Kenwood Values

Below is a list of values for recent sales of Kenwood receivers on eBay. The list was compiled on April 10th 2020 and values are from $50 up.

TitlePriceDate Sold
Kenwood KR-A4040 w/Phone Input 2 Channel 50W Works$51.9517-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-A5030 Am/FM Stereo Receiver Works Perfectly HTF Rare$52.0014-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-3090 Stereo Receiver$51.0017-Feb-20
Kenwood AR-404 STEREO RECEIVER-VGC-100 W/C-100% WORKING-30 DAY WARRANTY$59.0023-Jan-20
Kenwood KT-50 AM - FM Stereo Tuner - Very Nice!$59.959-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-A5070 Tuner and Amplifier, System Tested, Black$59.9912-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-3010 Stereo Tuner Amplifier Receiver JAPAN TESTED$51.0014-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-2400 SILVER FACE STEREO RECEIVER WOOD SIDES Nice Sound$51.002-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-80$69.9522-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-A56R AM/FM/Phono Receiver - WORKS$69.998-Apr-20
Kenwood KR-A5010 Circa 1989 w/Instr manual and Remote EX$49.991-Apr-20
Kenwood KR-V7050 Dolby Surround Pro Logic CA$75.006-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-8050 tuner board$75.0012-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-2600 AM FM Stereo Receiver |Tested Working| (390)$55.0016-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-594$77.9522-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-A5040 with Remote Box$59.9929-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-720 Tuner Stereo Receiver AM / FM$49.9928-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-V95R am/fm STEREO tuner-amplifier ASIS$50.0029-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-720 AM/FM TUNER stereo receiver 40W channel$66.0016-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-820 AM FM Phono Stereo Receiver FREESHIP$89.0019-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-720 AM/FM Stereo Receiver-40W/Channel-Great Shape-Sounds Nice$89.9917-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-720 AM/FM STEREO TUNER AMPLIFIER *READ*$89.9923-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-725 Stereo Receiver$79.0020-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-V6050 AM/FM AV Stereo 5.1 Channel Receiver SurroundSound Home Theater$99.0012-Feb-20
Kenwood VR-517 Stereo Am/Fm Receiver + Remote ~AV Control Home Theater - Tested$99.9518-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-6400 AM/FM Receiver Tested, Please Read Description! Free Shipping!$99.9914-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-3010 Stereo Tuner Amplifier Receiver Am/fm Rare$99.993-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-V9010 Audio-Video Stereo Dolby Pro Logic Receiver w Remote! Free Ship$100.0028-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-720 Stereo Receiver 1980-1981$100.0030-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-6400 AM/FM Stereo Receiver-Wood Sides$67.0030-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-A57R AM/FM Receiver Stereo Tuner Amplifier. . Tested. Working.$74.9922-Feb-20
Kenwood KT-7300$49.9918-Jan-20
Kenwood KA-2500 Solid State Stereo Amplifier *Tested* (Works Great!)$109.9913-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-2090 AM-FM Stereo Receiver$85.0029-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-4070 AM/FM Stereo Receiver (Used)$78.9922-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-6600 AM/FM Stereo Receiver “AS IS” For Parts/Repair,Scratchy Controls$71.0010-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-5600 AM/FM Stereo Receiver$61.016-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-X 1000 THX Surround Sound Receiver Phono Input TESTED Works Great$119.6618-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-V6010 Audio-Video Stereo Receiver TESTED EB-2953$119.9925-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-4070$80.002-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-2600 AM/FM Stereo Receiver$120.0029-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-3400 Wood Grain Works$56.004-Apr-20
Kenwood KR-5600 AM/FM Stereo Receiver$66.5219-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-V87R - Tested, Phono In$99.9425-Mar-20
Kenwood KS-4000R AM/FM Stereo Receiver -- KT$79.9514-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-3600 AM/FM Stereo Receiver Aluminum Front/Walnut Sides$94.9919-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-V95R AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER W/ Remote Bundle$100.008-Apr-20
Kenwood KR-5200 AM FM Stereo Tuner Receiver Amplifier Amp AS IS$52.5028-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-5600 2 Channel Stereo FM/AM Receiver Excellent Original Working Cond.$99.9513-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-5400 For Parts Repair$50.0014-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-950 Stereo Receiver$120.002-Feb-20
Kenwood AR-404 Receiver, DP-2010 CD Player, KLH 905B Speakers Complete Stereo$140.0016-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-4400 AM FM Stereo Receiver - Clean Condition!$99.9913-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-4400 AM FM Stereo Receiver - Clean Condition!$99.992-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-6200 AM/FM Stereo Receiver - 45 watts per channel - please read$99.9914-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-5600 AM/FM Stereo Receiver EXCELLENT CONDITION$125.004-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-5400 RECEIVER-VGC-ALL NEW LAMPS-100% WORKING-30 DAY RETURN$149.0025-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-7400 AM/FM Stereo Reciever$99.0024-Feb-20
Kenwood KA-5700 Stereo Integrated Amplifier ( late 1970s)$102.5016-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-4010, Clean & Works, AM-FM Stereo Tuner Amplifier$150.008-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-5400 Stereo Receiver - Tested/Serviced - Working$91.001-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-6400 AM/FM Stereo Receiver$109.954-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-A5040$60.006-Apr-20
Kenwood KR-6200 160W Stereo Receiver-Phono with Manual$112.4922-Feb-20
Kenwood KM-991 Black 150 Watts Per Channel$108.003-Apr-20
Kenwood TK-88 Stereo Receiver (Circa 1970)$70.008-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-5030 Tested Works Free Shipping #928$154.9926-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-4010, Clean & Works, AM-FM Stereo Tuner Amplifier$125.002-Mar-20
Kenwood KM-991 Black 150 Watts Per Channel$120.003-Apr-20
Kenwood KR-5030$119.0016-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-3010 1970's Silver Face Stereo Receiver FREE SHIP$159.0019-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-6200 AM FM FM STEREO RECEIVER Tested and working NICE$159.954-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-V87R surround sound stereo receiver 1988 With Remote$134.9916-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-5150 Solid State AM/FM Stereo Receiver Tuner Amplifier$129.9911-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-5010$93.0815-Jan-20
Kenwood KM-208$108.0024-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-5030 High Power Stereo Receiver Tested 60wpc$99.005-Apr-20
Kenwood KR-4400 Stereo Receiver Classic Silver Face Look... Serviced Pots.$74.9821-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-4070 AM/FM Stereo Receiver Good Working Condition$106.0029-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-5150 Solid State AM/FM Stereo Receiver Tuner Amplifier$134.998-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-4070 Receiver Tested Good!!$125.508-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-4400 AM FM Stereo Receiver - Clean Condition!$95.0015-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-4070 AM/FM Stereo Receiver | Pre-Owned | Tested, Working$150.007-Apr-20
Kenwood KR 4010 AM-FM Stereo Tuner Amplifier Receiver$179.993-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-7070A Works Great$143.501-Apr-20
Kenwood KR-3600 - Tested and Works! - 1970's Audio$98.7923-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-6050 AM/FM Stereo Receiver JAPAN$152.5012-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-6030 AS IS for REPAIR$125.005-Apr-20
Kenwood KT-8007 FM/AM tuner very rare$200.0011-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-6600 Receiver$145.9911-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-4070 Stereo Receiver (serviced)$132.5015-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-6200 Stereo Receiver$149.9529-Mar-20
Kenwood KA-3500 Receiver And KT-5300 AM/FM Stereo Tuner Working$174.9924-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-6600 Receiver, working, sold as-is$215.5020-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-6600 RECEIVER,WORKS GREAT !!!$149.9914-Mar-20
Kenwood TK-140X Soilid State AM-FM Stereo Receiver$185.0025-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-7400 Stereo Receiver Solid State AM/FM T5$221.008-Apr-20
Kenwood KR-V86R 80's Stereo Receiver With Remote$150.0012-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-4010 RECEIVER STEREO PRETTY$195.006-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-5600 AM/FM Stereo Receiver EXCELLENT CONDITION$202.5013-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-6600 RECEIVER,WORKS GREAT !!!$160.509-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-7070 Auto Tuning Stereo Receiver *Sold As Is For Parts$135.005-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-7600 AM/FM Stereo Receiver (670)$209.5027-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-6160 Receiver$180.0018-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-6030$185.0021-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-6600 RECEIVER,WORKS GREAT !!!$171.5023-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-8050 Receiver (Works but no AM/FM) (very good condition)$249.0020-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-6200 160W Stereo Receiver-Phono In!~SERVICED~$165.9912-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-6340 QUAD 2/4 CHANNEL STEREO RECEIVER AMP W/ Manual WKS AS IS$224.958-Apr-20
Kenwood KR-6160 Receiver$225.994-Apr-20
Kenwood KR-3600 AM/FM Stereo Receiver MINT CONDITION WITH BOX$189.9926-Mar-20
Kenwood KD-670 DIRECT DRIVE TURNTABLE$199.998-Apr-20
Kenwood KR-6060 AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER$206.503-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-6600 Receiver 1976 56x2 RMS POWER$224.5026-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-6030$198.878-Apr-20
Kenwood KR-6050 AM/FM Stereo Receiver JAPAN$183.5031-Jan-20
Kenwood KW-40 Tube Stereo Receiver Am/fm$167.5025-Jan-20
Kenwood R-5000 Communications Receiver, Excellent Condition, One Owner$256.0020-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-6600 Receiver 1976 56x2 RMS POWER$275.0026-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-7600 STEREO RECEIVER.WORKS GREAT!$249.9910-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-6050 Stereo Receiver - Beautiful - Made in Japan$242.5022-Feb-20
Kenwood Model Eleven GX$270.0019-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-8010 125W/CH WALNUT CABINET -REPAIR$304.9914-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-6600 Stereo Receiver Clean & Working Wood Cabinet$325.001-Apr-20
Kenwood W-50 TRIO stereo tube receiver WORKING!$323.003-Mar-20
Kenwood Model Eleven 1970s Stereo Receiver. w/ Wood Cabinet - Nice original shape$405.0027-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-9600 Stereo Receiver / Amplifier$375.0016-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-9600 Stereo Receiver / Amplifier$380.0010-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-8010. Monster Stereo Reciever$400.009-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-9600 Stereo Receiver 160 WPC Beast!$402.0012-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-9600 Stereo Receiver / Amplifier$380.0010-Feb-20
Kenwood KR 8010. Monster Stereo Reciever$400.009-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-9600$397.0019-Jan-20
Kenwood KC-6060 Audio Lab Scope (Original owner) with manual$499.0031-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-9600 Stereo Receiver$474.7426-Mar-20
Kenwood Model Eleven Stunning! 9.9/10$499.0029-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-6060 Receiver SERVICED TESTED UPGRADED LEDs in Excellent Condition$499.008-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-9600 Stereo Receiver$500.0017-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-9600 Stereo Receiver$456.0028-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-9000G Receiver$474.9917-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-11000G Eleven G$500.0014-Jan-20
Kenwood KR-9600 Stereo Receiver$500.0010-Mar-20
Kenwood Model Eleven GX Receiver (Powers up/Needs tuner Knob repair) (AS-IS)$623.085-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-9600 320 Watts Stereo Receiver 🔥Tested/Nice!🔥$725.0013-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-9600 HIGH-END RECEIVER UPGRADED$749.0025-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-8050 MONSTER 150W/CH AM/FM RECEIVER PIONEER SX 1250 SLAYER!! MINT!$760.0027-Feb-20
Kenwood KR-9600 Am/Fm Stereo Receiver Very Good Working Condition (See Vid)$699.9926-Mar-20
Kenwood KR-1000 1983$800.0010-Mar-20
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