Pioneer SX-525

Pioneer SX-525

In 1972 Pioneer introduced the SX-525 and continued production up until around 1974. The SX-525 is a low to medium powered receiver designed for those on a budget. Pioneer’s advertising language at the time stated:

Stereo on a budget can have a lot of the power and a lot of the frills of very expensive stereo, as this superlative new AM/FM receiver from Pioneer so amply proves.

Pioneer SX-525 Left

The Pioneer SX-525 retailed for about $240.00 and featured the silver face plate and black dial face styling early 70’s Pioneer receivers. The blue backlit dial and signal meter, as well as the red dial indicator, make this a very appealing receiver in the dark.

Pioneer SX-525 Right

It is a relatively modest power producer putting out 17 watts per channel. Still, this is plenty for most users. It features a sensitive FM tuning section along with an FM muting switch. Inside is all solid state and the circuitry incorporates FET transistors.

Pioneer SX-525 Inside

There are hookups for a turntable, 2 tape decks and two sets of speakers. There is also an AUX connection. Note also that the SX-525 utilizes the somewhat hard to find speaker plugs. These can be found occasionally on eBay for $20-$40.

Pioneer speaker plugs
Pioneer SX-525 Back

Overall the Pioneer SX-525 is a great little receiver if you just want to fill a small to medium sized room or garage with music. It has the basic features you’ll need and sufficient power output to run most speakers. While not highly sought after by collectors they are desired by users wanting to try a vintage audio sound without breaking their budget. Prices for the Pioneer SX-525 run from around $50 to $175 for a really nice fully functioning unit.

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