Marantz 2252B

Marantz 2252B Front


Ahhh…another classic Marantz. I know there are some audiophiles out there that feel Marantz receivers are over rated and over priced. Perhaps, but they ooze vintage audio. Their distinct industrial look and design sets them apart as well. This Marantz 2252B is one of the best performers out of all the Marantz models.  It’s well known for its warm sound and exceptional build quality. Add to that 52 watts per channel and you’ve got yourself a good receiver.


Marantz 2252B Left


Originally offered in 1977 and discontinued around 1979 the 2252B retailed for $460.00.  You could also pick up the optional WC-22 wood cabinet for that extra top end look. It features separate Bass, Treble and Mid tone controls as well as Hi Filter and Loudness switches. And, as you can see, it incorporates the famous Marantz Gyro Touch flywheel tuner.


Marantz 2252B Right


There was also a European model of the 2252B that had a black faceplate and is very rare. One common problem with these units is the power switch and fuses. There is one fuse on the rear panel and two on the power supply/power amp board. If these are blown the unit will not even power up. The power switches are also known to fail but they can be purchased rather cheaply. Need a good tech to troubleshoot or restore your Marantz receiver? Try Tom Williams. He’s good but the waiting line is long.


Marantz 2252B Back


All vintage Marantz receivers are in high demand. The 2252B is no exception and even though it isn’t a top of the line model its performance and quality make it a highly desirable unit. Add to that the fact that this model isn’t that common and you can see why prices are fairly high. A fully functional 2252B in excellent condition can reach $500.00.


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