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Introduced in 1972 this Marantz 2230 receiver retailed for $349.95.  It has all the classic Marantz attributes such as the brushed silver face plate, blue and red lights and gyro-touch tuner. The 2230 was a nice entry level model from Marantz and it put out 30 watts per channel. Production of the 2230 ended in 1974.


As you can see the Marantz 2230 has all the basic features a receiver needs including a mid range tone control which many other lower end units did not have. Here is what the Marantz catalog had to say about the 2230…

Best in its class. With impressive specifications and Marantz-exclusive features, the Model 2230 offers more value and performance than any other receiver in its class. We’ve known that for years. But just recently, one of the nation’s most respected independent consumer testing organizations verified it. In not one, but two separate categories — features and performance. It delivers 60 Watts continuous power, both channels driven, from 20 Hz to 20 kHz with total harmonic and inter-modulation distortion well under 0.5%. Stepped, three-zone tone controls for BASS, MID, TREBLE. Provisions for tape decks, phones, record changers and 4-channel adaptors. Ultra low-distortion FET, RF and IF circuitry. Massive heat sinks; automatic protection for internal circuitry and associated speakers, plus the famous Marantz gold-anodized front panel. Looking for a moderately priced receiver? The Marantz 2230 out-does them all.


Of course a WC-22 wood case was optional with the receiver which does enhance its looks quite a bit. It you want a wood case for your 22XX series Marantz they can be found but they aren’t cheap. In really nice condition original WC-22 wood cases routinely sell for $200 and up.


The 2230 weighs around 36 pounds and measures 17-1/4 W x 5 H x 14 D. The feet add another 5/8 inch.  These units are very well built and the phono circuit is highly regarded in the 2230 for magnetic coil cartridges. One thing to keep in mind when contemplating the purchase of lower wattage receivers is that many of them have been pushed to their limits which can result in over heating of some of the components. If you want to see a detailed breakdown of the 2230 check out this site All the 22XX series receivers from Marantz are known to have a nice warm, smooth sound about them. So, if you prefer warm and smooth over shrill and harsh then the 2230 may be for you.

Marantz 2230

You can see from this picture that the WC-22 wood case is pretty heavy duty. Of course it not only was used on the 2230 but the larger Marantz receivers in the 22XX series as well, some of which are over 50 pounds.


I’m sure you already know that Marantz gear is extremely popular. Anything produced in the 70’s is highly sought after. For those needing a simple lower wattage receiver for a small room or just for lower volume detailed music listening the 2230 will definitely do the job. A fully serviced, completely functional 2230 in excellent cosmetic condition runs about $400-$600. But, you can pick up a working 2230 for anywhere from $150 to $300 if you’re not to picky about cosmetics. They are well worth the investment as values only continue to climb.

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8 thoughts on “Marantz 2230

  1. I love my 2230. Using Klipsch speakers…. I feel that im getting the most from 30watts per channel. This Marantz can play loud and clean with efficient speakers in a medium sized room. Awesome warm tube like sound.

  2. I love my fully restored Marantz 2230. It sounds wonderful paired with Infinity Kappa 7.1 speakers. I would like to note that production of the 2230 lasted well beyond 1974. My unit has a production date of February 23, 1976 stamped inside on the chassis. Also the plate on the back indicates Chatsworth instead of Sun Valley, California, again indicating later production.

  3. I recently bought a 2230B, for my small summer house.
    – Does anybody know what “B” stands for?
    – In the 22-series, do the higher numbers in the end mean higher segment, or vice versa?
    I am grateful if you tell me what you know about it.

    1. The B is usually just signifies a later version of the model with some aesthetic or circuit revisions. Sometimes the revisions are minimal. On the 2230B they changed some of the front panel around and used a button instead of a slider for the balance control. The last two numbers of the model number usually relate to the power output. The 2230 produces 30 watts per channel into 8 ohms. The 2270 produces 70 wpc etc. The 2230B is a great receiver.

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