Sansui G-2000

Sansui G-2000 Face Plate

The Sansui G-2000 was added to the Sansui receiver lineup around 1977 and retailed for about $240.00. It was advertised as a High Specification AM/FM Receiver at a Competitive Price. The ‘G’ series of receivers from Sansui are some of the most popular Sansui gear nowadays. The G-2000 is at the bottom of the line in terms of performance but is still built exceptionally well and looks great too.

Sansui G-2000 Knobs

The G-2000’s features are limited with just Bass and Treble tone controls, a Loudness button as well as FM Muting, Mode, and Tape Monitor buttons.

Sansui G-2000 Meters

Sansui had an eye for symmetry and the front panel looks very balanced. The meter located just above the Volume and Tuning knobs add to the effect. The knobs also have a beveled edge that add a touch of class to its appearance.

Sansui G-2000 Lamps

16 watts per channel is all this little guy puts out but that’s plenty for use in a garage or bedroom. Just be sure to pair it up with some reasonably efficient speakers.  Looks great lit up doesn’t it?

Sansui G-2000 Parts

Sansui was known for their build quality even for the bottom end of their receiver lineup. It has push/pull output circuitry, a FET front end, and a PLL differential demodulator for FM. It weighs around 16 pounds.

Sansui G-2000 Inputs

As I mentioned earlier the ‘G’ Series from Sansui is very popular with collectors. However, given the G-2000’s low power output and limited features it’s the least coveted of the lineup. A nice, fully functional G-2000 will sell for around $175. Compare that to the G-9000 which sells for about $1700.

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One thought on “Sansui G-2000

  1. Remember:
    You are dealing with a very powerful device.
    Please employ a very simple but safe method of assuring personal safety of your self, friends and loved ones.
    Especially children.
    Here’s why……
    Children (or cats, too) possess inquisitive fingers/and or conductive fluids.
    Mix that with 120VAC.
    When you do buy, use a wireless power line control like mine
    I used a D. P. D.T. relay rated 20amps @400
    Vac. Do not “economize” here
    If you consider such protection, please remember your safety and the many dollars you’d invested .

    A power line glitch cost an apt., 20k in ” “act of God” coverage denials, the loss of a very beloved cat & so on.

    If it’s skrimping you have in mind-don’t.
    Chisel some place else.
    I have experience
    In mind.

    I won’t detail testing. If you know how to do it, test away.
    Better yet, ask a tech to test for you.
    After the autopsy on said vaporized receiver, it was determined “an act of God contributed to an extant condition”.

    Moral of the story-verify-b4-you-buy.
    30 dollars spent means your piece of mind.

    When, say, you purchase a used wreck-always-bring-a-trusted-tech….
    Don’t be cynical.
    Just be practical.

    Don’t forget . Get an estimate B4 you buy.
    And detail in your estimate what needs to be tested.

    A few “precautions now-pre purchase” can be the best piece of mind” insurance you can get .

    P S.
    I have owned the same Sansui trio since new.1978
    They still function flawoessly
    The flames were from a different unit.


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