Sansui G-33000 Sells For Over $7000

Sansui G-33000


This Sansui G-33000 receiver recently sold, on June 23, 2016, for $7101.00. These receivers are very rare and don't come up for sale very often. The seller describes it as being in excellent condition:


This unit has been tested and is fully functioning without any static or interference.  Physically it is in almost mint condition with the exception of a few minor scratches on top of the receiver, and a small scratch on the back of the am.


Another recent sale on July 12th, 2016 saw a Sansui G-33000 go for $6600.00.


Sansui G-33000 Sells


Here's what the seller had to say about that unit:


Everything tested and in working order. Sounds great. Would describe as very good condition, due to some nicks around top edges. Also, a few tiny nicks on glass (barely noticeable, unless your real close to unit).  $1800 spent on restoration 01/2013. Will include copies of receipt and work done. Will also include bolts for connecting preamp and amp together.

Was doing some further testing. A problem developed with left channel. Where it won't work all the time?


Obviously the left channel problem hurt the sale price a little bit.

A previous sale on December 17, of 2013 was for $7700.00 so prices have been pretty stable for the last few years.

Just as a comparison a couple G-22000 receivers sold recently as well. One for $3875.00 on July 29, 2016 and one for $3889.00 on July 1, 2016.


SANSUI G 33000 Receiver Very Minty No Scratch
SANSUI G 33000 Receiver  Very Minty  No Scratch $13,500.00
Time Remaining: 26d 20h 49m
Buy It Now for only: $13,500.00
SANSUI G 33000 Receiver THE KING
SANSUI G 33000 Receiver  THE KING $9,950.00
Time Remaining: 15h 33m
Buy It Now for only: $9,950.00
Sansui G22000
Sansui G22000 $4,999.00
Time Remaining: 6d 21h 24m
Buy It Now for only: $4,999.00

5 thoughts on “Sansui G-33000 Sells For Over $7000

  1. Regarding the Sansui G33000 that was sold for $16,799 the buyer renege  and it was relisted and sold for $8200. Quite a difference. but still holding top spot

  2. I bought a g 33000 March 2018 I paid 5000 Plus I traded a near mint g9000 Plus a set of Macintosh xr5 speakers my G 33000 needed a lot of work somebody before me opened it up and try to repair it and did more damage than good. It is now been repaired and working fine

  3. I got a g-33000 in 1978 paid $4900 and still have it. It is in mint condition and works perfectly fine. Can’t believe the value of it now wow might have to sell my baby lol.

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