Sony STR-VX22


This Sony STR-VX22 lacks the distinct look that most people expect to see when it comes to vintage audio but nonetheless it is vintage. Introduced in 1982 at a time when the look of audio components was moving away from brushed aluminum face plates, analog dials and wood cabinets toward a more tech oriented look. While there are a few knobs on the STR-VX22 everything else is push button and toggle. The tuning indicator is an LED digital readout and the case is a rather mundane battleship gray. The tuning and FM Mode buttons were accented with gold color which added just a tad of flair to the front of the stereo.

Sony STR-VX22

The Sony STR-VX22 produced 30 watts per channel, though I have seen claims anywhere from 25 wpc all the way up to 50 wpc. It features:

  • FM Pre-programmable Buttons
  • Phono input
  • Tape Monitor/Record
  • Built in Tuner
  • Aux input
  • Speakers 1 and 2

The STR-VX22 competed directly with Akai’s AA-R22 and both receivers delivered 30 watts per channel with distortion ratings of 0.03 and 0.05 percent respectively. The STR-VX22 retailed for about $250.


One weak point of this receiver is that it has a battery backup compartment in the back panel. While this might have been a great feature at the time, many owners left the batteries in the compartment and, over the years, they leaked and. corroded the inside of the unit. So, if you’re looking for on of these receivers make sure to check that battery compartment. These receivers aren’t in high demand but there are some Sony collectors that covet them. Still, you can find a STR-VX22 for about $40 or $50 fairly often. Though, I did see one that had been fully restored sell for $210.

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  1. Hello

    I have a Sony STR V2 receiver. This receiver works good but I would like to get a unit that will allow me to get more channels. What new unit would work for more channels and what would be a good possibility if I wanted to buy a used unit.

    The speakers are Sony SSU 1070.

    That you very much.

    Dave Laidacker

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