Sansui G-3500

From Sansui’s G-x500 line, this is the Sansui G-3500 Pure Power Stereo Receiver. It was at the bottom end of the G-x500 line. Produced from 1978-1981 it retailed for roughly $275 and produces 26 watts per channel into 8 ohms. It has a little less power than the G-4500 (40 wpc) but, otherwise, is identical.

The G-3500 has the classic styling of Sansui’s G-x500 line with large symmetrical volume and tuning knobs at the center of the unit, beveled knob edges and textured button faces. When lit the stereo glows with a warm amber look.

One feature of the G-3500 is the Mic Mixing Level control. Sansui advertised this as being very useful when throwing home disco parties, which, during the time of production for this stereo, probably would have been very popular. The stereo has no mid range tone control but does have a loudness button as well as both signal and tuning strength meters.

It is rated for 8 ohm speakers and is not rated for 4 ohms. Total harmonic distortion is 0.1%. Its weight and dimensions are:

17 1/16″ x 6 1/16″ x 14″
16.5 lbs

One of the most common problems with the Sansui G-3500, and other G-x500 receivers for that matter, is that the bulbs die. However, replacements bulbs can be found on eBay in both incandescent and LED form. You can see what is currently available HERE.

Overall, the Sansui G-3500 is a great little receiver with a nice sound and plenty of power for smaller rooms. The Sansui receivers built in the 1970’s are all very well made and nice looking. The G-3500 sells for about $150 to $250 which is very reasonable for a quality piece of vintage audio equipment.

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5 thoughts on “Sansui G-3500

  1. I’m trying to connect my smart TV (samsung) to my receiver with no luck. I bought a digital converter and I’m using an optical cable into that. Any suggestions?

    1. Use the red and white standard rca plugs. Find the matching colored ‘audio out’ pkugs on your tv and use an unused input on the receiver. Then, you need set your tv’s audio out to the proper setting. Your tv’s user manual will cover the input/output changes in the settings section of the menu.

  2. optical cable from tv to the digital audio converter, rca cable from dac to stereo aux (or tape) works on my smartv

  3. I bought a Sansui G-3500 around 1979 brand new and still use it! It is a powerhouse and has plenty of power for most occasions. At only 26 watts per channel, I’m pushing some vintage Cerwin-Vega D-9’s with it and they sound great! I did have a mishap when someone laid an album cover directly on top of the receiver’s cabinet, during a party (high Volume) , it overheated and fried some transistors and other parts. I found a guy to service it and he brought it back to life. I’ve used it ever since and even the lights still work! The Mic input, I put in my guitar and used headphones with the speakers in the ‘off’ position and learned how to play with some of the greatest bands of all times! Me and that little receiver have a relationship and have spent many 100’s of hours together. If you’re just getting into quality home sound systems, find one of these and you will be happy you did.

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