Sansui 5900Z

Sansui 5900Z

This is the Sansui 5900Z from Sansui’s Z series of synthesized digital receivers. Introduced in 1980 these receivers featured digital as well as analog tuning displays. While the tuner was digitally synthesized the amp section was still the classic Sansui DC coupled analog circuitry.


The Z line of Sansui receivers didn’t have the same high end build quality of the G series but were still very good performing receivers. This Sansui 5900Z puts out 75 watts per channel and is the mid range offering in the Z series. Note also that there are no volume, tuning or selector knobs on these units as they have been replaced with push button controls.


The 5900Z also makes use of LED’s which were just coming into fashion at the time. The power meters use red LED’s as does the analog portion of the tuning dial. It’s a strange mix of old and new and represents the period of evolution from analog to digital.


Another feature that was incorporated into the 5900Z and later into nearly all receivers was preset stations. The 5900Z has 12 memory presets so you can store your favorite stations and go back to them at the push of a button.

Sansui 5900Z

Sansui receivers are some of the most popular receivers among collectors and audio enthusiasts. The G series is by far the most sought after but for those that were buying a receiver in the early 1980’s these Z series analog/digital hybrid receivers are very popular.

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6 thoughts on “Sansui 5900Z

  1. I believe the Sansui 5900Z is my model # I purchased in 1980 while I was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan. It has been so reliable over all these years until now!! I was checking out the new Van Halen CD at a low volume and heard a POP. No volume!!! I think my amp finally went out!! Can I put a new one in it??? Thanks, Ken!!

    1. Hi I have the same problem with my Sansui 5900Z and I just put a regular switch in the back of my receiver and no prblem (I used a regular electric switch like you use in cars)

    2. Hello Brian,
      I have a power switch board that I removed from my 3900Z which is typical in the 4900Z and also the 5900Z receivers. I left the wires long because it would be easier to splice and use small wire nuts instead of removing the bottom board to solder the wires onto the board. (huge hassle) 20 bucks and 5 bucks for shipping and it’s yours. Let me know…

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