Apr 15, 2020Nakamichi
Nakamichi TA-2A STASIS Receiver High Definition Tuner Amp / Preamp HD$169.00 Apr 15, 2020Nakamichi
Nakamichi AV-8 Audio/Video Receiver - remote, manuals, original accessories$400.00 Apr 15, 2020Nakamichi
Onkyo T-4090 Stereo AM/FM Tuner Perfect Working Condition$152.99 Apr 15, 2020Onkyo
Panasonic RE-7670 FM-AM Multiplex Stereo with speakers$100.00 Apr 15, 2020Panasonic
Rotel RX-802 AM/FM Stereo Receiver - Huge 1975 - Beautiful Cond.$175.00 Apr 15, 2020Rotel
Sony STR-V4 Receiver$200.00 Apr 15, 2020Sony
Sony STR-6060 F AM/FM Stereo Receiver with Wood Case$259.00 Apr 15, 2020Sony
Akai AA-1125 Stereo Receiver FM/AM AUX & PHONO Aluminum Face - Japan$100.00 Apr 16, 2020Akai
Bogen SRB40 Stereo AM|FM Tube Receiver Hi-Fidelity WORKS NEAR MINT$299.99 Apr 16, 2020Bogen
Carver HR-732 Sonic Holography A/V Stereo Receiver$119.00 Apr 16, 2020Carver
Fisher 800-CReceiver$690.00 Apr 16, 2020Fisher
Harman Kardon HK350i Ultrawideband Linear Phase Stereo Receiver, clean!$129.00 Apr 16, 2020Harman Kardon
JVC JR-S401 Stereo Receiver$299.99 Apr 16, 2020JVC
McIntosh MAC 1900 AM-FM Stereo Receiver$695.00 Apr 16, 2020McIntosh
NAD 7250PE Power Stereo Receiver 50 WPC Perect working Condition$149.00 Apr 16, 2020NAD
Nikko 6065 Stereo Receiver$200.00 Apr 16, 2020Nikko
Sanyo JCX 2400K Stereo Receiver in great working condition$169.99 Apr 16, 2020SANYO
Sony STR-V35 AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER Clean Tested Working Sounds Great$112.95 Apr 16, 2020Sony
Sony STR-D1011 Home Theater Stereo Receiver Amp & Remote$149.00 Apr 16, 2020Sony
Allied Radio Solid State Stereo 2600 AM/FM Stereo with Speakers$115.00 Apr 17, 2020Allied
Fisher 250-T Stereo Tune-O-Matic Receiver Very nice All original$350.00 Apr 17, 2020Fisher
Harman Kardon 330C AM/FM Stereo Receiver - - Good Shape - Works$165.00 Apr 17, 2020Harman Kardon
McIntosh MAC 1900 AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER For Parts, Repair$430.00 Apr 17, 2020McIntosh
McIntosh MAC 1900 Solid State AM FM Stereo Receiver$900.00 Apr 17, 2020McIntosh
Sony STR-3800 Stereo Tuner Receiver Amplifier Silver Brown Wood Tone$110.00 Apr 17, 2020Sony
Project One Mark IA Stereo Receiver w/McIntosh Like Blue Lights, Nice$137.79 Apr 17, 2020Project One
Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 5500 Tuner/Amplifier Works W/ Beolink 1000/ Manuals$320.00 Apr 18, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Fisher 400 tube receiver$300.00 Apr 18, 2020Fisher
Fisher 634 QUAD STEREO RECEIVER W/ Controller$405.00 Apr 18, 2020Fisher
Fisher 400 Tube Stereo Receiver With Original Fisher Tubes Barely Used$500.00 Apr 18, 2020Fisher
Onkyo TX-2000 Stereo Receiver AM / FM Radio Tested Works$114.99 Apr 18, 2020Onkyo
Panasonic SA-HT940$120.00 Apr 18, 2020Panasonic
Project One Mark IC (1C) AM/FM Stereo Receiver$149.50 Apr 18, 2020Project One
Tandberg TR-2030 Stereo Receiver - Works and Sounds Great!$150.00 Apr 18, 2020Tandberg
Telefunken TR-727 Receiver Very , Check Description$238.00 Apr 18, 2020Telefunken
Craig 5000 SERIES 5502 STEREO RECEIVER-25 W/C-NM-100% WORKING$119.00 Apr 19, 2020Craig
Fisher 4060 4 / 2 Channel Receiver Stereo$139.99 Apr 19, 2020Fisher
Scott 370R Stereo Audio Receiver$152.50 Apr 19, 2020SCOTT
Sony STR-7065 Stereo Receiver$349.95 Apr 19, 2020Sony
Concept 11.0 Stereo Receiver - Excellent Condition$750.00 Apr 2, 2020Concept
Luxman R-117 Stereo Receiver *TESTED WORKING* Original Remote - Antenna$675.00 Apr 2, 2020Luxman
Modular Component Systems MCS 3233 Receiver$275.00 Apr 2, 2020MCS
Onkyo TX-8020 WITH REMOTE, MANUAL AND WORKS WELL MUSIC CD$139.99 Apr 2, 2020Onkyo
Pilot 402 Stereo Receiver Tuner Amplifier EL84 Tube Early 1960's$275.00 Apr 2, 2020Pilot
Carver AVR100 Stereo Reciever Audio Equipment Good Condition$225.00 Apr 20, 2020Carver
Fisher F-100 Wood Cabinet For Fisher 440-T Receiver **FREE SHIPPING**$120.00 Apr 20, 2020Fisher
Luxman R-1050 Solid State Stereo Receiver Japan 1978/79 audiophile$183.00 Apr 20, 2020Luxman
McIntosh MX114 Stereophonic Tuner Preamplifier$499.99 Apr 20, 2020McIntosh
Modular Component Systems MCS 3245 Stereo Receiver$195.00 Apr 20, 2020MCS
Nikko NR-1019 STEREO RECEIVER T locked$285.00 Apr 20, 2020Nikko
Panasonic receiver SA-6400X needs cleaning$120.00 Apr 20, 2020Panasonic
Sylvania Stereo Receiver AM/FM Classic Wood Grain Finish Model CR-2742$225.00 Apr 20, 2020Sylvania
Fisher 250-T Futura Stereo Tune-O-Matic Receiver 24-R Solid State$349.99 Apr 21, 2020Fisher
Fisher Model 800-C$750.00 Apr 21, 2020Fisher
Harman Kardon 930 Twin Powered Stereo Receiver Serviced Tested Working$500.00 Apr 21, 2020Harman Kardon
JVC JR-S300 SEA Graphic Equalizer Receiver- Works great$159.00 Apr 21, 2020JVC
NAD 7030 AM/FM Stereophonic Receiver 30wpc$119.95 Apr 21, 2020NAD
Sanyo Plus Series AM / FM Stereo Receiver Plus 75$290.00 Apr 21, 2020SANYO
Sherwood S-7650CP Stereo Receiver$180.00 Apr 21, 2020Sherwood
Sony STR-4800 SD Stereo Receiver 35 Watts Per Channel$129.99 Apr 21, 2020Sony
Akai AM/FM STEREO RECIEVER MODEL AA-R51$102.50 Apr 22, 2020Akai
Bang &Olufsen Beomaster 3300$250.00 Apr 22, 2020Bang & Olufsen
JVC JR-S400 Mark II Stereo Receiver$249.99 Apr 22, 2020JVC
Luxman RX-102 Stereo Receiver in Fantastic condition Collector Quality$299.95 Apr 22, 2020Luxman
Panasonic RA-6600 AM/FM AFC 8-Track Tape Recorder Stereo Receiver$110.00 Apr 22, 2020Panasonic
Scott RECEIVER STEREO 330R - CLEAN$195.00 Apr 22, 2020SCOTT
Sherwood Model S-7210 AM/FM Stereo Receiver- Excellent Condition$127.50 Apr 22, 2020Sherwood
Bose Spatial Control Stereo Receiver With Original Packaging$620.00 Apr 23, 2020Bose
Denon PMA-777 Integrated Stereo Amplifier 100 watts per channel & Tuner$550.00 Apr 23, 2020Denon
Fisher 700-T Classic Stereo FM Receiver and amplifier/pre-amp. Sounds great$225.00 Apr 23, 2020Fisher
Philips High Fidelity Laboratories 7800 Stereo Receiver - See Demo$249.93 Apr 23, 2020Philips
Accuphase Tuner Amplifier SOLID WOOD Case T-100, 200, 300 - $116.00 Apr 24, 2020Accuphase
Fisher Studio Standard RS-1058 Receiver (Working)$325.00 Apr 24, 2020Fisher
Fisher 500c tube stereo receiver. not powered up.$546.00 Apr 24, 2020Fisher
Fisher 800-B AM/FM Stereo TUBE Receiver$849.99 Apr 24, 2020Fisher
Harman Kardon HK 330i Linear Phase Stereo Receiver Nice condition$116.50 Apr 24, 2020Harman Kardon
Harman Kardon 330C AM/FM Stereo Receiver Amplifier - Serviced -$175.00 Apr 24, 2020Harman Kardon
NAD 317 Stereo Integrated Amplifier$249.97 Apr 24, 2020NAD
Sony STR-7055 Silver Face Wood Stereo Receiver$145.00 Apr 24, 2020Sony
Bang & Olufsen Beomaster Control Panel 5500 Tested$100.00 Apr 25, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 3300$199.99 Apr 25, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Fisher Studio Standard AM FM Stereo Receiver Model 122$109.00 Apr 25, 2020Fisher
Fisher 500-TX Receiver$625.00 Apr 25, 2020Fisher
JVC-JR-S100 MKII Stereo Receiver (serviced)$100.00 Apr 25, 2020JVC
Lafayette LR-120DB Monster Stereo Receiver Amp$749.00 Apr 25, 2020Lafayette
McIntosh MAC 4100 Receiver Audiophile Solid state$845.00 Apr 25, 2020McIntosh
NAD 7140 Stereo AM/FM Stereo Receiver - Clean Condition!$199.99 Apr 25, 2020NAD
Sherwood S-7110 AM/FM Stereo Receiver - FULL WORKING CONDITION !$149.99 Apr 25, 2020Sherwood
Sony STR-6060 F AM/FM Stereo Receiver with Metal Case$250.00 Apr 25, 2020Sony
Akai AA-A25 Computer Controlled Stereo Receiver$100.00 Apr 26, 2020Akai
Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 5500 Tuner/Amplifier fully operational & VERY CLEAN$289.99 Apr 26, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Heathkit Amp Model W-5M Bundle$340.00 Apr 26, 2020Heathkit
JVC RX-8000VBK Audio Video Control Receiver W/ Remote Control$120.00 Apr 26, 2020JVC
Lafayette LR-1000T Stereo Receiver Solid State Woodgrained Steel Case$142.49 Apr 26, 2020Lafayette
Luxman RX-103 STEREO RECEIVER$235.00 Apr 26, 2020Luxman
McIntosh Mac1700 Hybrid Stereo Receiver$640.00 Apr 26, 2020McIntosh
NAD 7140 Stereo AM/FM Stereo Receiver$156.00 Apr 26, 2020NAD
Onkyo TX-2500M KII Stereo Amplifier Receiver- ORIGINAL and WORKS!$145.50 Apr 26, 2020Onkyo
Scott 342 STEREO FM RECEIVER WORKS GREAT! With Orig MANUALS$149.00 Apr 26, 2020SCOTT
Sony STR-6050 Stereo Receiver w/ FREE SHIPPING Excellent!$260.00 Apr 26, 2020Sony
Heathkit AA-1800 Stereo Power Amplifier Refurbished Tested Guaranteed$1,399.00 Apr 27, 2020Heathkit
Luxman R-341 AM/FM XCLNT AUDIOPHILE PREAMP AMP$129.00 Apr 27, 2020Luxman
Sony STR-V3 Stereo Receiver$139.00 Apr 27, 2020Sony
Akai AA-1030 Stereo Receiver -MINT! EXCELLENT COND! READY TO PLAY! POW!$425.00 Apr 28, 2020Akai
Bang & Olufsen BeoMaster 1900 and Beovox S-45, Excellent+ Condition, $240.00 Apr 28, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Harman Kardon Festival K TA 230 Tube Stereo Receiver$215.00 Apr 28, 2020Harman Kardon
JVC 4VR-5446 CD4 Quadrophonic Stereo Receiver$185.00 Apr 28, 2020JVC
Philips High Fidelity Labs 7851 Stereo Receiver$122.00 Apr 28, 2020Philips
Harman Kardon Ta-5000x Festival Tube Receiver For Parts Or Repair$139.95 Apr 29, 2020Harman Kardon
MacIntosh Mac 1900 AM/FM Solid State Stereo Receiver #9-30$500.00 Apr 29, 2020McIntosh
NAD 7100 Monitor Series Stereo Receiver AM/FM Good Condition$170.00 Apr 29, 2020NAD
Sanyo JCX-2400K Stereo Receiver, tape, phono MM, aux, superb classic amp$149.95 Apr 29, 2020SANYO
Setton RS-440 Stereo Audio Receiver$346.00 Apr 29, 2020Setton
Advent Model 300 Stereo Receiver / Pre-Amplifier - Works$149.95 Apr 3, 2020Advent
Fisher 500C FM Stereo Tube Receiver / HiFi Amp / Power Amplifier$660.00 Apr 3, 2020Fisher
Luxman R-117 Digital Synthesized AM/FM Stereo Receiver$740.00 Apr 3, 2020Luxman
Nakamichi TA-2A STASIS Receiver High Definition Tuner Amp / Preamp HD$179.99 Apr 3, 2020Nakamichi
Onkyo TX-2500 MKII Stereo Receiver - Shipping $19.99$125.00 Apr 3, 2020Onkyo
Panasonic RA-6100 Stereo Receiver AMAZING$119.95 Apr 3, 2020Panasonic
Sony SQR- 6650 Stereo/quad AM-FM Receiver. Nice$150.00 Apr 3, 2020Sony
Sony STR-V5 Fm-am Receiver$180.00 Apr 3, 2020Sony
Toshiba SA-7150 AM FM Stereo Monster Receiver$550.00 Apr 3, 2020Toshiba
Allied Radio Solid State Stereo 2600 AM/FM Stereo with Speakers-$135.50 Apr 30, 2020Allied
Fisher 500C in excellent condition, tubes and transformer changed and ly use$600.00 Apr 30, 2020Fisher
HH Scott 222c Integrated Amplifier$430.00 Apr 30, 2020H.H. Scott
Modular Component Systems MCS model 3233 stereo receiver$100.00 Apr 30, 2020MCS
Modular Component Systems MCS 3845 Integrated Amplifier Serviced$159.95 Apr 30, 2020MCS
Saba STEREO-STUDIO 1 Tube style Receiver/Radio w/Speakers$449.99 Apr 30, 2020Saba
Sony HP-319 AM FM Receiver Record & Cassette Player *Preowned*$175.00 Apr 30, 2020Sony
Sony STR-6065 RECEIVER STEREO TOTL - VERY NICE$395.00 Apr 30, 2020Sony
Toshiba SA-5000 ANALOG STEREO RECEIVER-VGC-50 W/C-100% WORKING$119.00 Apr 30, 2020Toshiba
Harman Kardon hk-770 DC Silver Face Amplifier$150.00 Apr 4, 2020Harman Kardon
Modular Component Systems MCS STEREO RECEIVER MODEL 3233$255.00 Apr 4, 2020MCS
NAD 7175PE Am/Fm Stereo Receiver$164.00 Apr 4, 2020NAD
Bang & Olufsen BEOMASTER 1600$149.99 Apr 5, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Denon PMA-777 Integrated Stereo Amplifier 100 watts per channel$125.50 Apr 5, 2020Denon
Fisher 600-T FM Stereo Receiver / HiFi Amp / Power Amplifier$207.50 Apr 5, 2020Fisher
Fisher 400 FM STEREO - TESTED WORKING WITH MANUAL - MODIFIED$330.00 Apr 5, 2020Fisher
Fisher 500C FM Stereo Tube Receiver / HiFi Amp / Power Amplifier$598.00 Apr 5, 2020Fisher
Fisher 500C Hifi tube stereo receiver$675.00 Apr 5, 2020Fisher
Heathkit AA-100 Tuber-Type Stereo Amplifier 25w Per Channel WORKS GREAT$579.99 Apr 5, 2020Heathkit
JVC Nivico Model 5003 Solid State AM/FM Stereo Receiver Solid Wood$125.00 Apr 5, 2020JVC
Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 5000 w/Remote And Additional Cables$150.00 Apr 6, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Fisher 500 Tube Receiver Brushed Gold With Original Blonde Case$300.00 Apr 6, 2020Fisher
Fisher 800-C Working Good$860.00 Apr 6, 2020Fisher
Harman Kardon 430 Twin Powered Receiver$149.00 Apr 6, 2020Harman Kardon
Luxman R-115 Receiver , Please Read Description$125.00 Apr 6, 2020Luxman
Onkyo TX-6500 MKII Stereo Receiver at 100 Watts per Channel$229.00 Apr 6, 2020Onkyo
Sherwood S-8000 IV Tube Stereo Reciever *Works Great!*$325.00 Apr 6, 2020Sherwood
Sony STR-6046A AM/FM Stereo, Walnut Wood Grain Veneer$129.00 Apr 6, 2020Sony
Fisher 500C Stereo Receiver. FM Tube Amp for Parts or Repair$975.00 Apr 7, 2020Fisher
Bang & Olufsen Beomaster Master Control Panel 5500 - NiceCondition$100.00 Apr 8, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Carver 900 Stereo Tuner Receiver Amplifier$170.00 Apr 8, 2020Carver
Carver MXR-130 Monster Power Receiver ( 130 Watts per Channel ! )$259.99 Apr 8, 2020Carver
Harman Kardon 730 As-is Vint. Twin Powered Receiver Tested$200.00 Apr 8, 2020Harman Kardon
Hitachi SR2000 and Hitachi HGE-1100 Equalizer.* Wonderful*$139.00 Apr 8, 2020Hitachi
Advent Model 300 Receiver Working well with original box$125.00 Apr 9, 2020Advent
Akai Computer Controlled Stereo Receiver AA-R22$109.99 Apr 9, 2020Akai
Capehart AM/FM Stero Receiver - rebuilt - tube set - Near perfect face!!!$150.00 Apr 9, 2020Capehart
Fisher 80T Mono Tuner Preamplifier$425.00 Apr 9, 2020Fisher
Fisher 80T Mono Tuner Preamplifier$425.00 Apr 9, 2020Fisher
Nikko NR-715 am/fm stereo receiver - very clean! READ DETAILS$100.00 Apr 9, 2020Nikko
Onkyo TX-5000 Stereo Receiver Partly Tested *Very Clean* As Is FREE S/H$220.00 Apr 9, 2020Onkyo
Rotel RA-1312 Stereo Integrated Amplifier & RT-1024 AM/FM Tuner$749.95 Apr 9, 2020Rotel
Carver HR-742 - Sonic Holography A/V Receiver Free Shipping$149.99 Feb 10, 2020Carver
HH Scott 222 Stereo Master 6BQ5 Tube Amplifier Clean & Restored$410.00 Feb 10, 2020H.H. Scott
Harmon Kardon SR600 FM Stereophonic Receiver-READ DESCRIPTION-Clean!!$149.99 Feb 10, 2020Harman Kardon
Lafayette LR-2200 Stereo Receiver$120.88 Feb 10, 2020Lafayette
Nakamichi TA-4A STASIS RECEIVER PROSERVICED FULLY TESTED$549.99 Feb 10, 2020Nakamichi
Sony STR-6060FW Stereo Receiver -works Good But No Fm Stereo Just Mono.$152.51 Feb 10, 2020Sony
Fisher AM/ FM STEREO 180 RECEIVER$119.00 Feb 11, 2020Fisher
Fisher F-30 Walnut Wood Case Cabinet for 400 500 500B 500C 800 800C$149.00 Feb 11, 2020Fisher
Fisher Professional Series 440-T Home Stereo Radio Receiver, 32809B, WORKS$132.50 Feb 11, 2020Fisher
Heathkit AR-15 Stereo AM/FM Solid State Receiver, 50 Watts Per Channel$175.00 Feb 11, 2020Heathkit
NAD 7225PE Power Envelope AM/FM Stereo Receiver w/ Phono Section$119.99 Feb 11, 2020NAD
Nakamichi TA-2A High Definition Tuner Amplifier STASIS Circuitry$109.00 Feb 11, 2020Nakamichi
Pilot 602 Stereo AM-FM Tube Receiver$279.00 Feb 11, 2020Pilot
Advent Model 300 Stereo Receiver / Pre-Amplifier - 1979, On and Running$114.99 Feb 12, 2020Advent
Carver MXR-130 Receiver$122.50 Feb 12, 2020Carver
Carver HR-752 Receiver W/ Sonic Holography, original Remote & Manual MINT $200.00 Feb 12, 2020Carver
Fisher Futura AM/FM Stereo Receiver F-591 Console 69-T Chassis Works!$169.99 Feb 12, 2020Fisher
JVC RX-5v Computer Controlled Stereo Receiver Dynamic Super A Beautiful$149.00 Feb 12, 2020JVC
McIntosh C 504 Stereo Preamplifier MAC C504 nice one !$630.00 Feb 12, 2020McIntosh
Nakamichi SR-4A Stasis Stereo Receiver - VG Condition - Please Read$189.00 Feb 12, 2020Nakamichi
Bose Model 550 Receiver w/ Built-In 901 Equalizer$430.00 Feb 13, 2020Bose
Fisher 220T Stereo AM-FM Receiver in Wood Case Manuals and Schematics$180.00 Feb 13, 2020Fisher
Fisher 500c Stereo Tube 7591 Fm Receiver$486.00 Feb 13, 2020Fisher
Fisher 800-B AM/FM Stereo TUBE Receiver$699.99 Feb 13, 2020Fisher
Sony STR-6055 AM/FM Stereo Receiver$107.50 Feb 13, 2020Sony
Tandberg TR-2060 AM/FM Stereo Receiver Tested$222.50 Feb 13, 2020Tandberg
Akai AA-1175 STEREO RECEIVER JAPAN SERIAL# 30921-08577 NICE AND WORKING$100.00 Feb 14, 2020Akai
Akai AS-1080DB 4CHANNEL DOLBY SYSTEM RECEIVER ! PICK UP ONLY !$499.00 Feb 14, 2020Akai
Bang & Olufsen 4500 BEOMASTER STEREO RECEIVER WITH REMOTE MANUAL NICE!$399.99 Feb 14, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Nakamichi Model SR-3A Stasis Stereo Receiver Amplifier Tested & Working$149.99 Feb 14, 2020Nakamichi
Advent Model 300 Stereo Receiver/Preamplifier$129.00 Feb 15, 2020Advent
Fisher 500-C Tube Receiver - For Parts or Repair$585.50 Feb 15, 2020Fisher
Heathkit AR-13A AM-FM STEREO SOLID STATE RECEIVER - WORKING READ DESC.$149.00 Feb 15, 2020Heathkit
Modular Component Systems Amplifier 3847 MCS$115.00 Feb 15, 2020MCS
Modular Component Systems MCS Series A 3285 Synthesized Receiver$112.50 Feb 15, 2020MCS
Nakamichi TA 4A High Definition Tuner Amplifier- Works, but needs repair$149.00 Feb 15, 2020Nakamichi
Nikko NR-1019 STEREO RECEIVER T locked$299.99 Feb 15, 2020Nikko
Sherwood S-8800 All Silicone 100 Watt FM Stereo Receiver$142.49 Feb 15, 2020Sherwood
ALLIED Knight 333 tube stereo receiver amplifier MINT With Cabinet !$122.77 Feb 16, 2020Allied
Dynaco STEREO 120 60 WATT POWER AMPLIFIER ! 3B69 -W$119.00 Feb 16, 2020Dynaco
Fisher CA-2110 Stereo Amplifier (60 watts/channel @ 8 ohms) Tested$110.50 Feb 16, 2020Fisher
Fisher 701 RECEIVER ONE WEAK CHANNEL- NICE PARTS OR REPAIR$152.50 Feb 16, 2020Fisher
Fisher 800-B AM/FM Stereo Receiver$510.00 Feb 16, 2020Fisher
Kyocera R-861 AM/FM Stereo Tuner Amplifier *POWERS UP*$227.50 Feb 16, 2020Kyocera
McIntosh MAC 1900 Receiver nice nice condition!$415.00 Feb 16, 2020McIntosh
McIntosh 1700 receiver Amp, Mac 1700$785.00 Feb 16, 2020McIntosh
McIntosh MAC 4100 Solid State Stereo Receiver - - Phono Stage$1,026.00 Feb 16, 2020McIntosh
Onkyo TX-8500 Mk II AM/FM Stereo Receiver AS IS$510.00 Feb 16, 2020Onkyo
Optonica SA-5405 Stereo Receiver Wood Grain 170 Watts$145.50 Feb 16, 2020Optonica
Philips High Fidelity Laboratories Receiver 785 Made in USA NICE 22AH785/44$145.00 Feb 16, 2020Philips
Scott Stereo Receiver 380R, Wood Sides$295.00 Feb 16, 2020SCOTT
Akai AA-V301 Stereo Receiver Computer Controlled quartz Tuner - Tested$105.60 Feb 17, 2020Akai
Bang & Olufsen B&O Beomaster 4500 Stereo Receiver$425.00 Feb 17, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Mitsubishi DA-M10 POWER METER (1980)$480.00 Feb 17, 2020Mitsubishi
Tandberg Huldra 8 Stereo Tube Receiver 8-55$350.00 Feb 17, 2020Tandberg
Bang & Olufsen Beocenter 9000$175.00 Feb 18, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Fisher 250-T Receiver Fully Functional Squeaky Clean$415.01 Feb 18, 2020Fisher
Harman Kardon 330C AM/FM Stereo Receiver$119.99 Feb 18, 2020Harman Kardon
McIntosh MAC 1900 MAC-1900 AM/FM SOLID STATE STEREO RECEIVER$340.00 Feb 18, 2020McIntosh
Fisher CA-273 & EQ-273 & FM-273 STEREO AMPLIFIER / EQ & TUNER$209.00 Feb 19, 2020Fisher
Harman Kardon 730 Twin Powered Receiver *Tested Working*$215.00 Feb 19, 2020Harman Kardon
Heathkit AA-50 Stereo Tube HiFi Amplifier$148.00 Feb 19, 2020Heathkit
JVC R-S77 Super A Digital Synthesizer Stereo Receiver Working SEE VIDEO!$179.99 Feb 19, 2020JVC
Nakamichi Receiver 3 Stereo Receiver w/Antenna Used$107.95 Feb 19, 2020Nakamichi
PANASONIC SA 5800 AM/FM Stereo Receiver FREE SHIPPING$150.00 Feb 19, 2020Panasonic
Sony STR-7065 AM-FM Stereo Receiver Serviced$299.95 Feb 19, 2020Sony
McIntosh MAC 4100 Stereo Receiver HIFI Tested & Working IN BOX! Case$1,255.01 Feb 2, 2020McIntosh
NAD 7600 150 WATT P/C AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER$450.00 Feb 2, 2020NAD
Onkyo TX-2500 Mk II AM/FM Stereo Receiver AS IS$610.00 Feb 2, 2020Onkyo
Fisher 800-B Tube Stereo Receiver *SERVICED* ~$1,375.00 Feb 20, 2020Fisher
Mitsubishi AM FM STEREO RECEIVER MODEL NUMBER DA-R8 And Cables$129.99 Feb 20, 2020Mitsubishi
Nakamichi SR-2A Stereo Receiver Stasis Amplifier Japan TESTED RCA BUNDLE$139.99 Feb 20, 2020Nakamichi
Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 3330 Stereo AM/FM Receiver$152.50 Feb 21, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Lafayette Model LR-3500 AMFM Stereo Receiver Top Of The Line$199.99 Feb 21, 2020Lafayette
McIntosh Stereo Receiver - MAC 1700 - Hybrid Tube Tuner / SS Amp$825.00 Feb 21, 2020McIntosh
Onkyo TX-5000 Stereo Receiver Tested and Works Great$130.00 Feb 21, 2020Onkyo
Fisher 500c Stereo Tube 7591 Fm Receiver$510.00 Feb 22, 2020Fisher
Fisher 800-B AM/FM Stereo Receiver$610.00 Feb 22, 2020Fisher
KLH Model Twenty Seven Model 27 Stereo Receiver Works!$173.00 Feb 22, 2020KLH
Nikko 7075 Stereo Receiver AUX & PHONO & 4CH Adaptor$190.00 Feb 22, 2020Nikko
Philips 22RH720 Receiver W/ Manual & Paperwork Works but possible repair$103.50 Feb 22, 2020Philips
Sony STR-4800SD$109.07 Feb 22, 2020Sony
Carver HR-772 Receiver 150 WPC BEAUTIFUL cond! Purchased new$295.00 Feb 23, 2020Carver
Fisher Allegro Stereo Receiver$275.00 Feb 23, 2020Fisher
Fisher 400 FM Stereo Tube Receiver Nice!$345.00 Feb 23, 2020Fisher
Harman Kardon 930 TWIN POWER STEREO RECEIVER - For Repair / Restoration$223.50 Feb 23, 2020Harman Kardon
Heathkit AR-1515 Solid State Receiver. Excellent condition, works great!$250.00 Feb 23, 2020Heathkit
McIntosh Mac 1700 MAC1700 Stereo Receiver + Original Wood Case - NICE!$520.00 Feb 23, 2020McIntosh
Nakamichi TA-2A STASIS Stereo Receiver w/ Remote -- Black$219.99 Feb 23, 2020Nakamichi
Nakamichi SR-3A Stereo Receiver Amplifier Audiophile, Tested Working$179.95 Feb 23, 2020Nakamichi
Onkyo Integra TX-890 Tuner Amplifier With Remote Control$149.99 Feb 23, 2020Onkyo
Onkyo TX-5000 Stereo Receiver Tested and Works Great$160.00 Feb 23, 2020Onkyo
Fisher Studio Standard RS-1080 Receiver FOR PARTS OR REPAIR$282.77 Feb 24, 2020Fisher
Lafayette LR-1500TA STEREO RECEIVER Great Shape$150.00 Feb 24, 2020Lafayette
Nakamichi SR-4A Stereo Receiver w/remote And Manual. Original Owner.$123.50 Feb 24, 2020Nakamichi
Nakamichi SR-4A Stereo Receiver for sale$227.50 Feb 24, 2020Nakamichi
Sherwood S-7050 Stereo Receiver Clean-Tested-Working$129.99 Feb 24, 2020Sherwood
Bang & Olufsen BEOMASTER RECEIVER STEREO 901$279.00 Feb 25, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Harman Kardon Receiver Amp HK 450 Japan Phono Input$100.00 Feb 25, 2020Harman Kardon
Harman Kardon 730 TWIN POWERED receiver used$200.00 Feb 25, 2020Harman Kardon
JVC Nivico VR-5541 Stereo Receiver Made in Japan - Great Sound! EQ$120.00 Feb 25, 2020JVC
Luxman R-115 Digital Synthesized Audiophile Quality Internal AMP$239.93 Feb 25, 2020Luxman
Luxman R-3045 Receiver - - Mint - Japan$339.00 Feb 25, 2020Luxman
Sony STR-2800 FM Stereo FM-AM Receiver$112.50 Feb 25, 2020Sony
Fisher 700T FM/MPX Stereo Receiver - POWERS ON -AS IS Repair Only$139.99 Feb 26, 2020Fisher
HH Scott 299 Stereo Master 6BQ5 Tube Amplifier Fully Recapped Restored$480.00 Feb 26, 2020H.H. Scott
Modular Component Systems 3275 stereo receiver$255.00 Feb 26, 2020MCS
Nikko 7075 Am/Fm Stereo Receiver Tested and Works. Please read.$125.00 Feb 26, 2020Nikko
Nikko 9095 MONSTER STEREO AM/FM RECEIVER$279.00 Feb 26, 2020Nikko
Optonica SA 5601 Monster reciever$207.50 Feb 26, 2020Optonica
Rotel RA-1412 Integrated Amplifier Very Preamplifier Nice$799.99 Feb 26, 2020Rotel
Akai AA-1050 Stereo Receiver 50 Watts Per Channel$112.50 Feb 27, 2020Akai
Carver Receiver 900 Magnetic Field Power Amplifier AM/FM Stereo WORKS!!$169.95 Feb 27, 2020Carver
Carver MAGNETIC FIELD POWER AMPLIFIER / RECEIVER Model # MXR130??$200.00 Feb 27, 2020Carver
Harman Kardon T403 tuner/receiver A402 integrated amplifier matched set$200.00 Feb 27, 2020Harman Kardon
Luxman R-117 Receiver and Original RR117 Remote 160 WPC works great$284.00 Feb 27, 2020Luxman
Onkyo TX-8500.  Fully Serviced and works great.  BIG Receiver!  110 wpc!$245.00 Feb 27, 2020Onkyo
Pilot 602 Stereo AM-FM Tube Receiver - Used Condition$302.95 Feb 27, 2020Pilot
Sanyo JCX 2400K Stereo Receiver - Great Working Condition!$101.00 Feb 27, 2020SANYO
Akai Model AA-1200 Stereo Receiver w/ Wood Cabinet Tested - great shape$570.00 Feb 28, 2020Akai
Fisher 500c receiver Working$700.00 Feb 28, 2020Fisher
Heathkit AR-29 AM / FM Stereo Receiver & Wood Case Very Clean & Working$150.50 Feb 28, 2020Heathkit
McIntosh MAC 1900 Receiver Amplifier Tuner$350.00 Feb 28, 2020McIntosh
Modular Component Systems MCS 3253 Stereo Receiver$395.95 Feb 28, 2020MCS
Tandberg TR-2030 FM Stereo Receiver$129.99 Feb 28, 2020Tandberg
Fisher FUTURA Stereo Receiver 59-T Chassis w/ 59-A Amp WORKS!$249.99 Feb 29, 2020Fisher
Fisher RS-2010 Stereo Receiver AM FM 80 Watts$255.00 Feb 29, 2020Fisher
Fisher 500 TX Tune O Matic Receiver ~ Complete, Clean, All Original$625.00 Feb 29, 2020Fisher
Harman Kardon 430 Twin Powered Receiver Tested, Works Great$249.99 Feb 29, 2020Harman Kardon
Lafayette Player T-2000 w/New Belt Great Shape!$199.99 Feb 29, 2020Lafayette
NAD 7240PE Power Envelope AM/ FM Home Stereo Receiver$189.95 Feb 29, 2020NAD
Onkyo TX-2500 MKII Servo Locked Stereo Receiver Sounds Great Tested$131.25 Feb 29, 2020Onkyo
Onkyo TX-2500$174.24 Feb 29, 2020Onkyo
Samsung Model SS-3350 AM/FM Stereo Receiver Has A Phono Input$115.00 Feb 29, 2020Samsung
Toshiba SA-775 AM / FM Stereo Receiver SA775$250.50 Feb 29, 2020Toshiba
Bang & Olufsen Beomaster B&O A/V 7000 Control Center Theater Receiver$100.00 Feb 3, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Bogen FM51 Tube Tuner ONLY 1958$110.00 Feb 3, 2020Bogen
Fisher Studio Standard AM FM Stereo Receiver Model 232 - IMMACULATE$105.00 Feb 3, 2020Fisher
Fisher RS-2004A Studio Standard Receiver Stereo System AM FM Tuner Radio$104.50 Feb 3, 2020Fisher
Tandberg FM/AM Stereo Receiver Model TR-1020A Made in Norway$500.00 Feb 3, 2020Tandberg
Akai Stereo Receiver Computer Controlled Model AA-R32$101.99 Feb 4, 2020Akai
Fisher 800-C$665.00 Feb 4, 2020Fisher
Akai AA R50 AM/FM Stereo Receiver 62wpc W/Manual Tested$249.00 Feb 5, 2020Akai
Carver 2000 Stereo Magnetic Field Power Amplifier with Sonic Hologram$257.00 Feb 5, 2020Carver
Fisher Tube Model FM-200 B 200b Wideband Fm Tuner Receiver$175.00 Feb 5, 2020Fisher
Fisher 500c tube stereo receiver$705.00 Feb 5, 2020Fisher
SAE TWO A7 Integrated Amplifier$175.00 Feb 5, 2020SAE
ARCAM AVR300 Receiver Amplifier Tuner Excellent Condition$275.00 Feb 6, 2020Arcam
Nikko STA-7070 AM / FM Stereo Receiver$154.95 Feb 6, 2020Nikko
Sherwood S-8800a Stereo Receiver$100.00 Feb 6, 2020Sherwood
Sony STR-7055A AM FM Stereo Receiver$102.50 Feb 6, 2020Sony
Akai AA-1125 Stereo Receiver FM/AM AUX & PHONO Aluminum Face - Japan$145.00 Feb 7, 2020Akai
Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 3300 Stereo Receiver W/Remote Control$160.00 Feb 7, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Carver AVR100 Sonic Hologram Receiver$103.51 Feb 7, 2020Carver
Fisher 400 FM Stereo Tube Receiver REAL NICE$899.00 Feb 7, 2020Fisher
Onkyo TX-4000 Quartz Synthesized Tuner Amplifier Stereo Tested$119.99 Feb 7, 2020Onkyo
Onkyo Model T-9 Quartz Lock Stereo Tuner Signal Receiver Top Of The Line$106.20 Feb 7, 2020Onkyo
Onkyo TX-6500 MKII Stereo Receiver at 100 Watts per Channel$502.00 Feb 7, 2020Onkyo
Rotel RX-1603 Monster Receiver. 180 watts per channel into Good Working.$1,499.00 Feb 7, 2020Rotel
Sony STR-V5 85 WPC$279.99 Feb 7, 2020Sony
Akai AA-R50 AM/FM Stereo Receiver Tested$174.99 Feb 8, 2020Akai
Fisher 400-T receiver in wood cabinet original working tune o matic.$199.99 Feb 8, 2020Fisher
Fisher 500c stereo receiver$510.00 Feb 8, 2020Fisher
Harman Kardon EQ8 Graphic Equalizer. Excellent cond. Original owner 1987$160.00 Feb 8, 2020Harman Kardon
Sony STR-D2020 Receiver Digital Audio Processor 250W Analog Friendly$149.99 Feb 8, 2020Sony
Bang & Olufsen Beocenter 9000 in Good Condition$350.00 Feb 9, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Denon DRA-775RD STEREO RECEIVER-W/2 REMOTES + MANUAL$189.00 Feb 9, 2020Denon
Harman Kardon 430 TWIN POWERED RECEIVER, Sounds Great!!!$165.00 Feb 9, 2020Harman Kardon
Modular Component Systems MCS 3233 Stereo Receiver pro serviced$274.99 Feb 9, 2020MCS
SAE TWO A7 Intigrated Amplifier$149.50 Feb 9, 2020SAE
SAE TWO A7 INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER Mint Condition$190.00 Feb 9, 2020SAE
Bose 550 Spatial Receiver Nice Shape !$400.00 Mar 1, 2020Bose
Fisher 250-T Receiver Nice with original manual and papers. find.$405.00 Mar 1, 2020Fisher
Harman Kardon 430 Twin Powered Receiver Amplifier$100.00 Mar 1, 2020Harman Kardon
Harman Kardon 430 STEREO RECEIVER TESTED WORKING$315.00 Mar 1, 2020Harman Kardon
Luxman Acculock CLL AM/FM Tuner-Receiver Model R3055$100.00 Mar 1, 2020Luxman
Luxman R-115 Audiophile Quality Stereo Receiver With Remote And Manual$300.00 Mar 1, 2020Luxman
NAD 7225PE Power Envelope - Stereo Receiver - Works Perfect$103.49 Mar 1, 2020NAD
Nikko NR-815 AM/FM Stereo Receiver 1977 Tested & Working$179.97 Mar 1, 2020Nikko
Onkyo TX-5000 Stereo Receiver$100.00 Mar 1, 2020Onkyo
Onkyo TX-8500 Receiver in working condition$250.00 Mar 1, 2020Onkyo
Optonica SA 5405 STEREO RECEIVER WOOD GRAIN 170 WATTS CLEAN WORKS$160.50 Mar 1, 2020Optonica
Scott Model 330R Stereo Receiver 30W Channel-Super Clean, Works$119.99 Mar 1, 2020SCOTT
Tandberg AM/FM Stereo Receiver Model TR-2060$349.99 Mar 1, 2020Tandberg
Advent Model 300 Stereo Receiver / Pre-Amplifier$100.00 Mar 10, 2020Advent
Akai Model AA-1200 Stereo Receiver w/ Wood Cabinet Tested - great shape$600.00 Mar 10, 2020Akai
Carver MXR-130 RECEIVER STEREO TESTED Great Condition$179.99 Mar 10, 2020Carver
Onkyo TX-7000 MKII Stereo Receiver 90 Watts/Channel SX 1980$280.00 Mar 11, 2020Onkyo
Fisher 400 Tube Receiver Working$1,000.00 Mar 12, 2020Fisher
Heathkit AR-2020 receiver, works great, 1 owner, exceptional product$150.00 Mar 12, 2020Heathkit
Sony STR-6055 Silver Face Stereo Receiver fully tested$129.99 Mar 12, 2020Sony
Sony STR-6800SD RECEIVER-VGC-80 W/C-FULLY WORKING-30 DAY WARRANTY$249.00 Mar 12, 2020Sony
Fisher 800c$1,075.00 Mar 13, 2020Fisher
Harman Kardon 430 Twin Powered Receiver Works!!$137.50 Mar 13, 2020Harman Kardon
Modular Component Systems 3253 Stereo Receiver Tested! Works Well! MCS$300.00 Mar 13, 2020MCS
Luxman R-117 Receiver with Original Remote. Serviced.$475.00 Mar 13, 2020Luxman
Onkyo TX-1500 Stereo Receiver (serviced)$170.00 Mar 13, 2020Onkyo
Panasonic Receiver Amp Cassette Deck and Phono Preamp RA-6500 NICE!$139.99 Mar 13, 2020Panasonic
Reference 650 FET R AM/FM Stereo Receiver with Discrete MOSFET Output$199.00 Mar 13, 2020Reference
Sherwood S-7100A AM/FM Stereo Receiver-Awesome Condition!$159.99 Mar 13, 2020Sherwood
Sony STR-V6 STEREO RECEIVER$199.99 Mar 13, 2020Sony
Sony STR-6800SD Working FAntasic Condition Fully Functional !!$279.99 Mar 13, 2020Sony
McIntosh Mac 1700 MAC1700 Stereo Receiver Original Wood Case$1,065.00 Mar 14, 2020McIntosh
Nakamichi RE-10 AM/FM Stereo Receiver Amplifier w/ Remote Control$179.00 Mar 14, 2020Nakamichi
Optonica SA-5201 AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER$121.99 Mar 14, 2020Optonica
Bang & Olufsen Beomaster B&O A/V 7000 Control Center 2346$150.00 Mar 15, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Bang & Olufsen A/V 7000, Control Center Theater Receiver, Bundled w/remote$134.97 Mar 15, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Fisher 800-C Working Good$899.99 Mar 15, 2020Fisher
Lafayette LR-9090 Stereo Receiver ~ All Original Tested$299.99 Mar 15, 2020Lafayette
McIntosh MAC1700 STEREO FM RECEIVER + ORIGINAL WOOD CASE 40W+40W$571.00 Mar 15, 2020McIntosh
Bang & Olufsen Beomaster Master Control Panel 5500 - Excellent Condition$115.00 Mar 16, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Bang & Olufsen Beomaster Control Panel 5500 Great Working Condition$142.50 Mar 16, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Harmon Kardon Five Thirty 530 Receiver 22 Watts per Channel$122.50 Mar 16, 2020Harman Kardon
Scott AMPLIFIER A457, working great!$199.00 Mar 16, 2020SCOTT
Braun Receiver Regie 501 Dieter Rams with speakers$181.50 Mar 17, 2020Braun
Fisher 500c tube stereo receiver (please read)$630.00 Mar 17, 2020Fisher
JVC RX-5V Computer Controlled Stereo Receiver Dynamic Super$119.99 Mar 17, 2020JVC
Sony STR-4800 SD Stereo Receiver 35 Watts Per Channel Very Nice$117.25 Mar 17, 2020Sony
Akai AS-980 Quadraphonic Stereo Receiver - will ship$400.00 Mar 18, 2020Akai
Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 2400 & Beovox S45-2 Speakers$149.99 Mar 18, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Harman Kardon 930 Twin Powered Stereo Receiver Serviced Tested Working$219.50 Mar 18, 2020Harman Kardon
JVC RX-903V BK DIGIFINE DYNAMIC SUPER A Receiver Audiophile$349.95 Mar 18, 2020JVC
Modular Component Systems MCS Model 3253 Receiver- GORGEOUS!$349.00 Mar 18, 2020MCS
General Electric Stereo Receiver Model RA-200 A / Working Condition$100.00 Mar 19, 2020GE
Harman Kardon HK 730 Tested Twin Powered Receiver AM and FM Stereo$300.00 Mar 19, 2020Harman Kardon
Harman Kardon Stereo Receiver Model TA600 Made in the U.S.A Free Ship$269.99 Mar 2, 2020Harman Kardon
JVC R-S77 Super A Digital Synthesizer Stereo Receiver Tested EUC$264.99 Mar 2, 2020JVC
Lafayette LR-5555A AM/FM Stereo Receiver Amplifier - Tested$169.99 Mar 2, 2020Lafayette
Luxman R-115 Audiophile Quality Stereo Receiver Audio With Remote$220.00 Mar 2, 2020Luxman
McIntosh MAC 4100 Solid State Stereo Receiver - - Phono Stage$706.00 Mar 2, 2020McIntosh
NAD 7250PE Power Stereo Receiver 50 WPC & Manual Working Condition$341.99 Mar 2, 2020NAD
Vector Research VRX-9100 FM/AM QUARTZ STEREO RECEIVER$119.99 Mar 2, 2020Vector Research
JVC NIVICO 5040U AM/FM Stereo Receiver$134.49 Mar 20, 2020JVC
Sherwood S-7100A AM/FM Stereo Receiver, Sounds Perfect! Great Condition!$150.00 Mar 20, 2020Sherwood
Sherwood S-2000 AM/ FM Stereo (Tube) Tuner - Pro Conditioned$199.95 Mar 20, 2020Sherwood
Bose 550 RECEIVER WITH 901 EQUALIZER TESTED TO POWER ON$232.50 Mar 21, 2020Bose
Fisher 500 Tube Receiver Brushed Gold With Mahogany Case$350.00 Mar 21, 2020Fisher
NAD Stereo Receiver 7125$130.00 Mar 21, 2020NAD
Optonica 5206 Receiver$117.00 Mar 21, 2020Optonica
Fisher 700T FM/MPX Stereo Receiver AS IS For Parts Or Repair Only$123.20 Mar 22, 2020Fisher
Fisher 800-B Stereophonic AM-FM Multiplex Receiver Tube Amp$610.00 Mar 22, 2020Fisher
Harman Kardon HK 330C AM-FM STEREO RECEIVER$104.50 Mar 22, 2020Harman Kardon
Luxman R-1070 AM/FM Stereo Receiver - Read Description$260.00 Mar 22, 2020Luxman
NAD 7225PE Power Envelope AM/FM Stereo Receiver w/ Phono Section$129.99 Mar 22, 2020NAD
Nakamichi TA-2A STASIS VTG Stereo Receiver, HD Tuner / Remote & Manual$119.95 Mar 22, 2020Nakamichi
Nakamichi RE-10 AM/FM Stereo Receiver$109.99 Mar 22, 2020Nakamichi
Sanyo JDX2900X AM/FM Stereo Receiver-140 W/Channel-Monster!-Nice!!$499.99 Mar 22, 2020SANYO
Sherwood S-7125 AM-FM Stereo Receiver -$100.00 Mar 22, 2020Sherwood
Fisher 250-TX AM/FM Stereo Receiver$338.00 Mar 23, 2020Fisher
Harman Kardon Model 330A Stereo Receiver$102.50 Mar 23, 2020Harman Kardon
Hitachi SR-903 Receiver Super Nice! Serviced.$299.00 Mar 23, 2020Hitachi
JVC KD-LX111 Chameleon Cd Reciever$102.50 Mar 23, 2020JVC
McIntosh MAC 1900 AM-FM Stereo Receiver Nice Condition Apple$485.00 Mar 23, 2020McIntosh
Nakamichi SR-2A Stereo Receiver STASIS Amplifier phono TESTED$115.00 Mar 23, 2020Nakamichi
Sony STR-6055 AM/FM Stereo Receiver$120.00 Mar 23, 2020Sony
Tandberg TR-2075 STEREO RECEIVER AUDIOPHILE - FOR PARTS/AS-IS$165.00 Mar 23, 2020Tandberg
Fisher 400 Tube Stereo Receiver$446.00 Mar 24, 2020Fisher
Fisher 400 Tube Stereo Receiver WORKING TESTED HIFI AUDIOPHILE 60'S$500.00 Mar 24, 2020Fisher
Heathkit AR-1500$125.00 Mar 24, 2020Heathkit
KLH TWENTY SEVEN - Very Receiver 1968 - works$149.00 Mar 24, 2020KLH
Luxman R-115 Stereo Receiver FM AM Phono MM MC Works Mint in Box$375.00 Mar 24, 2020Luxman
NAD 7220PE Power Envelope AM/FM Stereo Receiver Works Great!$149.99 Mar 24, 2020NAD
Philips High Fidelity Labs 7871 Stereo Receiver High End Excellent 1980$259.00 Mar 24, 2020Philips
SAE TWO R6 WOOD GRAIN Digital Quartz-Lock Stereo Receiver WORKS$127.77 Mar 24, 2020SAE
SAE TWO Digital Quartz-Lock Stereo Receiver R6$150.00 Mar 24, 2020SAE
Sony STR-6060 F SOLID STATE$118.80 Mar 25, 2020Sony
Fisher 500-TX Receiver$999.99 Mar 26, 2020Fisher
Harman Kardon HK670 RECEIVER EXCELLENT CONDITION JUST SERVICED$190.00 Mar 26, 2020Harman Kardon
Nakamichi SR-2A Stereo Receiver STASIS Made in Japan$129.99 Mar 26, 2020Nakamichi
Sony STR-6050 AM / FM Stereo Receiver TESTED FREE SHIP$127.50 Mar 26, 2020Sony
Luxman R-1120 stereo receiver$550.00 Mar 27, 2020Luxman
McIntosh Mac 1900 Solid State Receiver$700.00 Mar 27, 2020McIntosh
Nikko NR-719 Stereo Receiver, Very Good$119.99 Mar 27, 2020Nikko
Onkyo TX-4500 RECEIVER FM & AM WORKING$147.99 Mar 27, 2020Onkyo
Panasonic SA-60 Receiver WORKING TESTED$119.99 Mar 27, 2020Panasonic
Sanyo JCX 2400K Stereo Receiver WORKS GREAT!!!$103.50 Mar 27, 2020SANYO
Sherwood S-8800 All Silicon Stereo Receiver$127.27 Mar 27, 2020Sherwood
Vector Research VR-7000 FM/AM Stereo Receiver (670)$102.50 Mar 27, 2020Vector Research
Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 3300 Lot$100.00 Mar 28, 2020Bang & Olufsen
NAD 7250PE Power Stereo Receiver 50 WPC & Manual Working Condition$274.99 Mar 28, 2020NAD
Sony STR-7045 Stereo AM/FM Receiver - Great Sound !!!$149.99 Mar 28, 2020Sony
Hitachi SR-903 AM/FM Stereo Receiver - 75W x 2 - Big Power - Works Great !$303.00 Mar 29, 2020Hitachi
JVC A-E5 Super A Digital Stereo Amplifier T-E5 Tuner D-E5J Cassette Deck$199.95 Mar 29, 2020JVC
Kyocera R 861 Stereo Tuner / Amplifier WOW Take a LOOK Working$127.50 Mar 29, 2020Kyocera
Lafayette Stereo Receiver LR-5555 A$175.00 Mar 29, 2020Lafayette
Panasonic RE-7680 AM/FM Stereo Receiver With Original Speakers$109.99 Mar 29, 2020Panasonic
Lafayette LR-5555 STEREO RECEIVER TESTED WORKING NICE$187.00 Mar 3, 2020Lafayette
Nakamichi SR-4A Stasis Stereo Receiver - Great Condition - AS IS READ$100.00 Mar 3, 2020Nakamichi
Sanyo PLUS 75 Stereo Receiver Japan Plus Series Silver Face$192.50 Mar 3, 2020SANYO
Sony GX40ES AM/FM Stereo Receiver STR-GX40ES, Tested w/Remote$137.95 Mar 3, 2020Sony
Toshiba SA-750 AM FM Stereo Receiver Knobs Smooth w/ Wear Test Pix$179.50 Mar 3, 2020Toshiba
Panasonic SA-405 QUADRAPHONIC Receiver! Works Great!$119.00 Mar 30, 2020Panasonic
Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 4500 & Beogram CD 4500 Stereo B&O$275.00 Mar 31, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Fisher 250-TX AM/FM Stereo Receiver$390.00 Mar 31, 2020Fisher
Luxman R-1050 Solid State Stereo Receiver Japan 1978/79 audiophile$335.00 Mar 31, 2020Luxman
McIntosh MAC 1700 Stereo Receiver | Original Wood Case Manuals Extras$1,295.00 Mar 31, 2020McIntosh
Nakamichi Receiver 3 & Cassette Deck 2 Bundle w/ Remote$101.00 Mar 31, 2020Nakamichi
Sony STR-6060F Stereo Receiver$300.00 Mar 31, 2020Sony
Electrophonic AM FM FM Multiplex Stereo Receiver with Turntable Model 243$149.95 Mar 4, 2020Electrophonic
Harman Kardon HK 330i Linear Phase Stereo Receiver excellent condition!!$125.00 Mar 4, 2020Harman Kardon
JVC VR-5541 Stereo Receiver - Working Perfectly - Gorgeous!$149.00 Mar 4, 2020JVC
Modular Component Systems MCS 3235 Stereo Receiver$153.00 Mar 4, 2020MCS
Nikko NR-715 Stereo Receiver Original Box(100)$113.50 Mar 4, 2020Nikko
Sanyo 2050 Receiver- Very nice!$125.00 Mar 4, 2020SANYO
Fisher Stereo Receiver RS-1022 Tested In Working Condition$100.00 Mar 5, 2020Fisher
Modular Component Systems MCS 3253 Stereo Receiver- Japan [020CHB]$225.00 Mar 5, 2020MCS
NAD 7175PE AM/FM Stereo Receiver$169.00 Mar 5, 2020NAD
Olson AM-744 Stereo Amplifier & RA-741 Stereo AM FM Tuner - TESTED$250.00 Mar 5, 2020Olson
Project One MARK IVA STEREO RECEIVER, Sounds Great!!!$100.00 Mar 5, 2020Project One
Sanyo JCX-2300K Stereo Receiver FM/AM AUX & PHONO Aluminum Face$145.00 Mar 5, 2020SANYO
Sony STR-DE945 Surround Sound Receiver RM-LJ304 Tested Working$100.00 Mar 5, 2020Sony
Adcom GTP-400 Pre-Amp / Tuner Combination in Excellent Used Condition$175.00 Mar 6, 2020Adcom
Advent 300 FM Stereo Receiver 1978 Classic$149.95 Mar 6, 2020Advent
Carver MXR130 RECEIVER STEREO TESTED$285.00 Mar 6, 2020Carver
Fisher 500C Tube Receiver Survivor  Both Channels Work$425.00 Mar 6, 2020Fisher
Optonica SA- 5405 Stereo Receiver Wood Grain 170 Watts$100.00 Mar 6, 2020Optonica
Sony STR-7025 STEREO RECEIVER IN GREAT CONDITION.$150.00 Mar 6, 2020Sony
Harman Kardon HK 730 Twin Powered Receiver Tested$169.00 Mar 7, 2020Harman Kardon
McIntosh MAC 4100 Solid State Receiver 75W PC RMS/Serviced w/Manuals$1,294.75 Mar 7, 2020McIntosh
Onkyo Model TX-3000, AM/FM Stereo Receiver$130.00 Mar 7, 2020Onkyo
Sony STR-D2020 with REMOTE$109.49 Mar 7, 2020Sony
Akai AA-R50 AM/FM Stereo Receiver (Tested)$115.00 Mar 8, 2020Akai
Akai AA-1175 RECEIVER STEREO 75 WPC TESTED$350.00 Mar 8, 2020Akai
University Sound Studio Pro 120 Solid State Reciever. ! MADE IN USA!$161.50 Mar 8, 2020Altec Lansing
Bang & Olufsen Beocenter 9500 & Beolink Remote Looks & Works Great Phono Input$579.00 Mar 8, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Bang & Olufsen Beovox RL 60.2 Redline Speakers **Tested and Working**$560.00 Mar 8, 2020Bang & Olufsen
Bose Spatial Control Stereo Receiver Model 108787$495.00 Mar 8, 2020Bose
Denon DRA-1025R RECEIVER-W/REMOTE-VGC-125 W/C-100%$219.00 Mar 8, 2020Denon
McIntosh MAC 4100 AM/FM Stereo Receiver$725.00 Mar 8, 2020McIntosh
McIntosh MAC-1700 Vacuum Tube Hybrid Receiver, Excellent$750.00 Mar 8, 2020McIntosh
McIntosh MAC 1700 Stereo Receiver + Original Wood Case + Manuals$1,225.00 Mar 8, 2020McIntosh
Nakamichi TA-2A STASIS High Def Tuner Amplifier Audio Video Equipment$119.00 Mar 8, 2020Nakamichi
Onkyo TX-2500 Servo Locked Stereo Receiver$108.80 Mar 8, 2020Onkyo
Onkyo TX-4500 Receiver*55 WPC*Very Good Condition*$200.00 Mar 8, 2020Onkyo
Onkyo TX-8500 Mk II AM/FM Stereo Receiver AS IS$405.00 Mar 8, 2020Onkyo
Rotel RA-713 & RT-425 Amp & Receiver ( Pair)$249.00 Mar 8, 2020Rotel
Sony SQR-8750SQ Full Logic$119.50 Mar 8, 2020Sony
Tandberg TR-2045 FM STEREO RECEIVER AUTO SELECTION$124.99 Mar 8, 2020Tandberg
Modular Component System 3233 stereo receiver MCS$108.50 Mar 9, 2020MCS
Modular Component Systems MCS 3253 Stereo Receiver JC Penny$204.50 Mar 9, 2020MCS
Onkyo Receiver TX-108$150.00 Mar 9, 2020Onkyo
Optonica SA-5606 Stereo Receiver Amplifier, 85 WPC, Sharp Powerhouse$380.00 Mar 9, 2020Optonica
Bose model 108787 Spatial Control Receiver - 4 channels with wood case$474.99 May 1, 2020Bose
Concept 16.5 Stereo Receiver$2,175.00 May 1, 2020Concept
Fisher 440-T Professional Series AM/FM Stereo Receiver - Needs Repair$200.00 May 1, 2020Fisher
Hitachi SR-700 AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER. EXCELLENT CONDITION$121.50 May 1, 2020Hitachi
McIntosh MAC 1900 Receiver w/ Wood Case Serviced Serial #002$1,075.00 May 1, 2020McIntosh
Onkyo A-7070 Integrated Amplifier and T-4090 Tuner - Near Mint boxes papers$395.00 May 1, 2020Onkyo
Sony STR-6800SD RECEIVER GOOD CONDITION$159.95 May 1, 2020Sony
Harman Kardon TA-600 RECEIVER-REFURBISHED-38 W/C$249.00 May 2, 2020Harman Kardon
McIntosh MC 1700 Reciever (Please read entire listing)$425.00 May 2, 2020McIntosh
Sony STR-V2 AM/FM Stereo Receiver$120.00 May 2, 2020Sony
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