Telefunken Concerto 105

Telefunken Concerto 105

Here is an obscure receiver for you. It’s a Telefunken Concerto 105. It was made in West Germany in the 60’s by the company probably more known now for their quality vacuum tubes. It featured:

  • 5 bands (AM/FM/SW1/SW2/SW3)
  • Dual voltage (110/220)
  • 75 watts per channel
  • Walnut finish w/ metal body
  • 25″ by 11″ by 4″
  • 15 lb weight
Telefunken Concerto 105 Back

Not necessarily a high demand receiver among collectors but it is still an interesting  unit.

Telefunken Concerto 105 Logo

A Telefunken Concerto 105 recently sold for $300.00 (8-13-2011). Not bad for an obscure receiver.

Right Now on eBay 
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One thought on “Telefunken Concerto 105

  1. I just bought a Telefunken Concerto 105 receiver and original speakers on auction – for 300 South African rands. It was sold as a ‘tuner amplifier’. Does anybody have any idea if I could run an iPod through the system, and if so what type of connectors I need.

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