Pioneer QX-949

Pioneer QX-949

The Pioneer QX-949 is one of Pioneer’s larger quadraphonic receivers and was top of the line when it was introduced in 1974. This was mainly due to the fact that it had essentially all the available decoding built in to it. It has a built in CD-4 demodulator as well as regular matrix and SQ matrix. So there was no need for the audio enthusiast to have to buy a separate demodulator or decoder.

Pioneer QX-949 Left

The QX-949 puts out a pretty decent 40 watts per channel into 4 channels and 60 watts into 2 channels. It also has a plethora of inputs and outputs and can handle 4 pair of speakers including two pair in the back and two in the front. It has inputs fro three tape decks, two turntables as well as another auxiliary source.

Pioneer QX-949 Right

The tuner section featured a 4-gang variable capacitor and phase linear ceramic filters that gave it great sensitivity and selectivity. Other features of the tuning section are:

  • FM front end with MOS FET
  • Local oscillator with buffer circuit (QX-949 A)
  • Excellent phase linearity and high selectivity.
  • High performance multiplex integrated circuit.
  • Effective FM muting switch.
  • Linear FM dial scale and tuning meter.
  • Outstanding AM section
Pioneer QX-949 Back

A distinguishing feature of the QX-949 is the 4-channel level indicator. It basically is an illuminated meter that shows adjustments that are made when listening to a 4 channel source. It shows both front speakers and both rear speakers.  Pioneer even added a 4 CH-MPX out terminal in anticipation of 4 channel FM broadcasting occurring in the future.

Pioneer QX-949 Inside

Overall, the Pioneer QX-949 is quite a quad receiver and it is very popular among qad collectors today. In good working condition they can sell from about $200.00 up to $400.00 or more for a mint receiver.

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16 thoughts on “Pioneer QX-949

  1. I have had the QX-949 for many years. It has sat on the shelf for to many years to remember. I would love to get it working again.
    I live in Columbus,Georgia. As of late, When ever I would turn on the unit it sounded very good, for a while. Like once it started to get warm or maybe even Hot. Once it was on for a while, I would hear a click of sort.
    The sound coming from the speakers seem to just stop. Someone told me that one of the relays was cutting off the sound going to the speakers. Lets say I would love to get it to be working like it should.
    Now I have not looked into getting it repaired lately. If there was a repair shop that could Handle the repair. Then I would get it repaired. In its day, it was the best you could buy. The quality of the sound was just off the charts

    1. Hi, Paul,
      I’m based in north of Spain. I have a QX-949, buyed for my father in ’70’s, and I would to repair It. It’s a fantastic receiver, but It has some problem, you can hear a “plop”, and every sound disapears for 20-30 seconds. Then, you can hear a “click” like a relay connecting and sound come back….. But problem can occurs again. I have no idea what’s the problem…..

    2. Hey Paul I have the same problem. I have a guy in lynchburg va that can possibly fix it! I’m going to stop by and have a chat with him tomorrow, I’ll let you know what he says.

    3. I bought one late 2019 from a yard sale for $10 and it was my intro to hifi. There’s a good shop in Charlotte and had it repaired for around $120 and have been enjoying it ever since; just about to turn a record over to the B side. If you haven’t had it serviced yet I would. Make sure your speaker wires aren’t touching each other anywhere – It will l always shut down what ever channel that might be occurring.

      1. I literally can’t belive you found a 949 at a yard sale for $10…. I just bought a fully serviced 9/10 model in excellent condition for $900. It sounds amazing. Maybe I overpayed, but I’m new to vintage thunder. I have it hooked up to a 1974 pioneer PL-A45 turntable and realistic mach one speakers. I’m shaking the fucking walls and I’m sure my neighbors hate me and i don’t care.

    4. I just started working on stereos again, I did warranty work for pioneer in the 70’s. Sounds like the 2SA726 diff’s may be going bad. I have a QX949, Just replaced a pair in one of my channels and the problem seems to have cleared. The boards also have a couple of Tantalum caps that are know to cause noise issues as well

    5. This is exactly what my 949 has been doing since I got it a few years ago. It’s annoying and the delay seems to be getting longer.

  2. I love this model no issues just lubrication all controllers and replacing blow fuse,sounds great you can hear all instruments very, very clearly specially and phono input I use Sony turntable lx-45 with v95 needle audio Technica you don’t need spend thousands bucks for having a great system sound this is it for less money and great sound.

  3. Ipurchased a vintage pioneer qx-949a at a thrift store here in florida the unit is in pristine condition works very well ,I am using cerwin vega at-15 speakers oh what loud very strong sound crystal clear.performance is unmatched by todays units why dont they make stereos like this today there is a lot of junk out there this stereo reciever has cadillac performance I highly recomend this find.

  4. Bought my qx 949A new in 1974 an use a with a BIC turntable with 4 channel and SQ needles. With all the connections tape, CD, cassette and phono can all be connected an some left over. Has been a great amp/receiver.

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