Telefunken TRX-3000

Telefunken TRX-3000

Here is a receiver that you’ve probably never seen before. Most vintage audio enthusiasts know of Telefunken for their tubes but many don’t know they also made receivers. I posted in the past on the Telefunken Concerto 105 which most wouldn’t call a great looking receiver (it’s ugly). This is the Telefunken TRX-3000, and, in contrast to the Concerto line, it is actually a very interesting looking receiver. I might even call it appealing. It was made during the late 70’s so it was a little ahead of its time with the black face, LED meters and digital tuner display. The case is metal and not plastic.

Telefunken TRX-3000 Left

The TRX-3000 is a quadraphonic receiver and has some power with 160 watts per channel into two channels and 90 WPC into four channels. It also has some interesting features that were ahead of it’s time such as soft touch buttons, relay-activated inputs and PLL tuner. It even has a cooling fan for the heatsink! The TRX-3000 is compatible with Discrete/SQ/CD-4 decoding. Another sign that this receiver hit the market during the transition from analog to digital is the fact that it has a digital tuning readout but analog tuning strength meter.

Telefunken TRX-3000 Right

You’ll notice that where the Telefunken name and model are located on the front panel near the lower left corner is actually a flip down panel that covers two DIN headphone jacks. The other plug I believe is for a clock/timer or perhaps an Aux. It also has a 6.3 mm headphone jack on the side of the unit.

Telefunken TRX-3000 Panel

The TRX-3000 also apparently has built in electronics to control a rotating antenna. Most older people in the US remember the large rotating Yagi antennas that used to sit on the roof and you could rotate them from a controller next to the TV. I have to admit that being able to control a huge antenna on the roof of your house with your receiver would be pretty cool.

Telefunken TRX-3000 Back

Obviously Telefunken designed these for the European market so there are not that many in the US. The top of the line TRX-3000 very rarely comes up for sale here. While the demand may not be that high for them here they still sell for a good amount. But, good luck finding one. The Opus and Concerto models can be found but the TRX are very rare here. So, if you see a TRX-3000 at a good price. Get it!

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3 thoughts on “Telefunken TRX-3000

  1. bought mine new in 1978, still works great, blew the xovers on the speakers years ago so they are gone but still have the turntable to. It is a quad unit, some were asking…and yes it looks great to.

  2. I give my TRX-3000 a good workout every now and then. This baby rivals my SX-1980 when it comes to how fast your beer will go flat if anywhere near a speaker. And with four speakers putting out true quad sound when paired with quadraphonic vinyl, you better drink fast.

    1. David dite moi vous le vendez pas le 1980 par hasard car j en cherche je vous laisse mon no au cas ou 06 46 26 62 79 merci d avance

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