Marantz 2220B

Marantz 2220B

This is the Marantz 2220B.  It was at the lower end of the Marantz offerings but still offered great quality manufacturing and sound. It’s rated at 20 watts per channel into 8 ohms.

These little receivers are great for someone just getting into vintage audio. They can be purchased for a reasonable amount and, once serviced, will last for years.

Marantz 2220B Inside

Nothing too complicated inside which makes them easier to work on. The 2220B’s sell from around $450.00 for an average condition un-serviced unit all the way up to $1000.00 for a clean and restored unit.

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7 thoughts on “Marantz 2220B

  1. Hi… I picked up one of these Marantz 2220B’s a few years ago and hooked it up and it works fine. It does have static in the knobs and I assume that it needs to be cleaned up and some parts replaced. I finally moved it to another part of my house out of the room where I keep my high end equipment. So I wanted service done to it and it seems difficult to find someone and when I do they quote me prices like $60-$80 service fee. Stating that the job in its entirety could cost me up to $250-$300. In your opinion isn’t that a little pricey or not?

    1. That’s been my experience as well. It’s usually $100-$125 for a basic servicing where I’m at. If bulbs need replaced or a cap or two replaced then the price will go up quickly. Especially for any work on the circuit boards. You can clean the potentiometers yourself fairly easily and that will take care of a lot of problems. There are quite a few online tutorials on how to do it.

      If you go the servicing route just make sure you find someone with a good reputation.

    2. Pots are probably dirty. Sometimes you can clean them up by turning them back and forth. But that static sounds like nothing but dirt.

      A good vintage unit is worth having a tech look at. Definitely worth the $80 and then decide on any repairs after they quote you. All depends on what you paid for the unit.

      Call around other electronic shops (yelp) and they may direct you to someone less expensive that they use. I had an oscilloscope shop refer me to Rocky Top in Las Vegas. $25 instead of $75 that Xpert Audio wanted for diagnostic and cheaper over all. Plus Jim is old school and was a Sansui repair rep back in the day. Great guy.

  2. i have one that my uncle gave me and its been somewhat cleaned and it sound so much better than my previous pioneer from like 2000, im in love with it im gona restore some of the parts because my uncle found it on the side of the street

  3. I have owned my 2220b since the 70’s when I purchased it brand new. Typically scratchiness is oxidation on the controls. I remove the bottom cover to gain access to the rear of the potentiometers and give them a very light spray of Deoxit. Be careful not to spray to much and get it on the inside of the dial.

    For the bulbs, the are 8 volt fuse style lamps and may be found online or at a local electronic parts store. Cost no more then a couple of dollars each. Unplug receiver and remove 2 Phillips screws on each side. Slide up the cover and remove.

    The tuning meter bulb is accessed by the one screw at the rear of the housing, gently remove it and slide housing back to get at bulb. When reattaching the housing be careful not to over tighten as the plastic is brittle from age.

    The dial lamps are a bit more challenging as the strip they are mounted on does not easily slide back as other parts are in the way. Remove the two screws on each end of this assembly very gently. I use wooden chopsticks to remove and replace the bulbs. Also be careful not to damage the tuning dial wiring. Once done very very gently tighten the two screws as the white plastic tabs on the dial are extremely brittle!

    The more complicated things you may need a tech for, and that will get expensive when parts such as capacitors need replacing.

  4. I too have my 2220B I bought in 1975.
    Still has the clear plastic protector on the front.
    My dial stopped moving a year ago.
    What’s involved in repairing?
    Would appreciate any help!

  5. One recently came into my vintage audio store as not properly working. I paid their ask price and also got several other components. I took it to a tech who has 50 years of working on audio equipment, yes, I said fifty years and he is a former Marantz trained technician. It took him less than five minutes to diagnose it only need cleaning.
    He said favorably, “These old Marantz are beautifully simplistic, very reliable, and always sound excellent.”

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