Sansui G-5700

The Sansui G-5700 is one of those ‘in between’ receivers that was made during the transition from analog to digital readouts. It has both a traditional analog dial as well as a digital tuner display. Built from 1979 until 1980 it produces 75 watts per channel into 8 ohms and total harmonic distortion of 0.03%.

The G-5700 has the characteristic Sansui large Volume and Tuning knobs set symmetrically in the center of the face plate. It also utilizes the square buttons used on earlier Sansui models. The dual analog/Digital displays make it a little strange looking but the backlit logo and model number at the left of the receiver is a nice touch.

The G-5700 has plenty of power for most speakers and a great tuner section as well. Overall, the sound from Sansui’s Pure Power DC stereos is very good. The volume control is aggressive. Just a minor turn of the knob and volume will increase dramatically. I’ve found this to be an issue with other Sansui models as well.

Some other features of Sansui’s G-5700 are:

  • Quartz Locked Tuning
  • Pure Power DC Amp Section
  • LED Peak Power-level Display
  • Defeat Bass/Treble Controls
  • Two Tape Monitors
  • FM Muting
  • Two Sets of Speaker Outputs
  • Power Protection Circuit
  • 3 Gang Tuning Capacitor
  • Phono and Tape/Aux inputs
  • Dolby FM De-emphasis Selector
  • Aux input for phone or MP3 player input

Look at that huge transformer. Pretty big for a 75 watt reciever.

There are some issues to be aware of with the G-5700. The MSM5540 display driver chip for the digital tuner tends to fail resulting in no display or a partial display of the station selected. The chip can be replaced but it has 40 pins so the original is not easy to get off the circuit board. If you do replace it be sure to utilize a DIP40 socket for the new chip which will make it easier to replace in the future if need be. When looking to buy a G-5700 be sure to power it on and wait to see if the green protection light comes on. Then check to make sure that the digital display works properly. You can also check to see if the analog and digital displays are matched. This goes for other Sansui G-X700 models as well.

Also, the venting system is not designed very well which leads to the unit running hotter than normal. So, be careful if you’re stacking it with other components.

Overall, the Sansui G-5700 is a great receiver when everything is working properly. Especially if you don’t mind the analog/digital mix of displays. Personally I think it’s kind of cool and serves as an interesting historical marker for when things began to move toward the digital age.

The G-5700 sells for about $400 to $600 depending upon condition.

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8 thoughts on “Sansui G-5700

  1. I have a G-5700. It is very nice. It has been in use since 83. Great sound and only had to replace a fuse once. It does eat speakers if you crank it up.

  2. I bought a 5700 when I was a sophomore in hs in 1978 on time, I still own and use it daily. I hv many other receivers new and old but still nothing matches the sound of the Sansui no matter what brand or wattage rating as long as no clipping is involved and be light on the volume fingers! This reciever hs outlasted many components over the yrs. I dont cut my equipment too much slack!

      1. Yes most definitely I’m sitting listening to mine now it’s lovely and I wouldn’t trade it for nothing grab hold to it or they’ll keep it their self when they come to their senses. Wish I could send picture of mine for you to see

  3. If any would know of a volume knob for sale I’m looking for one ,I have the G-7500 model gett back with me thank you very much.

  4. Just bought a G-5700 today and I’m thrilled. My Sister auditioned it for me over FaceTime. The look on her face sold me….she said she had goosebumps. I’m pairing it with Cerwin Vega U 351’s and also bought a Techniques SL 1100A Turntable. More than excited to receive them! :-)

  5. The G-5700 is a incredible model. I found mine back in 1012 at a thrift. I kept it for a few years and then sold it off for 400. Although I own a number of pieces from different manufacture’s that are incredible, there is no replacing the sound of that 5700. The G’s have a bit of a colored sound, but, the soundstage is fantastic. I ran mine with a set of matrix 805 horizontal’s and bands sounded like they were playing in my living room. Keep in mind they also have the 6700,7700,8700,9700 and a few lower models. For some reason I think 5700 is the perfect model because of where the power is gauged as its turned up. The unit is rocking dialed on 3.

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