Technics SA-400

The Technics SA-400 was offered from 1978 to 1979 with a list price of $360.00.  It put out 45 watts per channel and  weighed in at 19 pounds. As you can see from the picture it has an analog tuning dial and two Vu meters, one for tuning and the other for signal strength. While Technics made some good equipment the wood cabinets they used for their receivers could have been better. Even their top-of-the-line SA-1000 had an ugly wood cabinet. Of course, if you can find an SA-1000 for a good price you should buy it because they are very hard to find regardless of the ugly wood cabinet. The SA-400’s sell from $80-$150 in good working condition.

It has inputs for:

  • Phono
  • Tape (2)
  • AUX
  • Monitor

The Technics SA-400 sells for about $100 to $150.

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10 thoughts on “Technics SA-400

    1. I have a technics sa 303, well really I have 4 of them, my first one I bought brand new in 1979, I also have a sa 101, 2. sa 202’s , 2 sa 404’s, 1 sa 505, and 1 sa 616, and 1 sa 400.
      I am a huge Technics fan from this era.

  1. I have recently been bitten by the vintage stereo bug. I now own 2 SA-400s and a SA-202. The 400s are matched with some honeycomb speakers and the 202 is hooked up to a pair of SB-C250 speakers all work well.

  2. I just purchased an SA-400 in excellent condition and could not be happier with it. I am searching for the perfect speakers to go with it and have many recommendations for JBL 530s. My concern is whether or not this receiver has enough power to drive them. Every review says the speakers are great, but require a lot of power. Thoughts?


    1. Well, SA-400 is rated at 45W at 8 ohms load so you can decide for yourself if that’s enough for you. Mine powers up a pair of DIY 120W 4-way floorstanders and the sound is great with the tone controls on indents, loudness off. It has plenty of power too, I don’t remember turning the volume knob further than the indented middle, it’s way too loud for my neighbors liking, almost for me too in my apartment workshop/room. One thing though, it doesn’t like low ohm speakers, at least not those few pairs that I’ve tried (2-4 ohms) so keep ’em at 8 and you’re golden.

      1. I’m with you on the output of this beautiful unit – if you live in an apartment, you’re never going to get past 25 – 30% unless you want an eviction notice. I’ve paired mine with EPI 120s and this combo swings. I’m not a fan of the click volume settings, as the setting I want is invariably somewhere between clicks. A final note on the “ugly” wood cabinet. It may have a cheap underbelly, but the wood case looks fab! Vastly superior to all the black plastic that has swarmed the market.

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