Sansui G-4700

Sansui G-4700


This Sansui G-4700 is from their line of Pure Power DC receivers from the late 1970's. It was at the bottom of their G-X700 line but still produced a respectable 50 watts per channel. Sansui had other budget oriented receivers at the time such as the G-301 and G-401 so the G-4700 was really in the middle of their performance lineup. It retailed for about $430.


Sansui G-4700 Left


The G-X700 line all featured a symmetrical layout with two big knobs a the center bottom of the face plate that control volume and tuning. It also has push buttons for FM Mode, Subsonic Filter, Loudness and Tape Monitor


Sansui G-4700 Right


The Sansui G-4700 looks alright when it's powered off but hit the power switch and dim the lights and you're in for a treat. It is one of the better looking receivers from the late 1970's when lit up. Interestingly it has both digital and analog tuning displays. FM tuning is digitally quartz locked to prevent drift. The left and right peak power meters are also digital.


Sansui G-4700 Lamps


Inside, the G-4700 is laid out well. The design features Sansui's exclusive DC technology in the power amplifier section. Phase distortion and other related amp problems are eliminated due to the fact that Sansui uses no capacitors in the amplifier circuit. The sound that goes into the amp circuit comes back out nice and clean and distortion free.


Sansui G-4700 Inside


If you're thinking of buying a G-4700 there are a couple things you should keep in mind. First, they don't particularly like to power speakers at less than 8 ohms or even two pair of 8 ohm speakers for that matter. There is a particular transistor that tends to heat rapidly when the receiver is under too heavy a load. Of course, many receivers will overheat if worked too hard so it's not just a Sansui problem. Second, the digital display can fail. It is controlled with either one or two IC chips and they aren't really replaceable without a donor parts unit. So, if the digital display is dead on the unit you're considering you may want to pass.


Sansui G-4700 Ad


Overall, the Sansui G-4700 is a great sounding receiver with it's tuning section being its strongest feature. Many G-4700 owners rave about the clean pure sound of this receiver. At 55 WPC it produces plenty of power for a moderately sized room and it has all the features you'll most likely need.


Sansui G-4700 Back


Vintage Sansui receivers are highly sought after but fortunately quite a few were manufactured as well so most aren't considered rare. A really nice G-4700 can be purchased for around $200 with average condition units costing half that. If you're looking for a mid range receiver with higher end performance then the G-4700 is certainly worth considering.

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One thought on “Sansui G-4700

  1. The G-4700 is an under-rated receiver. It’s virtually perfect for its class. My prior Sansui receivers were a 5000X and 9090db. Yes those receivers have that ‘warm’ sound that is undeniable, highlighting 60’s nostalgia. Then I dove into the G series, starting with my G-4700. Immediately, I noticed the sound quality to be much clearer, “bright” sounding. The G-4700 delivers compact disc and digital media audio perfectly and has quickly become my favorite listening receiver. Okay, I suspect some are skeptical about the VFD(Vacuum Florescent Display) failing. A couple of things about VFD’s, they have a life of appx 30,000 hours and heat is the enemy on the microprocessor. Listening to digital media on Aux most of the time, the tuner display is not an issue. Amp transistor heat and failure, the G-4700 today is not a “crank it up” receiver and is more suited as a room listening receiver never pegging the VU meter past 5 at sustained levels. Utilizing a great set of 8ohm speakers with 92dB response or better, the volume will be plenty and G-4700 owners will be happy enjoying their music.

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