Sony STR-V5

Sony STR-V5

The Sony STR-V5 is the younger brother of the STR-V6 and top of the line STR-V7.  It was introduced around 1978 and has the classic 70’s Sony styling. I personally really like the Sony style with its low key sophistication and lack of over the top eye candy.  The green glow from the dial and brushed aluminum knobs make an upscale and sleek impression. Of course, not everyone feels that way and Sony receivers can probably still be considered sleepers in the collector market. But, probably not for long.  Will they ever achieve the notoriety of a Marantz or Pioneer. Perhaps not. But the build quality and performance is very similar to those more well known and coveted brands.  The Sony STR-V5 produces 85 watts per channel into 8 ohms and features:

  • Tone Controls for  Bass and Treble
  • High and Low filters
  • Inputs for Phono MM, Tape I+II, AUX
  • A large toroidal power transformer
  • Weight just over 41 pounds
  • Dimension of  20.67 x 7.68 x 17.72
  • 3 large analog meters
  • 5 gang FM tuner

Sony STR-V5

The STR-V5, V6, and V7 all share the same chassis and look very similar in appearance as well.  As I mentioned above the early Sony’s can still be found at very reasonable prices given their performance although prices have been creeping up slowly. A top condition STR-V5 can be had for just over $200.00 with lesser condition units bringing $100-$150.

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3 thoughts on “Sony STR-V5

  1. I just bought a STR-V5 after owning a STR-V3 for only a few weeks. The smaller V3 model is a beautiful sounding receiver. It has a warm and very detailed, precise sound. The styling is like the larger models and the sound is excellent for normal listening. I am comparing the V3’s sound to other receiver brands made in the late 70s-Sansui, Technics, Yamaha, Pioneer, etc. Even if you aren’t crazy about the looks of the receiver itself, you will love its sound. I don’t see how you couldn’t! Even if you are prejudiced towards another brand like Marantz, I think one listen will convince you that Sony made a great line of vintage receivers, especially in this STR-VX generation!

  2. The STR-V5 has arrived. I did some basic cleaning and servicing of the unit and have had it up and playing now for a good week.

    It has a gorgeous sound, even better than the smaller STR-V3 I wrote about earlier.

    I have been running it with a Technics SL-1310 table (the European model of the U.S. SL-1300) and a vintage Ortofon cartridge, playing some old Savoy Brown blues-rock records. The engineering on the Savoy albums was very good.

    The V5 just makes the music sound fantastic, even at normal listening volumes playing through a pair of Polk Monitor 5A speakers with Peerless tweeters.

    My opinion is if you get a chance to own any pre-1981 Sony receiver, buy it, especially if it is in full working order. The V3-V7 series is definitely worth owning. I do know that the earlier generations of Sonys were supposed to be real gems too. Having two of them from this generation, I believe it and am trying to buy earlier ones too.

    I am only a music and electronics enthusiast, not a audiophile, so I can’t give you all the details in audiophilia language! My ears love the sound of this receiver. I don’t see how others couldn’t also. Slightly warm, very detailed and concise sound reproduction. So beautiful!

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