Marantz 2330 B

Marantz -2330 B

The Marantz 2330B was produced from 1977 through 1979 at the height of the audio craze. As you probably already know Marantz built some of the best receivers offered during that time. This particular unit put out 130 watts per channel into 8 ohms. It also featured:

  • A sensitive FM tuner
  • A very selective AM tuner
  • Low distortion preamplifier
  • Two direct coupled power amplifiers on a single chassis
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.07%
  • Power bandwidth: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Load impedance: 8 ohms
  • Damping factor: 60
  • Dimensions: 491 x 146 x 386mm
  • Weight: 22.5kg

An average 2330B will sell for around $1500 in decent working condition. Over $2000 in very good working condition.


Update: Recent sale for $2100 on 8-2021. This receiver was in excellent condition and fully serviced with new LED lamps and a new wood case as well.

Update: In May of 2023 a 2330B sold for $2250.

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33 thoughts on “Marantz 2330 B

    1. You’re probably right Bryan. I have seen some 2330b’s sell for around $200 on eBay. They were not perfect receivers, had some issues and needed work. I just looked at some recent sales and see one that was “not working – parts only” sold for $355.00! So, I agree with your assessment and I’m going to change the price range. Thanks!

    2. I had a 2330 B what sems like a thousand years ago, bought it slightly used for a few hundred $. Like a stupid ass.. let my cheating EX have it in the divorce. Would love to find one reasonable now, but looks like it is crazy now. Back then I thought it was toward the end of high quality Marantz, before they went the cheap route !

      1. Iam staring at one right now it’s mint though. Iam looking for 2200. But I’d rather not get offered because I don’t want to get rid of it haha

    3. I have a 2330 bMarantz receiver, regional condition has a bone channel will not ship but you could pick it up. I’m in Reno. $500.

    1. I just bought a 2330b ? All original like new with wood case. I paid the price of 1500.00.. How many like new non restored are out there? All knobs are “tight and smooth”.

  1. I think the general consensus is that the 2330 might be slightly better sonically. It is also probably more rare than the 2330B. But, the differences may be minimal. Aesthetically they are different. The 2330 has the traditional black face and blue dial while the 2330B does not.

  2. I came here to verify the cost someone was asking for one of these antiquated pieces of equipment that cannot even come close to todays technology, and I see that P.T. Barnum was 100% correct: There damn sure is a FOOL born every day!

    1. Hmmm. Interesting how much you know about collectables. An Aston Martin DB5 like James Bond drove is a piece of crap measured by today’s standards. See what one of those will run you and talk to the “fools” who would buy one. Performance is only one measure of interest in any collectable. But as a troll, you wouldn’t know that.

    2. There is a lot more involved than just ‘technology’. Todays circuit design is definitely more compact. However, you have to equate the tech with the price as well. Most junk you would buy at Best Buy or Walmart isn’t very technologically advanced. Maybe it has more features but the circuit design isn’t that advanced. To equal the performance of a high end vintage receiver in a general market audio product today you would have to pay quite a bit more than you would expect. Plus vintage audio has a ‘style’ that some like and some don’t. Those who like it, buy it. Those who don’t, complain about how prices are inflated. Works that way with all products for the most part. People pay premiums for iPhones even though Apple restricts what they can and can’t download. Why pay an exorbitant amount for a product that you can’t fully utilize. That’s stranger to me than buying an old receiver.

    3. There is no substitute for pure quality.. I don’t care about the technology. The classic marantz will always be loved. Today’s are throw aways..

    4. Stewart? Antiquated? Id much rather have a 55 chevy than a new Camaro. Id much rather have a 70 Gto, or an olds 442 than anything today. The CLASSIC MARANTZ is not made any longer. You cannot buy a new one no matter how much you have to spend. Their is only so many left, thats it. The chase is trying to find a classic marantz in the best condition possible. FIND one in excellent, like new condition and those are even rarer. To find one in excellent UNRESTORED condition is definitely a rare and valuable find. If you are the kind of person who cannot appreciate the value in what was once was, i cant explain it to you.

    5. Haha! Let me buzz your ears with my vintage Marantz 2385 driving a pair of Klipschorns and a LaScalla as a center. If the pressurization of the room doesn’t take your breath away the music will.

    1. Yes brother u right on key I brought my system from ?? Germany back in the 70’s and with those 901’s tear ???.

  3. 2330B for $200? Any units sold for that price on eBay are dead on arrival or certainly problematic guaranteed. No good to excellent quality 2330B unit would sell for less than $800. I am a professional engineer with 35+ years of experience in a multitude of engineering disciplines. Good luck finding a 2330B receiver for $200!

      1. Just got a Marantz 2330B for $1,700 in October 2022. I think I did well. I could have scored a Pioneer SX-1050 for $1,450 but I have a Pioneer SX-1280 in my collection. I don’t have any Marantz representatives. I love the Marantz 2330B so nice, sleek and shiny. I don’t know if I made the right choice but I am happy with it as in no buyers remorse!

  4. Shows you how much they’ve gone up in value since that post was written in 2011. I’ll update the values.

  5. The 2330 had twice as many produced as the B, yet are much more rare. The faceplate and sound are only part of the difference. Lose one or both of the dual filter caps on the B, and see what that costs.

  6. This is one of four Marantz receivers I own. This and the 2220b were purchased new years ago. My 2330b was purchased with the wooden sleeve, unlike the older version for my 2220b this came in three pieces and was assembled on the receiver, I think one reason for the design change was they could flat pack the sleeve verses having to ship the four sided version in a box the same size as the receiver.

    Those used prices are getting pretty crazy, I guess maybe because of the problem of the main capacitors being impossible to find. They used a double style that isn’t available so any repairs are now made with a modification. So perhaps finding a working unit is getting tougher. FYI I paid $675 for mine brand new in 1980. It was a big chunk of change back then but I still have it and I still enjoy it’s sound. Way back it was hooked up to some Laser Phase rock speakers with horn tweeters and 15″ woofers. Today it’s hooked up to a pair of JBL and a pair of Angstroms. The wooden sleeve was an extra $40….

    The 2330 vs the b model, I specifically purchased the b because of the ‘dual’ power supplies which at the time was touted to be an improvement sound wise. Having never listened to a non b 2330 I have no idea if that is true. However I do find that my 2220b, 2235b and 2330b all have similar audio characteristics so I don’t know if it makes that significant a difference other than my Marantz vs some of the other receivers I own and owned do have an unmistakeable sonic characteristic.

  7. Long ago I purchased new, a 2230B along with a 6300 turntable. Both still work great today btw!

    I do not remember how the FM Quad Radial works. I seem to recall there was an optional accessory which plugged into the headphone style jack on the rear panel. What can you tell me about this?

  8. Hello, I would like to sell my 2330.
    It is in good state.
    Do you perhaps know someone looking for this model ?
    Thank you
    Didier Druet – Belgium
    +32 472 26 11 28

  9. I have a Marantz 2330B receiver wood cased I’ll sell to first offer of $500 cash only. Firm price, must pick up in Virginia near Fredericksburg. Can demonstrate performance and condition on location prior to sale. No shipping, no trades, no guarantees. Fair condition. Produces sound. Has been refurbished once. Could use another refurbishment to fully enjoy. Some back lights are out. AM/FM fades in and out depending on reception area. I’ll also offer Marantz turntable and Scott speakers free to buyer if interested. Would be extremally difficult to get a better deal for equal condition.

  10. My 2330B has returned from it’s $1,000 restoration which included install of 4 new replacement main filter caps. Replacement of after removal of a ton of old gray leaky nasty looking ELNA capacitors among others. I tested it at the shop where it sounded fantastic. The untouched Marantz 2330B without the wood case in almost pristine condition cost me $1,700 plus $100 shipping in 2022 on Ebay. The replacement capacitor kit cost another $175.00. Add sales tax brings me to over $3,000 to buy and fully upgrade my Marantz 2330B start to finish in 2022. The whole inlcuding the ordering and shipping processes took 6 months.

    I have only to power up my professionally restored Marantz 2330B receiver to know it was worth, the time, money and effort to restore it. I wish I could show you all the old capacitors and other electronics that came out of this thing as it was mind blowing.

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