Marantz 2600 Sells For Over $6000!

A lot of my friends ask me what the most valuable vintage receiver is. It’s actually a fairly difficult question to answer because there are so many variables that factor into market value. The Pioneer SX-1980 and the Sansui G-33000 are definitely two of the most valuable receivers but check out the latest sale of a Marantz 2600 pictured below.


Yes, you’re seeing that right. $6100.00 for a Marantz 2600. A near mint Marantz 2500 just recently sold for $3500 and they routinely sell for $2500 to $3000 so perhaps over six grand for the 2600 is not out of line. There were 7 unique bidders over $3000, only four over the $4000 mark and only two bidders bid over $6k. Obviously those two buyers really wanted the 2600. That’s understandable because you just don’t see these receivers on the market very often.

Marantz 2600 Sale

This particular 2600 is in excellent condition and, according to the seller, was recently serviced and checked out fine. As you can see the sale also included the wood case.  The original manual was included as well but not the original box.

Marantz 2600

Even the inside of the unit is very clean and you can see the massive toroidal power transformer that Marantz used in these monster receivers. And, a monster it is, weighing in at over 60 pounds and pumping out 300 watts per channel. The 2600 was produced from 1978 to 1980 and is the most powerful receiver Marantz has made. It also checks in tied at number two with the Sansui G-33000 on the all time most powerful receiver list. Allegedly Marantz only made about 1000 of the these receivers so they are very rare.


A pretty nice Pioneer SX-1980 just sold for $3500 and a Sansui G-22000 for over $2000 (9-28-2013). I haven’t seen a G-33000 sale. So, for now it looks like the Marantz 2600 is the king of the hill when it comes to market value. Some might argue that its performance does not live up to the price but if you’re a Marantz collector then this is the holy grail of receivers. I remember seeing one for sale in 2012 in “fully restored” condition for $12000 but I don’t think it ever sold. I remember another sale on eBay for $4000 back in 2006. Nonetheless, we now know what the current market value of a 2600 is – and it’s a lot.

Update: May 30, 2014. Another Marantz 2600 has sold and prices appear to still be on the rise. This one sold for $6995. It was in very nice working condition with the exception of an issue with FM stereo reception.

Marantz 2600
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48 thoughts on “Marantz 2600 Sells For Over $6000!

  1. In 1980 l purchased a new 2500 Marantz at an uptown toronto stereo shop….the first thing l noticed on it was it had an air conditioner type ac cord.
    further bought the wood case and the FM dolby decoder. When l heard rumblings of the marantz 2600 being release l was unable to find one….l ve been told they were not released in canada…In all my digs in toronto l have never come across a 2600…gordon

  2. I have a Marantz 2600 – as shown w/o the wood case. I purchased in 1976 for my husband. Divorced and in storage for 20 of the years since. I now use the 2600 and would like to sell it as it is too heavy for me to lift. Wonder if there are folks considering a purchase

    1. Oh, there will be no shortage of people wanting to buy a 2600. It might be worth your while to take it to a reputable vintage audio specialist in your area and have them check it out. The price differential between a fully functional unit and a “parts” or non-functioning unit will be large. With a check up you’ll know what does and what doesn’t work on the unit. Just that information alone is worth a lot to a potential buyer.

      1. Idk when you posted this but id be extremely interested in taking a look at it – im in Cincinnati Ohio 513-399-1021 Vinnie

    2. Idk when you posted this but id be extremely interested in taking a look at it – im in Cincinnati Ohio 513-399-1021 Vinnie

  3. Searching in the Salt Lake area – it is “fully” functional – missing one knob and some dust visible inside. Wondering if “marantz” dealer is required – the nearest one is halfway across the US.

  4. try
    Performance Audio Phone
    Toll Free: 1 (800) 771-8330
    Phone: (801) 466-3196
    Salt Lake City
    2456 S. West Temple
    Salt Lake City, UT 84115
    Store Hours:
    Mon-Fri: 9 AM – 6 PM
    Sat: 10 AM – 2 PM
    Sun: CLOSED

    If they cant check out your receiver they will know who can
    good luck,
    Ron Morisseau

  5. I have the 2600 electrical validation sample, a very close family member was the product manager for the 2600. He handcarried this unit back from Tokyo in 1977, it is immaculate and includes the Dolby FM adapter. It is in mint condition, with operator’s manual, service manual and spare scope tube. Without a doubt the most powerful receiver built puts out a KW (500W x 2 into 4 Ohms), great 5 gang FM tuner and incredible phono preamplifier…

  6. Hi I was wondering how much you are selling the
    Marantz 2600 for and if you would be willing to sell it to someone in Canada?

    1. Estoy dispuesto a comprar, dependiendo del estado en que se encuentra el equipo. Y el precio que le ponga para negociar. Saludos.

  7. I bought a Marantz 2600 in June 2018 I paid 5650 mine was supposedly rebuilt but when I got it home it had issues I think the market has gotten soft there is a Marantz 2600 on eBay right now with an opening bid of 4800 nobody has bid on it

  8. The Marantz 2600, 2500 and 2325 are all great collector items, but for all practical purposes when it comes down to typical day-to-day listening and ease-of-use, I feel the little-known SR-930 (made in 1983 and 1984) is the most under-appreciated and under-valued receiver Marantz ever made. It’s from Marantz in Japan, not the American unit of Marantz like most, and was never sold in America. All the made-in-Japan Marantz products I’ve ever seen have adjustable input voltage, scan-step, and FM de-emphasis for worldwide use. I have two SR-930 receivers, and they are awesome sounding with the built-in EQ, employ plenty of film-capacitors in the needed circuit locations, only 0.003% THD, and so much easier to tune around with on FM than older 1970’s units. Output power can be further increased by connecting a Hughes AK-100 Sound Retrieval System between the pre-amp out and main-amp in jacks where those jumper-pins normally reside on the back panel of the SR-930…in such modified configuration the SR-930 will have the 130 watt LED’s completely pegged by the time you get the volume knob up one-third of the way, so i added a 5″ cooling fan over the heat-sinks. I love all Marantz products, but the SR-930 is that sleeper nobody ever considers.

    1. I know this is much later Then when this article was posted it’s just that I agree a 100% with the fact that this receiver is very under Appreciated and I have had one for a number of years and I Recently sold it but no one seems to have had any understanding as to how awesome that receiver really is.
      I have currently a Marantz 2500, Sansui 9090db, ,Pioneer SX1280, and a Sansui AU-20000 Amplifier to name a few but the SR-930 is an incredible receiver and so few people seem to know much about them? Anyway I was just wanting to agree with you about the SR930.

  9. My father has decided to part ways with his Marantz 2600. With how rare these are it’s hard pin down a reasonable value but figured a post here might be a good starting point. The unit is functional but not perfect as there is a issue with the switched outlet on the rear and dust behind the tuner glass. We do have the manual and service repair books as well.

    1. The last sale on eBay was for $4400 + $200 shipping. That unit had some damage to the case. Two others sold for $4950 and $4915 but those listings are no longer searchable on eBay. Interestingly the original service manual recently sold for $95 itself. I would guess a reasonable price would be $4500-$5000. More if you want to be patient and wait for the right buyer to come along. You could also consider having it repaired and serviced before selling it.

  10. I have taken it in to be fully checked, serviced, repaired and cleaned of dust etc. I want to be able to assure someone with what they are getting given the dollar amounts surely to be exchanged.

    I appreciate your feedback. Is it safe to assume eBay is the best resource to list the unit when the time comes?

    1. EBay is one option. It has the advantage of a large market of buyers. There is always Craigslist if you don’t want the hassle of packing and shipping. That’s mostly a local market though. Mostly flippers that will want to buy cheap and resell it. But, if you’re in a large city then you might get a good price. You could try as well. Someone on that forum may want it. They are mostly enthusiasts and collectors. Just post in their buy and sell forum. If you choose eBay just remember that packing is crucial. USPS/UPS/FedEx mangle things occasionally. Especially heavy things. Insurance is mandatory as well. You might consider using a buy-it-now auction and start with a high price and accept best offers. A 2500 just sold for a shade under $5000 so I would price the 2600 quite a bit higher. I mean, there isn’t a single 2600 available that I can see anywhere. I’d price it high, $10k or more, and accept best offers (if on eBay) and see what someone will offer. You can always lower the price later if there isn’t much interest. Just my 2 cents. Pricing is difficult since they are seldom on the market. As I mentioned previously, the two that sold before on eBay were far enough back that eBay has no pictures or info on them. Just the sale price. They could have been in poor condition or not working. It’s hard to say. So, I would start high and work my way down with the price.

  11. Jordan, when/if the time comes that your father wishes to sell the unit please reach out and I may be able to provide an offer that could be acceptable. I am not sure where you are located but perhaps it could avoid extra work and shipping costs. Thanks, Andre.

  12. Thank you all for the feedback.

    I had the shop mentioned above in the previous comments check and service the unit. It checks out fully functional, has been cleaned and the plug noted above replaced. It will be done this Thursday (3/5/20). It will be available to any interested party as soon as this Friday (3/6/20).

    I will post the listing here if it does not sell privately. If you’d like to inquire more before it lists publicly please text me at


  13. I have a marantz 2600 I’m willing to sell. It was given to me when my uncle passed away and it is so heavy and awkward that it has been sitting in storage for 8 years now. It turns on and if I mess with the buttons it will pick up stations and play them with extraordinary sound. It’s just not practical for me and my living situation. So if anyone is interested, make me an offer I can’t refuse and it’s your to a good home only, as my uncle and I were very close.

  14. I have a Marantz 2330B that I think is a greatly unappreciated model. It has the uniquely stuffed 2 in one main filter capacitors making servicing and upgrade more challenging. Minus that it is a very rock solid design. The all monochrome all metal face plate is awesome. The power output at 130 WPC is respectable for a mini-monster Marantz receiver.

    The sound quality is second to none. I found my Marantz 2330B at an estate sale in pristine condition. The buttons and pots needed a deep cleaning. Some of the electrolytic caps and a few electronics needed replacing. I switched to LED’s for lighting. Clean velum paper for the dial. 4 new filter caps. Mine did not come with the wood case.

    Paid $1,700 for it in 2022. I think for nearly mint condition and with original manuals it was a good EBay deal.

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