Marantz 2385


Marantz 2385


This is the Marantz 2385. The one pictured is most likely a European version as it has no Dolby. The Euro version also has two Aux inputs.  The 2385 was made from 1977 through 1980 and retailed for round $1100.00. The 2385 had some muscle and put out 185 watts per channel using a large toroidal power supply.


Marantz 2385 Inside


Marantz was known for under rating their power output back in those days so it probably put out more then the specified 185 watts.  It measures 19.25 x 17.25 x 7 and weighs in at just over 57 pounds.
Marantz 2385 Back


This Marantz 2385 has what appears to be a reproduction wood cabinet. The original optional WC-124 wood case is, I believe, a three piece cabinet with grills on the side as well as the top. Of course, those cabinets are very difficult top find these days and bring a premium price if you can find one.

Marantz 2385 receivers are extremely popular with audio enthusiasts so they sell sell for top dollar. In very good working condition they will sell from $800.00 to over $1000.00.  Even more if they they have the original wood case.


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