Yamaha CR-3020


This is the monster Yamaha CR-3020 that hit the audio market in 1978. It is the BIG brother of the CR-1020 and CR-2020. The CR-3020 is rated at 160 watts per channel into 8 ohms. It also has a frequency response of 5-100,000 Hz and total harmonic distortion of 0.01%.

The CR-3020 was big and it weighs in at just under 82 pounds!



The CR-3020 has controls for Bass, Treble and Presence.  Speaker selection includes Off, A, B, C, A+C, A+B.  It also has Low and High filter switches and a Mode switch for L, R, Stereo, and Rev.  Input selector includes Tape 1+2, Tuner,Phono, Aux.

There are two headphones jacks on the front panel and Vu meters for Level, Signal G and FM.



The Yamaha CR-3020 is definitely on the top 10 list for most receiver collectors. It's very hard to find as it had a list price of $1500 when new. These receivers sell for up to $1500-$2000 in good working condition.


Vintage Yamaha CR 3020 stereo receiver
Vintage Yamaha CR 3020 stereo receiver $2,600.00
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Custom padded cover for YAMAHA CR 3020 receiver
Custom padded cover for YAMAHA CR 3020 receiver $35.00
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Vintage Yamaha CR 3020 REVEIVER speakers protection relay
Vintage Yamaha CR 3020 REVEIVER speakers protection relay $29.99
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6 thoughts on “Yamaha CR-3020

  1. i recently got a consignment from a binions casino employee estate and the unit was only has one owner prior to this sale. great unit case . has a fewe flaws: couple light out and balance is louder on one side more than another. i was never aware these are theBest yamaha amps ever sot its price at $1500 N/I packing or shipping charges. email stoninlvnv@aol.com week of 7/15 to make a deal to sell with out all hte FEEBAY FEES 😉

  2. 2000$ for that receiver are you insane i paid 80 for a 1020 and the sound is better, when the keep it simple fact is there


  3. I own one. It’s an excellent receiver. The sound is sweet and plenty of power I am running a pair of hpm 100s.mine is mint. 2000 is a bit high. They normally go for 1000 to 1500 mint. But it is the one to own.

  4. I have a yamaha cr 3020 in mint condition with a pair of Canton speakers tuned for this system asking 2500

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