Marantz 2235B

Marantz 2235B Receiver

The Marantz 2235B made its debut in 1977 with a retail price of $449.95. It is a 2-channel, all solid state stereo and was positioned towards the lower end of the Marantz lineup.

The 2235B features a sensitive FM tuner, a highly selective AM tuner, a low distortion preamplifier and two direct coupled amplifiers. The FM tuner uses an FET front end, ceramic IF filters, and a phase locked loop multiplex decoder. The AM tuner features an advanced integrated circuit and ceramic IF filters for high selectivity and sensitivity. It has connections for two pairs of loudspeakers, a turntable, two tape recorders, stereo headphones, and an auxiliary source such as an additional tuner, CD player or a TV sound source.

Marantz 2235B Meters

The 22xx series of receivers from Marantz are generally considered to be some of the best looking solid state receivers of all time. The 2235B is no exception. The brushed aluminum faceplate, black lettering, and blue dial scale set against a blackout panel are iconic. The gyro touch tuning wheel is, of course, also a mainstay of that era of Marantz receivers.

An optional wood cabinet (WC-22U) was also available from Marantz.

Marantz 2235B Knobs

Marantz 2235B vs 2235

There is always confusion over the difference between the 2235B and the 2235 receivers. Simply speaking, the difference is minimal. The 2235 was produced a year or so earlier in 1975. Here is the 2235:

As you can see it is essentially the same visually except that the 2235B has an additional meter. Marantz moved the stereo indicator light to a spot above the dial scale and added an FM tuning meter in its place on the 2235B. Internally there is very little difference between the two receivers. Both produce 35 watts per channel with THD of .25%.

There is a difference between the 2235B and most of the other “B” series receivers from Marantz. Since the 2235B was one of the first “B” receivers it still had the black dial face as opposed to the later silver dial face. Marantz also moved the gyro touch tuning wheel on the late “B” series receivers. Here is a later 2226B with a silver dial face as an example:

Marantz 2226B

Quite a difference visually.

There is also a version of the 2235B with a black faceplate that was probably sold in Europe.

Marantz 2235B Black Faceplate

Marantz 2235B Specifications:

Marantz 2235B Specifications

The 35 watts per channel (into 8 ohms) rating for the 2235B is conservative. Some have measured the output of a restored 2235B at 47 wpc. Needless to say, the 2235B will drive most power hungry speakers without problem. The general consensus is that the 2235B has a warm, rich, and yet detailed sound.

The phono section in the 2235B is excellent as well and can bring records to life.

Marantz 2235B Parts

The FM tuner is strong and sensitive. It uses a 4 section tuning capacitor with a FET front end. There is also a phase locked loop IC in the multiplex stereo demodulator circuit which can switch from stereo to mono depending upon signal strength.

The AUX input comes in handy these days as it allows you to connect a CD player or other digital device.

The 2235B is pretty easy to work on. The board layout is simple and most boards are accessible and have enough wire slack to allow working on them in the unit.

Marantz 2235B Back Panel

The Marantz 2235B is one of the better lower powered solid state receivers ever made. What do owners say about it:

  • The 2235B is an excellent sounding receiver!
  • I’ve got the 2235 and love it!
  • Nice tuner section, heavy as a tank, and USA made with lots of care.

If you’re looking for a classic vintage receiver with iconic looks and great sound then the Marantz 2235B is definitely one to consider.

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3 thoughts on “Marantz 2235B

  1. I have a Marantz 2252B that is in excellent condition but has never been recapped or updated. I am considering buying a 2235B that is recapped, restored, and updated in a similar excellent condition.

    Am I making a mistake going backward or will it compare to the 2252B?

    Any opinions or advice?

  2. The Marantz 22xx series receivers were extremely well designed and well built. IMHO the less that is changed from the original design the better. If it still sounds good today let it be. I have two fully functioning Marantz units. Only replaced the main power filtering capacitors. Reset the gain and bias adjustments back to factory specs. Both sound great.

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