Marantz 2216B

In 1978, Marantz introduced this little guy. The Marantz 2216B receiver. It only produces 16 watts per channel and was designed to fill the lower end of the Marantz offering that year. It retailed for $240 and it’s estimated that Marantz produced about 6,800 of them.

The 2216B has the updated styling that is a bit different than the 2216. The 2216 has a black dial face while the 2216B’s is silver/white. The balance slider on the 2216 was moved to a regular knob on the 2216B. And, the knob to control speaker selection on the 2216 became a push button on the 2216B. The 2216B still has the iconic gyro-touch flywheel tuning knob though.


  • Tuning range: FM, MW
  • Years: 1977-1978
  • Produced (Estimate): 6,800
  • Retail Price: $240
  • Power Output Continuous Rated (per channel, both channels operating simultaneously): 16 Watts at 8 ohms
  • Total Harmonic Distortion at rated power: 0.15% max. (distortion decreases as output is lowered)
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Power Requirements: 120 V AC 50 to 60 Hz
  • Power Consumption at rated output, both channel operating : 97 Watts
  • Idling Power (volume control at Zero) : 27 Watts
  • Dimensions: 17-5/16 x 5-3/8 x 11-7/16 inches
  • Weight: 19.8 lbs

The 2216B performs well for what it was designed to do. The tuner is excellent and the phono stage is good too. And, of course, the blue lit dial face is beautiful. There was the option to purchase the WC-116 wood case which adds another dimension to the 2216B’s aesthetics.

There is a much rarer black version of the 2216B that I believe was primarily a European model.

Maranzt 2216B Black Faceplate

The 2216B has a larger transformer than you’d expect from a 16 wpc stereo. Overall, the component layout is pretty clean and uncluttered.

Unfortunately, the 2216B does not have pre-outs. That means you can’t hook it up to a larger amp and use it as a pre-amp. If you need to change the lamps, don’t worry, it’s not too difficult. But, be careful not to break the plastic lamp housing. It tends to get old and brittle over the years so treat it gently.

While the 2216B does seem to perform better than its 16 wpc rating, it’s still probably best to limit speaker choices to more efficient models. Any speakers above 90 dB or so efficiency should match up well with the 2216B. For a small room, and matched up with an efficient pair of bookshelf speakers, the Marantz 2216B will be up to the challenge.

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5 thoughts on “Marantz 2216B

    1. It’s a little on the high side. Most sell from $200-$300 but if it’s in really good condition and has been serviced then $350 isn’t bad.

  1. It’s the only model without pre out jacks???? I have a 2220B that also doesn’t have pre outs either.

  2. Glad to see this…
    I’m brand new to ‘this gig’ (first ‘audiophile’ purchase was a Scott 359RS in NOV21) but I just picked up the 2216B Monday.
    It sat on some shelf in the store five years after the guy had it worked, lights replaced and tested;cost me $250… same price the work cost him.
    I wired it into the Marantz HE-123s I got two weeks ago and the JBL J320s I just got at the same store and I am “tickled”!!!
    The Dual 1019 turntable, the FM, CDs and streaming audio (via my phone or tablet through the tape in) sound SO clean, clear and crisp!
    It may not have been a “fantastic” deal, but I certainly didn’t lose.
    ~ :- ]

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