Sony STR-7065

Produced from 1972-1974 the Sony STR-7065 is a nice looking, aesthetically well balanced, receiver. It’s Direct coupled power amp produces 60 watts per channel. It retailed for about $550.00 and was a direct competitor with Pioneer, Marantz and McIntosh.

The brushed aluminum face, beveled knobs and green dial give it a sophisticated look. The sleek optional wood case is well designed too.

The older Sony receivers fly under the radar these days and are underrated by most enthusiasts. The performance of the STR-7065 compares favorably with all the other top end receivers of its era.

Some of the features include:

Inputs for phono and aux
2 Tape outputs
Seperate tone controls for each channel
High and low filters
Loudness compensation
Preamp and power amp input
Headphone jack
Optional wooden cabinet.
Outputs for 3 sets of speakers

The build quality is excellent though it does tend to encounter some problems due to age. The green dial face loses its color, probably because of heat buildup around the lamps at the edge of the dial. The power switch can also fail due to heat related issues. So, be on the lookout for these potential problems when purchasing one.

The Sony STR-7065 measures 18.5 x 6.2 x 14.8 and weighs almost 34 pounds.

Overall the early Sony receivers are excellent. If you find one in good working order you will most likely not be disappointed. A really nice one should run about $250 to $400.

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Sony STR-7045

Sony STR-7045


This very nice looking Sony STR-7045 was made available around 1973 or 1974. It retailed for $370 which is over $1800.00 in today’s dollars. So, it wasn’t cheap. It puts out 30 watts per channel and is known for its selective 4 gang tuning section.


Sony STR-7045 Knobs


This was the typical look for Sony’s STR-70XX line with a silver face, black dial face and wood cabinet. The STR-7045 was the middle of the road receiver while the STR-7015 was the entry level offering and the STR-7065 the TOTL. The previous generation was the STR-60XX series. While the Sansui, Marantz, and Pioneer receivers were a little more flamboyant with their knobs, lights and meters, the Sony had a more simplistic look to it. But, it made up for the lack of frill with just plain good performance and quality construction.


Sony STR-7045 Inside


The Sony receivers were very well built and rarely required servicing. The STR-7045 is all discrete with the exception of some of the FM section. The preamp/power amp sections are all discrete as well. It was the last generation of Sony gear that was discrete as later generations had a lower component count, through the use of IC-based circuits, which reduced the cost of production.


Sony STR-7045 Inputs


The Sony STR-7045, and Sony STR-70XX series receivers in general, aren’t nearly as popular now as the Marantz, Sansui and Pioneer receivers of the same era. This is reflected in their price. The STR-7045 sells for around $125 in very good working condition. The top of the line STR-7065 sells for about $200. As a comparison the Marantz 2230 (30 watts per channel) sells for about $400. The Sony receivers are good quality stereo’s though, so if you want performance at a lower price, then take a look at the STR-70XX series line.

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