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If you were a Sansui fan back in the golden era of audio you would dream of having the 9090DB which, at the time, was the flagship of Sansui's lineup. However, if you were on a budget then you might have had to settle for the middle of the lineup which would have been this receiver - the Sansui 7070. While the 9090DB powered out a hefty 125 watts per channel the 7070 put out a respectable 60 watts per channel.




Ahead of the Sansui 7070 were the above mentioned 9090DB, the 9090 and the 8080. Below it were the 6060 and 5050. It features a simulated walnut grain veneer, two output meters and two tuning meters. It also has triple tone controls. It does not have Dolby circuitry like its bigger brothers the 9090DB and 8080DB though it does have a Dolby / 4ch adapter on the back panel. It has inputs for Phono MM I+II, Tape I+II, AUX and Mic.


Sansui 7070 Receiver


The 7070 was produced from late 1976 until 1979 and sold for over $500.00 when first released. It was a very popular unit for Sansui.




The 7070 weighs in at just over 36 pounds and is 19.76 x 6.14 x 14.60 inches. The 7070 is a well built receiver and in addition to being fairly easy to work on parts are easy to find as well.




There are a few drawbacks to the 7070. Its case is press board with glued on vinyl cover and this tends to crack, flake, and peel over time. It's also known for some cold solder joints which can cause the lights to intermittently go on and off. Most of these problems can be easily fixed however.




The lamps in 7070 are listed in the service manual as:

0400200 Dial Pointer Lamp   6.3V   75mA

0420040 Lamp  7V  320mA

0400450 Stereo Indicator Lamp  7V  100mV




Sansui receivers are, of course, very popular with collectors today. The 9090DB is one of the most sought after receivers around. Those not looking for a monster receiver can find a unit such as the 7070 or 6060 to be very desirable. In very good working condition they will sell for around $300.00. Even a parts unit can sell for $100. Still, $300 for a working stereo is a good value given the features the 7070 has.


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  1. I have two reconditioned 7070’s that I bought from eBay in 2003. Each was about $150. Fantastic amps… been using them constantly since I got them. One drives a set of 6.5″ bookshelf speakers and the other a set of dual 6″ towers. Big, clean power with lots of headroom… AM tuner could be better though, but that’s me…

  2. I have this sansui 7070 voltages is 110 in our country 220 volts what do I need to use it there

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