Sansui G-33000

Sansui G-33000

You’ll hear people refer to a vintage receiver sometimes and say “You don’t see those around very often”. Usually it’s hyperbole. With the monster Sansui G-33000 it’s not hyperbole. You REALLY don’t see these very often. It would be hard to argue that this isn’t the holy grail for Sansui collectors much less vintage receiver collectors in general. I recently wrote a post on the holy grail for Marantz collectors which is the Marantz 2600. One of those rare beasts recently sold for just over $6000.  Well, the Sansui G-33000 has that one beat as one just sold for $7700 (12-17-2013).

Sansui G-33000

The G-33000 has the wattage to back up its size as well. It puts out a massive 300 watts which is second only to the Technics SA-1000 at 330 watts and equal to the Marantz 2600.

Sansui G-33000

Now, some purists are going to argue that the G-33000, and G-22000 as well, is not truly an integrated receiver since it can be split into two separate components. But, when connected it is essentially one huge receiver which probably isn’t going to fit on many racks, or shelves for that matter. So, Sansui built it in two parts – the pre-amp/tuner and the amplifier section.

Sansui G-33000

Production numbers aren’t known exactly but it could be around about a thousand units produced. It retailed for $1900 in 1979 which was a big sum of money back then. The tuner features triple tone controls and IF band selection of wide or narrow for both the FM and AM bands.

Sansui G-33000

As you can see there are metric bolts and brackets that hold the units together.

Sansui G-33000

This is the amplifier section detached from the tuner. You can see the brackets at each end of the unit.

Sansui G-33000 Amp

You can also see the massive toroidal transformers and filter caps through the screen. It’s actually a mono block design. Sansui was known for their straight DC circuit design which, according to the sales literature, ensured sound purity all the way from input to output.

Sansui G-33000 Amp

Given the huge power output there is quite a bit of heat generated in the unit so Sansui installed an automatic temperature controlled cooling fan into the amplifier section. Nice!

Sansui G-33000 Fan

The power amp section can’t actually be used as a stand alone power amp without modification. It has binding post connections for two sets of speakers and dual phono inputs as well.

Sansui G-33000 Inputs

It even has a third tape loop just in case you need an extra!

Sansui G-33000

Over the last few years only a handful of these monster receivers have come onto the market. I’ve heard of a sale around $3000 for one in decent working condition a few years back. Classic Audio had a beautiful unit listed at $10,000 which is shown as sold though I don’t know what the actual selling price was. The most recent was, as I mentioned above, for $7700 in very nice working condition. That is probably pretty close to the market value right now. It does seem as though prices are climbing over time and the Sansui G-33000 is getting to the point where the average collector will not be able to afford one.

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30 thoughts on “Sansui G-33000

  1. I purchased the unit from classic audio for $8,000 in March of 2013. Worth every penny. It’s in museum quality.

  2. I sold one at Roseville auction for $125.00 with a dual turntable and a box of records. They couldn’t lift it to get it into dumpster hence the reason I got it.

  3. I have one that says 1100 watts with the serial number238120095 that is scratched out on the Google page

    1. Yes I have one that’s says 1100 hundred watts also I have had it in storage for 3years I’m will be getting it out of storage today not for sale but like they say every thing for sale for the rite price ?👍🤑

  4. I have a one-owner (me only!) G-22000 plus 7 other vintage pieces (all high-end, all Japanese mfg) plus a ton of related stuff (my entire system) I’m going to sell very soon. Everything is 100% original, 100% functional and in excellent condition. Original boxes, original purchase paperwork, all owner’s manuals and lots of other rare/valuable items included. Price will be around $14,500 for everything. I could go $1,000 less (the E-Bay & Pay-Pal commissions) by selling direct. If anyone is interested leave a message and phone here. (posted 8-13-19)

  5. Curious as to what all you have to sell? I am interested in browsing your treasures, as I am looking to collect more pieces

  6. Hey Garry
    What is all collection included you going to for sale. Can we see some pictures, how can we contact you as direct.

  7. $1900 in 1979 paid for a year of in-state college. Room, board, books, tuition, food plan and drinking money. All of it.

    Or a new VW Beetle.

    How much you could earn in a sumner if you hustled.

    Huge sum of money.

  8. I was in the US Navy back in 1979 and we were in port at the Subic Bay Naval Base, Philippines. I went to the PX on base and it was like at least the size of a Walmart Super Store. Each major brand of stereos had their own section, Sansui, Pioneer, Kenwood, Marantz, ect. I went to the Sansui section and checked out this receiver with a set of 4 speakers with dual 17″ speakers and a touch pad cassette player. The whole system was $1300 (low price because it was a military outlet).

    I cranked this thing up to 30/100 and it blew away all the other stereos in the place. I had salesmen running over to turn it down…lol. It’s actually 300w PER CHANNEL and according to the specs it had only .005% total harmonic distortion.
    That is the lowest I’ve ever heard of. So it’s very loud and clear. Unfortunately I needed another $400 and couldn’t come up with the rest.

    @Joseph Reeser, you were probably looking at the power consumption and not the power rating. Common mistake. Look at the lettering by the speaker outputs. They usually have how many watts and ohms listed there. Consumption will be near where the power cord comes out of the unit.

  9. I purchased a stereo show display model in 1979 for $1,000. 00,greatest receiver ever, had it hooked to a set of Altec Lansing voice of the theater speaker (15″ and 19″ radial horns) with an additional st of 22″ subs. The neighbors loved it. Like a jerk I sold it.

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