Sony STR-V3

Sony STR-V3


Sony’s STR-V line was export only from Japan and sold well in Europe. Didn’t sell quite as well in the U.S.  This Sony STR-V3 was made in 1978 and featured 35 watts per channel.  It was about in the mid range of the STR-V lineup. It has that early Sony classic look which is understated and sophisticated with the green dial glow and brushed knob faces.


Sony STR-V3 Back


The STR-V3 features separate bass and treble tone knobs as well as signal and tuning strength meters.  It also has Loudness, FM Muting and Mode switches.  You’ll notice it also has a large volume knob up top near the tuning knob which is a little different position then most volume knobs.  It has A, B and A+B speakers settings and you should keep in mind that many users have mentioned that the receiver does not handle 4 ohm loads all that well so be careful if you’re running the unit with 4 ohm speakers.  The unit measures about 19.75 x 14.5 x 5.875 inches.


Sony STR-V3 Dial


The higher end STR-V receivers are fairly desirable to collectors but the lower to mid range units such as the V3 aren’t that popular. There is quite a bit of disagreement over the quality of the sound and some don’t like the industrial look.  Nonetheless, the STR-V3 sells for about $100.00 if it’s in excellent working condition.

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