Marantz 2285 B

Marantz 2285b


This is the classic Marantz 2285b. It is one of the more sought after Marantz receivers. Even though it's only listed at 85 watts per channel it has plenty of power to drive most any speakers. It featured DLB-1 dolby noise reduction as well.

It was offered from 1977 up until 1980 and retailed for around $670.00. It weighed in at just over 37 pounds. It has the following inputs:

  • Phono 1
  • Phono 2
  • Tape 1 In/Out
  • Tape 2 In/Out
  • Aux 1
  • Aux 2


Marantz 2285 back


As you can see from the inside picture these units were built like tanks and with a high level of quality.


Marantz 2285 inside

Though not shown in these pictures the Marantz 2285 also came with an optional WC 22 wood case which gave it a fantastic sophisticated look. These receivers sell for quite a bit when restored. Recently a super clean 2285b that had been fully restored sold for $720.00 (5-9-2011). In average working condition they will sell for $300-$400+.


Marantz 2285B Blackface European fully restored fully recapped
Marantz 2285B Blackface European fully restored fully recapped $1,850.00
Time Remaining: 15d 5h 46m
Buy It Now for only: $1,850.00
MARANTZ 2285 B RECEIVER $1,000.00
Time Remaining: 18d 9h 44m
Buy It Now for only: $1,000.00
Marantz 2285B Please Read broken for parts needs repair
Marantz 2285B Please Read broken for parts needs repair $650.00
Time Remaining: 2d 22h 36m
Buy It Now for only: $650.00

18 thoughts on “Marantz 2285 B

  1. Another 2285B up for sale. In fair working order but would benefit from cap replacement and of course, a good thorough cleaning. I got it to do same but do not have time or funds now to pursue it.

  2. Hi, Ken. I am interested in your 2285B. Do you have pictures available and a price in mind?

  3. I have a 2285b in walnut cabinet that I’d like sell. Was completely gone thru in ’02, sorted in my home since. I have pics, & the original manual it came with>

  4. Hi Lew,
    Are there links to pictures of your 2285b that can be shared? Let me know if the unit is still available and we can exchange contact info.


  5. I also have a Marantz 2285b in amazing condition. Where is the best place to sell this. I recently upgraded to LED, looks great.

  6. I also have a nice 2285b silver face im thinking about parting with. In original condition not refurbished. In Tx

  7. If anybody has a 2285 receiver (any variant) for sale, please email me at storage.bdi at


  8. Hi,
    If anybody has a 2285b receiver for sale, please email me at 11sebol11 at


  9. I have a similar model. Black case with black front plate. I am going to sell my unit. If anyone interested, kindly contact me. karamandi at

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