Realistic STA-2100

Realistic STA-2100

This is the Realistic STA-2100 offered by Radio Shack in 1979. It’s a very nice and clean looking unit that was made by Foster Electronics. The build quality is excellent. The STA-2100 utilized a toroidal transformer and pumps out 120 watts per channel RMS. A later version, the STA-2100D was manufactured without the toroidal transformer due to a patent dispute with Pioneer.

Realistic STA-2100

The receiver also has a pretty good 4 gang tuner FM tuner. Overall the receiver is probably under rated by most collectors so you can still pick them up at a fairly reasonable cost and the quality and looks are just as good as some of the more sought after receivers.

Realistic STA-2100 Right

One change that Radio Shack made from the STA-2000 to the STA-2100 was that they moved the power button from the left of the volume knob where it sat mixed in with all the other buttons to the right side just above the headphone jack where it was more easily visible.

Realistic STA-2100 Back

Here you can see the big toroidal transformer as well as the large capacitors. The Realistic receivers are very well built and well laid out electronically.

Realistic STA-2100 Inside

The Realistic STA-2100 retailed for $599.95 and was Radio Shack’s top of the line receiver in 1979. Other features included:

  • Linear Phase IF filters
  • Dual-Gate Mosfet FM
  • PLL Multiplex
  • Wide dynamic range phono preamp with selectable sensitivity
  • 10 dB attenuator
  • 3 tone controls
  • 25 or 75 microsecond De-emphasis for Dolby FM
  • Muting
Realistic STA-2100 Ad

The Realistic STA-2100 sell for around $400-$600.00. One in excellent condition sold for $470.00 on 8-20-2011. Another in very nice fully functioning sold for $609.00 on 8-15-2011.

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