Sansui 8080 DB

Sansui 8080 DB Front

The Sansui 8080 DB came to market at around 1975 and lasted until around 1978.  It was price at about $650.00 and was a popular model for Sansui. It has the classic styling of a mid 1970’s receiver with a black and brushed aluminum face plate and dark dial meter with blue and white meters. The DB version of the 8080 of course had built in Dolby noise reduction.

Sansui 8080 DB Meter

The Sansui 8080 DB is essentially the same stereo as the 9090DB but with 85 watts output per channel instead of 110. It’s a really well built receiver. You’ll hear some talk about which one sounds better but they are almost identical inside.

Sansui 8080 DB Knob

Here is what one user said about the two receivers:

The 8080DB uses exactly the same driver board as the 9090DB so the only difference in the amplifier section is a little less power and 4 output transistors. The amp sections should have no discernible difference in sound. They also both use exactly the same pre-amp section except for the crossover/defeat switches in the tone controls. The circuitry is identical otherwise. Since you can’t defeat the tone controls on the 8080DB, there may always be a little coloration to the sound because there will be some variation to where the 0 point is on the tone controls. As a result you may always be adding or subtracting a little tone.”

Sansui 8080 DB Lamps

The 8080 DB is heavy and weighs in at around 46 pounds.

Here are some of its other features:

  • Built-in Dolby Processor
  • Triple Tone Controls
  • Four Accurate Meters
  • Frequency response: 10 Hz to 30 kHz
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.1%
  • Damping factor: 30
  • Input sensitivity: 4mV (mic), 2.5mV (MM), 150mV (DIN), 150mV (line)
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 70 dB (MM), 80 dB (DIN), 80 dB (line)
  • Channel separation: 50 dB (MM), 50 dB (line)
  • Output: 150mV (line), 30mV (DIN), 0.775V (Pre Out)
Sansui 8080 DB Inside

There are some issues known to this receiver. The driver board, RF power supply board and Dolby board all have common problems. The driver board has problematic resistors while the RF board runs very hot which can cause problems and the Dolby board tends to get cracks in the solder traces. The DB board cannot be bypassed and all signals run through it so if it has problems then your receiver will not work properly.

Sansui 8080 DB Inputs

Vintage Sansui receivers have always been popular and, therefore, somewhat pricey. The Sansui 9090DB is flat out expensive. If you don’t want to spend that much but want performance that is just about as good then you should consider the 8080DB.

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  1. Can you please repair a Sansui integrated Amplifier I would be very Appreciate it if you can, thank you very much,

    1. Do you still have this receiver for sale if so how can we communicate about coordinating a possible sale.

  2. I have a Sansui 8080 stereo receiver for sale. Am the original owner. Could use a tuneup to clean out 40 years of dust but it works. Have original owner’s manual and schematic diagram. Make offer.

      1. I have 8080 db and sp7500 and sk2000 cassette. It all looks new and works great. I’m the original owner.
        Brother was overseas and sent it to me in 1975.
        I also have a Pioneer reel to reel.
        Asking $2,500. total pkg.
        You pay shipping.

    1. do you still have the 8080db receiver and sp-7500 speakers for sale? If so what are you asking for them? Also what else do you have?

      1. I have an 8080 for sale. I am the original owner and have purchase receipt. Available for $750.00. I am using it now and it is in great working condition. Tune up would be a good thing.

        Will throw in a Sony CD player…5 disc.

          1. Al, did you purchase a 8080DB? If not I have one in excellent condition that I am selling.

  3. I have 8080 db and sp7500 and sk2000 cassette which to be cleaned from just sitting up. It all looks new and works great. I’m the original owner. The system looks new and the 8080 db still has original tags on it.
    Brother was overseas and sent it to me in 1975.
    I also have a Pioneer reel to reel.
    Asking $2,500. total pkg.
    You pay shipping.


    1. Jerry I have a 8080DB that I am thinking about selling. Needs a good cleaning and has a few lightbulbs out but works great. Located in NC.

  4. I have a 8080 in very good condition for sale fully working,all lights working, controls cleaned and lubed w/ deoxit and sounding amazing,solid wood outer case. Best offer takes it and enjoys for years to come. ?️?️?

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