Sansui G-7700

Sansui G-7700 Faceplate


From 1979 to around 1980 Sansui offered their G-X700 line which ranged from the low end G-4700 up to the top end G-9700. In the middle of the range was the Sansui G-7700 Pure Power DC Stereo Receiver which is featured here. It puts out 120 watts per channel compared to the G-4700 with 50 WPC and the G-9700 at 200 WPC. There were actually 3 G series receiver model lines from 1978-1980 with the G-X700 series being the last.


Sansui G-7700 Meter


The G-7700 is a DC, or Direct Coupled, receiver which means that is has no capacitors in the signal path of the circuit. This keeps any unwanted distortion to a minimum as capacitors can 'color' or influence the sound signal. So, Sansui designed the signal path portion of the circuit with no capacitors. As with all the G-X700 series the G-7700 featured LED power meters and a special green Safely Operate LED. Here is what Sansui had to say about it in their marketing literature:

'Our exclusive DD/DC-circuitry has been widely accepted as a landmark in the search for the most natural sound reproduction. TIM distortion, first thoroughly studied and applied by Sansui will soon be recognized as the vital parameter in judging the quality of an hi-fi component.'


Sansui G-7700 Knobs


The G-7700 also features a digitally quartz locked FM tuning which provides excellent drift free reception. If the signal starts to drift out of tune the frequency counter will immediately detect it and make the required correction. This results in great selectivity, stability and a high signal to noise ratio.


Sansui G-7700 Dial


Aesthetically the G-7700 has a symmetrical layout on the front face with the two large volume and tuning knobs in the middle flanked by smaller control knobs and push buttons.


Sansui G-7700 Back Panel


Given that the receiver was produced during the transition from the analog to the digital era it has both analog and digital tuning indicators. There were a number of receivers from manufacturers that incorporated this type of design I guess as a way to placate the analog fans while, at the same time, easing them into the new digital era.


Sansui G-7700 Inside


Almost all Sansui receivers from the late 70's are very desirable. Prices for a fully restored Sansui G-7700 can reach up to $500 while those in more average condition range from about $200 and up.

Sansui G 7700
Sansui G 7700 $556.72
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Sansui G7700 Receiver 120 watts per channel Serviced Rebuilt
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Sansui G 7700 Stereo Receiver Switch Board Part F 2853 Original
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Eric M.:

Great sounding and powerful for the average home. I have not turned the volume knob past 40 because it would be so incredibly loud and clear that neighbors down the street could easily sing along, and that’s just using a tape deck and a pair of Altec Lansing Model 14 speakers. I love it!

August 10th, 2016 at 10:20 pm

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