Yamaha CR-3020

This is the monster Yamaha CR-3020 that hit the audio market in 1978. It is the BIG brother of the CR-1020 and CR-2020. The CR-3020 is rated at 160 watts per channel into 8 ohms. It also has a frequency response of 5-100,000 Hz and total harmonic distortion of 0.01%.

The CR-3020 was big and it weighs in at just under 82 pounds!

The CR-3020 has controls for Bass, Treble and Presence.  Speaker selection includes Off, A, B, C, A+C, A+B.  It also has Low and High filter switches and a Mode switch for L, R, Stereo, and Rev.  Input selector includes Tape 1+2, Tuner,Phono, Aux.

There are two headphones jacks on the front panel and Vu meters for Level, Signal G and FM.

The Yamaha CR-3020 is definitely on the top 10 list for most receiver collectors. It’s very hard to find as it had a list price of $1500 when new. These receivers sell for up to $1500-$2000 in good working condition.

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25 thoughts on “Yamaha CR-3020

  1. i recently got a consignment from a binions casino employee estate and the unit was only has one owner prior to this sale. great unit case . has a fewe flaws: couple light out and balance is louder on one side more than another. i was never aware these are theBest yamaha amps ever sot its price at $1500 N/I packing or shipping charges. email stoninlvnv@aol.com week of 7/15 to make a deal to sell with out all hte FEEBAY FEES ;-)

  2. 2000$ for that receiver are you insane i paid 80 for a 1020 and the sound is better, when the keep it simple fact is there


  3. I own one. It’s an excellent receiver. The sound is sweet and plenty of power I am running a pair of hpm 100s.mine is mint. 2000 is a bit high. They normally go for 1000 to 1500 mint. But it is the one to own.

  4. I have a yamaha cr 3020 in mint condition with a pair of Canton speakers tuned for this system asking 2500

    1. Hello there regarding your yamaha cr 3020 reciever I am intrested. I live in ontario canada my number is 1 705 492 0772. If this reciever is still for sale I would want to buy it. Thank you

  5. I owned one back in 1978 or 1979. In fact it was the 9th one sold in Canada. I wish I still had it for a bedroom system. For the guy with the cr1020, it’s not even in the same league as the 3020. The pre section was the same circuitry as the separate c2 preamp. The headphone jacks were from a dedicated built-in head amp. The tuner had an auto station lock in and the tuning knob was buttery smooth. At the time a couple of my friends had the 1020 because they couldn’t afford the 3020 and like I said not even close.

  6. I have a CR-3020 in great working order. A few lights are out and I would not tear into the unit to replace those as it doesn’t matter they are out. Everything else works beautifully. I am in Seattle

      1. I have a CR 3020 for sale in good working order. I don’t have speakers to plug into to do a full test but headphones and the tuner function and it sounds amazing. Interested parties can email bermac63@icloud.com

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