Marantz 2385

Marantz 2385

This is the Marantz 2385. The one pictured is most likely a European version as it has no Dolby. The Euro version also has two Aux inputs.  The 2385 was made from 1977 through 1980 and retailed for round $1100.00. The 2385 had some muscle and put out 185 watts per channel using a large toroidal power supply.

Marantz 2385 Inside

Marantz was known for under rating their power output back in those days so it probably put out more then the specified 185 watts.  It measures 19.25 x 17.25 x 7 and weighs in at just over 57 pounds.

Marantz 2385 Back

This Marantz 2385 has what appears to be a reproduction wood cabinet. The original optional WC-124 wood case is, I believe, a three piece cabinet with grills on the side as well as the top. Of course, those cabinets are very difficult top find these days and bring a premium price if you can find one.

Marantz 2385 receivers are extremely popular with audio enthusiasts so they sell sell for top dollar. In very good working condition they will sell from $3000.00 to over $4000.00.  Even more if they they have the original wood case.

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31 thoughts on “Marantz 2385

  1. I’ve had a 2385 for about ten years, bought it on ebay but don’t remember what I paid. I run it into either one or two pairs of Large advents (I like bass). I love this receiver and always have. I have an old Rat Shack FM yagi on the roof and it picks up FM stations from all over the place in stereo with full quieting. Incidentally it puts out 240 WRMS per channel into 4 ohms in addition to 185 at 8 per the owners manual. I know when I turn up the volume with both pairs of speakers running, you can rattle stuff off the shelves!

  2. Davis Hanson…where should I spray this deoxit? And by the way, what do you do about dust? Put the turntable over it?

  3. yo tengo un marantz 2385 quisiera saver si lo puedo funcionar con unos parlantes de 4 ohm ya q solo dice q funciona con parlantes de 8 ohm.

    “I have a marantz 2385 I would like to know if I can use it with 4 ohm speakers since it only says that it works with 8 ohm speakers”

    1. Si, el 2385 puede funcionar con ambas impedancias, el 8 y el 4 ohmios. El poder es más a la 4 ohmios, 240 vatios por canal.

  4. I was given a Market Model # 2385 with no wood sides or top just black metal vented covers. It works awesome and super loud, I just tried it with a pair of Boston Acoustic Towers and it was clean, crisp and wonderful bass and treble to match. Condition not tip top missing 4 knobs, the selector, mode, tune mode and volume. The faceplate has a few scratches and all lights work great and all works. I have zero use for it as my listening room is audiophile quality I am thinking if someone wants it and pays shipping I feel 250.00 is fair. Any recommendations are appreciated.
    Thank You

  5. Just found a marantz 2385. Havent brought it in and hooked it up yet but it looks mint. What are they selling for these days? May keep it but could sell it at the right price.

  6. My tuner from my 3285 is making only ruis sond noting els dont a singel soun. Fm and am noting the test is ok soun whit phono is ok

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