Sansui G-7700

Sansui G-7700 Faceplate

From 1979 to around 1980 Sansui offered their G-X700 line which ranged from the low end G-4700 up to the top end G-9700. In the middle of the range was the Sansui G-7700 Pure Power DC Stereo Receiver which is featured here. It puts out 120 watts per channel compared to the G-4700 with 50 WPC and the G-9700 at 200 WPC. There were actually 3 G series receiver model lines from 1978-1980 with the G-X700 series being the last.

Sansui G-7700 Meter

The G-7700 is a DC, or Direct Coupled, receiver which means that is has no capacitors in the signal path of the circuit. This keeps any unwanted distortion to a minimum as capacitors can ‘color’ or influence the sound signal. So, Sansui designed the signal path portion of the circuit with no capacitors. As with all the G-X700 series the G-7700 featured LED power meters and a special green Safely Operate LED. Here is what Sansui had to say about it in their marketing literature:

Our exclusive DD/DC-circuitry has been widely accepted as a landmark in the search for the most natural sound reproduction. TIM distortion, first thoroughly studied and applied by Sansui will soon be recognized as the vital parameter in judging the quality of an hi-fi component.’

Sansui G-7700 Knobs

The G-7700 also features a digitally quartz locked FM tuning which provides excellent drift free reception. If the signal starts to drift out of tune the frequency counter will immediately detect it and make the required correction. This results in great selectivity, stability and a high signal to noise ratio.

Sansui G-7700 Dial

Aesthetically the G-7700 has a symmetrical layout on the front face with the two large volume and tuning knobs in the middle flanked by smaller control knobs and push buttons.

Sansui G-7700 Back Panel

Given that the receiver was produced during the transition from the analog to the digital era it has both analog and digital tuning indicators. There were a number of receivers from manufacturers that incorporated this type of design I guess as a way to placate the analog fans while, at the same time, easing them into the new digital era.

Sansui G-7700 Inside

Almost all Sansui receivers from the late 70’s are very desirable and the G-7700 is no exception.

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49 thoughts on “Sansui G-7700

  1. Great sounding and powerful for the average home. I have not turned the volume knob past 40 because it would be so incredibly loud and clear that neighbors down the street could easily sing along, and that’s just using a tape deck and a pair of Altec Lansing Model 14 speakers. I love it!

  2. Im looking for Capacitors list of sansui G-7700, if you have can you send to my email? rocknature at

    1. G-7700 er en DC, eller Direct Coupled, modtager, hvilket betyder, at den ikke har nogen kondensatorer i kredsløbets signalvej. Dette holder enhver uønsket forvrængning på et minimum, da kondensatorer kan ‘farve’ eller påvirke lydsignalet. Så Sansui designede signalstidelen af kredsløbet uden kondensatorer. Som med alle G-X700-serien havde G-7700 LED-effektmålere og en speciel grøn SafeLy Operate LED. Her er hvad Sansui havde at sige om det i deres marketinglitteratur:

  3. Sansui G-7700 main transformer part number: 4003092 with main caps for sale, very good shape. email broklk at

    1. Do you have a volume control knob for a sansui model G-7700, stereo receiver. Your help would be most appreciated. Thanks, regards steven

  4. I am in need of the balance pot or the board with the balance pot. The part(s) number I found online (and don’t know if correct) is 1015341 and F2878

    1. You could call this an update of sorts. I replaced the balance pot and also the selector switch was pulled, cleaned, and replaced (electronics repair background years ago). My system once again bows the windows and walls out here feeding my original HPM700s and a pair of Cerwin Vegas I got from a friend, the Vegas needed the foam around the woofers replaced (as did the HPMs a couple of years ago)

  5. I have a sansui G-7700 for sale along with some other vintage equipment if anyone is interested for the list email me at entycebro at

  6. Hi Gerry can you email me on jepos1at Hotmail com I’m looking for the transformer you have 4003092 I have emailed you but no reply
    Thanks Richard


    1. Yes it is in very good shape on a scale of 1 thru 10 it is a 9. I need $1500 and it’s yours. I have had it since 1979 original owner

    1. Hi curious how much are you selling your sansui model 7700 stereo receiver. Does the receiver have the volume co tool knob still attached. Let me know if you have the knob. Thanks. Regards, steve

  8. I have a Sansui G-7700 in mint condition I would like to sell. It truly is in mint condition-any recommendations where I might sell it to someone that will use it and care for it as I did? It’s a great piece of equipment/

      1. I’m Todd Wilson in Richmond VA..and had a Great -7700 in late 70’s. Could I contact you I’m not good at this technology, thank U Todd.

  9. I also have a g 7700 Sansui which is in excellent condition, I am not looking to sell or trade it. I’m wondering has anybody done tests with other classic receivers or new amplifiers receivers? How does the Sansui stack-up, now & then?

    1. I compared my dad’s g6700 with my onkyo tx 8500, his sounds more clinical with sharper treble, while mine is warmer sounding with heavier bass, though both have fast sounding bass, maybe the sansui is a little faster. Anyway not sure which I prefer but it makes me want a sansui anyway because it is a really appealing sound,. And from what I have heard the onkyo tx 8500 is one of the best sounding vintage receivers, so the sansui would be just as good but in a different way to me.

    1. I’m looking for a volume control knob also. I just bought this sansui G7700 receiver and all its missing is the volume knob. If you found one your assistance would be appreciated.

  10. Hello was wondering if any one had a speaker seletor switch for a Sansui au 9900 for sale having a hard time finding one any help would be great

  11. Just picked up a G-7700 from a local guy. Cosmetically I’d call it a 6/7 out of 10. A few dings/scratches here and there. Case is nice.
    After popping the top to deoxit the pots and switches I noticed that the input selector switch was loose. Turns out the knurled piece that the knob is on must have broken off at some point and someone managed to tap both pieces and install a very small threaded rod into the shaft and then screwed the knurled piece on. Unfortunately this will obviously loosen up when the switch is rotated CCW. Tried to find the part, which is actually just an extension piece to the actual switch, but no luck. I found one from a different model that is longer that I feel confident I can make work by cutting it down and filing a flat so it fits in the adapter piece. But before I spent more money I applied permanent loctite to the threads to see if that would hold. So far so good.

    I also noticed that the analog tuning display does not match the digital display by a lot. Downloaded the service manual, so aligning that will be the next project before putting it in my system.

  12. I have a Sansui G7700 for sale in Miami, Fl. Condition is 9/10. Reach me at 9549140862. Walter

  13. I have a G-9700 with similar/typical digital display and the display driver chip is INOP/causing the usual disparity between analog and digital FM readouts. Do you know where I can find that NOS chip for it? I believe complete part number is MSM5540-RS. It’s a GREAT receiver and mine is mint except for this issue. Don’t think oscillator only is the issue. ANY help from ANYBODY would be highly appreciated! I heard there was a workaround or alternate chip. Throwing out a life line here!

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