Marantz 2250 B


This is the 2250B which was introduced by Marantz in 1976 and was really only on the market for about a year. Still, it is a very good mid-range Marantz receiver. I say mid-range because it’s rated at 50 watts per channel but many will attest to the fact that it is under rated and is perhaps closer to 70 watts per channel when fully restored and recapped.


On some of the Marantz receivers the “B” designation indicates Dolby but with the 2250’s it’s more of an upgrade designation.  The Marantz 2250 is known for problems with its power switch as well as relay failure. It appears as though Marantz remedied these problems in the 2250B with a better designed switch and relay as well as better capacitors.

Marantz 2250 B

The Marantz 2250B features:

  • Phono input
  • Two tape in/outputs
  • Auxiliary input
  • Dolby FM
  • High and low filters on/off
  • Mono switch on/off
  • Loudness on/off
  • FM muting
  • Main and remote speaker selectors
  • Dubbing in/out
  • Stereo phones output
  • Tuning and signal meters

The FM tuner is very sensitive, the low distortion preamp is very good and Marantz used two direct coupled power amplifiers as well. Overall the 2250B is a very well built and good performing receiver. It also had the option of the WC-22 wood case.


Many of the older Marantz receivers will have lamp issues resulting in a dark dial face or meter. Fortunately there are quite a few vendors selling re-lamp kits now that can be purchased fairly cheaply. You can find the kits HERE.

While the 2250B is not as popular with Marantz collectors as the 2270 or 2275 are it still has a strong following. If you don’t need massive amounts of wattage but want quality sound in a flexible package then the 2550B is the way to go. In general it is a little more expensive than the 2250 but not much.

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7 thoughts on “Marantz 2250 B

  1. My Marantz 2250b is like new but the AM/FM reception is very poor. Any suggestions as to improving the reception?
    Thanks for this page.

  2. The left channel on marantz turns in and off. I’ve deoxit it but only temp fix. Returns to same problem. How do I fix it.

  3. if this channel is cutting out either all on or all off and when it is working the sound level is the same as the right it is a fet transistor going bad on the sound board as they operate like a gate sometimes the gate opens and sometimes it does not, if the left channel is fading out and slowly getting lower volume than the right it is a capacitor failing if it is just a fet the fix could be cheaper than if it is a cap as the machine will most likely need a full recap

  4. Robert
    I thought about what you said-“deoxy worked temporarily ”
    You need to clean ever moving switch and knob with deoxit d5.
    Spray any opening from the backside of all buttons, sliders and knobes and work them liberally. All low voltage paths in preamp need a very well cleaned pathway.
    Keep spray away from tuning string a display. If any oil get on string just clean with isopropyl alcohol.
    Lastly ,power switch is the first item to wear out and are sold everywhere on line and are very easy to change.

  5. As a former Marantz dealer in the 70’s the 2250b is a superb receiver well worth the investment.If you can get your hands on one buy it and get it restored it will last anther 30 + Years. They are getting hard to find as the model only had a 2 year run

  6. Hola, tengo un modelo 2250, le hice mantención hace poco con un experto y lo encontró impecable estética y funcionalmente, lo tengo conectado a un ecualizador Technics SH8055 y suena muy bien con 4 cajas Acústicas,dos Trio LS400 y dos columnas JVC de 4 vías muy potentes, lo único que no he podido solucionar hasta ahora es que si lo quiero escuchar despacito se corta el audio en un canal, alguna idea de como solucionarlo? se agradece cualquier comentario, saludos.

    Hello, I have a 2250 model, I recently had it serviced by an expert and he found it aesthetically and functionally impeccable, I have it connected to a Technics SH8055 equalizer and it sounds great with 4 speakers, two Trio LS400s and two JVC 4-way columns. very powerful, the only thing that I have not been able to solve so far is that if I want to listen to it slowly, the audio is cut off in one channel, any idea how to solve it? Any comment is appreciated, greetings.

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