Marantz 2215

This little Marantz 2215 receiver was an entry level model from Marantz in the early 1970’s. It was produced from 1971 up to 1973 at their California facility. It retailed for about $250.00 at the time. The 2215 has the classic Marantz look with a brushed metal face plate, blue dial light, gyro touch tuner and symmetrical control layout.

The Marantz 2215 is rated at a very modest 15 watts per channel and came standard with a metal case covered with a simulated wood grain vinyl. The WC-22 wood case was also an option.

The front panel controls include bass and treble level controls, balance and volume controls, function selection (AM, FM, phono and aux) and button switches for FM muting, loudness, tape monitor, high and low filters, stereo/mono, and speaker selection (main and remote). There is also a lighted meter for AM and FM tuning and a red indicator light for stereo. On the left of the front panel is a headphone jack.

The 2215 measures 17-21/64 x 5-25/64 x 14 inches and weighs just under 25 pounds. Keep in mind that the 2215 is not the same as the 2215B. They are essentially completely different receivers other than their similar 15 watt per channel output. The 2215 was the earlier model and some believe its build quality was superior to that of the 2215B.

The back panel has inputs for phono, aux, and 1 tape (both play and record) as well as 2 AC outlets. There are outputs for two sets of speakers.

The Marantz 2215 is a nice, simple receiver that would fit perfectly in a small room, garage or den. They sell for about $200 to $400 depending upon condition which makes them a great value for someone looking for good basic performance from a vintage receiver.

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5 thoughts on “Marantz 2215

  1. I am 69 yrs old , and of course in in the 70’s this was some of the best equipment money could buy . I so glad to see some people took good care of there stuff so thzt others can enjoy it today .

  2. Came across this one a few years ago on eBay
    .. Snatched it up for $209 with shipping. Love it’s simplicity & that blue Marantz glow.

    Running a vintage Sony cassette deck off it & sounds great. Great little piece of history.

    They don’t make ’em like this anymore !

  3. Hunting a 2215 right now.
    It is a pig…. Dirty…knobs off… not working… a restoration it is…
    About 160 dollar asking price…that is to mutch money…. But i need a project!
    We’ll see

  4. I’m listening to music through mine right now… fifty years after purchase in ’71.
    It’s never needed a repair. Built like a brick shit-house.

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