Sansui 1000A

Sansui Model 1000A


Sansui made a number of iconic receivers during their run as one of the top audio producers in the world. One of those is the classic Sansui 1000A. The 1000A is a tube receiver is known for its big and powerful sound. The A revision added bias adjustment for the 7591A output tubes. The receiver pushes out 40 watts of clean power per channel.


Sansui Model 1000A Top


The phono section does use transistors but the two top level inputs and the tuner are all tube. Unfortunately the phono section uses old germanium transistors which are somewhat difficult to replace since there aren’t really modern equivalents. It can be done however. I know that some people will utilize a small outboard phono preamp and use the tape monitor loop instead.


Sansui Model 1000A Meter


Speaking of old parts the 1000A’s also have old oil filled capacitors in them which when powered up for the first time after many years can have explosive effects. Best case would probably be to replace them all but you could also bring the receiver up to power very slowly with a variac. Still, I think most would agree that replacement is the best course of action.


Sansui Model 1000A Knobs


An interesting feature of the 1000A is that the low frequency filter works on the aux and tuner. Usually it is only used on the phono circuit to remove record rumble. It also has both Presence and Loudness switches which seems a little redundant.


Sansui Model 1000A Faceplate


Some of you may already know this, but the real secret behind the 1000A and many other Sansui audio products is their use of Hashimoto transformers. Hashimoto Electric was started in 1958 and has built high quality transformers practically ever since. Sansui was one of their main customers so many of their products have Hashimoto iron in them.


Sansui Model 1000A Inside


The Sansui 1000a came with a metal case but many user removed it due to the large amount of heat that the unit generates.


Sansui Model 1000A Schematic


The 1000 version is much harder to find than the 1000A and there are actually a few different versions of the 1000A as well. The 1000 was only made for a year before revisions were made and the 1000A came out.


Sansui Model 1000A Back


Some feel that the Sansui 1000A is the best sounding tube receiver ever made. That’s saying a lot when comparing it to the popular Fisher 500C or 800C. Nonetheless, it definitely performs to high standards which means it is also in high demand. Run of the mill working units sell for around $500 while fully restored units can sell for $1200 or more.

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4 thoughts on “Sansui 1000A

  1. I am going to dust off my sansui 1000a which hasn’t seen daylight in 35 years. Put in box after one power transformer died. Can somebody help me get on the right path to breathing life into this unit again? Dean at bluthaang at

  2. Audiokarma has a forum dedicated to Sansui equipment. A lot of helpful people there as well. You can find it HERE.

  3. Dear manager
    I have this was great but one of my friend suggested that i could chang the orginal tube with new tube (upper class) for better output i did it. for first month i got better voice after that my new tube showed too much heat and light .i was so afriad so i removed new ones with i see some parts show too much heat.i am so glad if i have your suggestions.
    Best regards

  4. The 1000a runs hot. I blow a small fan in the rear pointed at the output tubes and transformers.

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