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Ahhh…another classic Marantz. I know there are some audiophiles out there that feel Marantz receivers are over rated and over priced. Perhaps, but they ooze vintage audio. Their distinct industrial look and design sets them apart as well. This Marantz 2252B is one of the best performers out of all the Marantz models.  It’s well known for its warm sound and exceptional build quality. Add to that 52 watts per channel and you’ve got yourself a good receiver.

Marantz 2252B Left

Originally offered in 1977 and discontinued around 1979 the 2252B retailed for $460.00.  You could also pick up the optional WC-22 wood cabinet for that extra top end look. It features separate Bass, Treble and Mid tone controls as well as Hi Filter and Loudness switches. And, as you can see, it incorporates the famous Marantz Gyro Touch flywheel tuner.

Marantz 2252B Right

There was also a European model of the 2252B that had a black faceplate and is very rare. One common problem with these units is the power switch and fuses. There is one fuse on the rear panel and two on the power supply/power amp board. If these are blown the unit will not even power up. The power switches are also known to fail but they can be purchased rather cheaply. Need a good tech to troubleshoot or restore your Marantz receiver? Try Tom Williams. He’s good but the waiting line is long.

Marantz 2252B Back

All vintage Marantz receivers are in high demand. The 2252B is no exception and even though it isn’t a top of the line model its performance and quality make it a highly desirable unit. Add to that the fact that this model isn’t that common and you can see why prices are fairly high. A fully functional 2252B in excellent condition can reach $500.00.

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28 thoughts on “Marantz 2252B

  1. por favor pediria uma indicação de uma oficina para conserto do receiver marantz 2252B. no momento qdo ligo após alguns minutos começa um barulho como se fosse “Fogos “, continuo ouvindo o som ( a musica ou o radio), mas vai aumentando os ” fogos” alguem pode me ajudar??agradeço e aguardo

  2. My 2252B has a lot of static in the knobs. Take the knob off and used compressed air to clean the pods?
    Also, sometimes the left side drops out but if I hit the top of the receiver it comes back. Any ideas? Blow out the inside?

    1. Sounds like the potentiometers connected to the knobs need some cleaning. DeOxit works the best but some quality contact cleaner should work. It would require removing the case and possibly the bottom plate to get to the pots. There are some guides online on how to clean them. That would be my first guess.

  3. I have a beautiful marantz 2252b and cleaned, i love that, the sound is like, in Brazil is very rare that model. I feel a lucky guy hehe.

  4. Hello you can actually see my unit for sale at $499 at the top of the page. I need two outer bass-mid-treble KNOBS ALL # ARE THE SAME anyone have two or three if you will only sell 3. MY Balance knob is fine but the metal rod is broken I can still turn it left right I could superglue it but if I can get the part I will. I in So Cal LA area (west la-pomona). I will sell but won’t lower the price, so offers will be denied and I will keep it. I bought it in 1983 in High School and had it 31 years it sounds great as always. a few lights are fading in the middle not sure if I will fix those unless its cheap.
    thanx all
    Patrick R

    silveroak1987 at

  5. Love my 2252B, paid $25 @ Value Village, it was terribly dirty inside and out and thick nicotine stains, it cleaned up beautifully and is flawless. I had a 2325 and traded it off after I got the 2252B I like it much better.

  6. Marantz 2252b : comments in your opening paragraph. It is a well know fact that the Marantz 2252b is a rather crisp sounding receiver unlike the warm sound that some of the other Marantz models have to offer. Your description is erroneous.

  7. I’ve had my 2252B (with wood cabinet) for about 10 years now. I bought for $250.00 CDN to replace my 2220. It’s driving 4 large “stacked” Advents and I think it’s a perfect 70’s set up. Great site.

  8. Help! My baby is sick. The volume control on our Marantz 2252b does not work. When the power is switched on, the volume blares out. Turning the volume control has no effect since the volume remains the same. Originally, I thought the problem was with my Bose 501s since the speakers sounded scratchy like some awful Hallowe’en track. When I plugged my CD player into the main of the Marantz, the volume is crystal clear but I had no volume control.
    I’m going to clean the pods. Presently, I have the faceplate off. I’m not sure what the next steps should be to access the pods. any assistance would be appreciated.

  9. I picked up a rebuilt Marantz 2252b on eBay. Retirement present to my self. I
    installed it in my basement with two Bose 201s from Goodwill ( 40$ ) and two new Polk Audio speakers. Also My vintage Technics turntable and a Sony C.D. player. Then I added a Pioneer 707 reel to reel and even managed to hookup my Apple Nano. My lounge is complete and I and my friends are loving it.

  10. I have a 2252B but it needs a lot of work. I also have a Pioneer SA1050, that works quite well. Does anybody think it’s worth fixing the Marantz, or just keep using the Pioneer?

  11. I purchased my 2252b in 1977 in Spain. Black face plate. I put the LED lights in it and put new power switch in it. Looks great and still use it.

  12. Absolutely love my 2252b. Got it from a friend for nothing and have had it for 25 years.

    When I got it, it would only play out one side, so I plugged both speakers into that one (left, not that it matters). A few years ago I took it to a local tinkerer I found on kijiji by accident (I bought a set of B&W Solids from him and got talking, turned out he fixes electronics for a hobby) and he fixed it up. He replaced the bulbs with LEDs and it looks great, although personally I preferred the warmth of the original lights. However, these all work and the other ones didn’t, so there’s that. He also replaced some old capacitors and cleaned the pots; now it sings like angels.

    If there was a remote for it, I’d use it in my home theatre setup. Sounds incredible. As it is, I run the dvd player in my gym through it where it helps make Tony Horton sound intimidating.

    Found this forum because I’m looking for replacement feet for it. Hockey pucks aren’t ideal.

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