Pioneer SX-580

Pioneer SX-580 Faceplate


This little Pioneer SX-580 was the bottom of the line from Pioneer around 1979. It only produces 20 watts per channel and has minimal features. Still, it’s a good little receiver for an entry level unit. It’s not going to be enough to power large speakers but for a garage or small room it could work well.  I believe they retailed for about $250 when new.


Pioneer SX-580 Knobs


As you can see they have the stereotypical look of late 70’s Pioneer receivers with the silver face and white dial. Pioneer also produced the SX-590 which was essentially the same receiver only with a black dial face.


Pioneer SX-580 Dial


The SX-580is fairly small at 17.5″ x 12.5″ x 5.25″ and weighs in at just over 18 pounds. If you need a service manual you can find it at HiFiEngine.


Pioneer SX-580 Lamps


Looks good with the lights off and the dial lit doesn’t it? The white dial face and amber lighting give it a sophisticated look.


Pioneer SX-580 Inside


The Pioneer SX-580 came out just near the end of the hi fi boom in the late 1970’s. The build quality for these units was still good and their performance excellent. During the following years cost cutting measures resulted in lesser quality units.


Pioneer SX-580 Inputs


Purchasing an SX-580 isn’t going to break the bank. A lot of them were made and collectors tend to avoid entry level units so prices are pretty reasonable. If you just need a small receiver with a little power then the SX-580 might work for you. A nice and clean,m serviced unit will run about $150 with average working units running about $100.


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5 thoughts on “Pioneer SX-580

  1. You’re absolutely right I purchased one of these receivers in February 1980 and it just came out about 6 months earlier it was $245 taxes included I bought it in London Ontario Canada and I was 16 years old I absolutely loved it had a sophistication about it and gave fantastic sound and a beautiful tactile feel to the buttons knobs and especially when you spun the tuner dial nice heavy weighted..!!

  2. The SX-580 is not a “bottom of the line” Pioneer receiver. The SX series was a quality line of receivers using quality parts. The Pioneer SX-580 supplied the speakers with 20 watts per channel. The reviewer states “only” 20 wpc. If used in a bedroom smaller living room those 20 wpc from that Pioneer will blow you away. And probable with volume knob on the 5 setting. In a dorm the neighbor would complain.

  3. Thank you Mark and David on the comments above,I just bought this receiver,its being sent to me all the way from Tijuana to Mexico City,paid $120 dollars,to me it looked great but aside from the looks I kind of knew that being a Pioneer from the 70´s would sound great too,by reading your comments I think I made the right decision,I´m stock cant wait to hear some good tunes and enjoy the radio looking at those UV´s moving along to the rhythm 🙂

  4. I got an SX-590 last summer on Ebay and love it! Paid $99 plus shipping for it. Sounds great paired with some Bose 201s (also found on Ebay).

  5. I recently found one for $2 at a garage sale, and it needed much cleaning. At first it had all the signs of needing lots of deox, but minimal effort brought it back to life, and all the lights still work! Will enjoy on my combination work bench / kitchen table for awhile, then it’s off to EBay!

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