Realistic STA-2080

Realistic STA-2080


This Realistic STA-2080 is a great looking receiver. It also has all the features the average music listener needs. Introduced in 1981 it retailed for $499.95 and given its features it was very competitive with similarly outfitted Pioneer or Sansui receivers. The 80 watts per channel made it a strong performer in the middle price range of receivers at the time.


Realistic STA-2080 Left


The blue dial and large power and tuning meters have a beautiful glow in low light environments. Overall it has a look of class, quality, and power that really appeals to the eye. Push button Muting suppresses noise when you tune and the Hi-MPX filter gives you noise free reception of weak stations. The 3 boost and cut tone controls have 21 detented positions and include a mid-range adjustment for finer control.


Realistic STA-2080 Right


The Realistic STA-2080 has power meters for both the left and right channels as well as meters for signal strength and tuning. Realistic used a 4 gang tuner with 3 ceramic filters in the FM tuner which makes it an above average performer.


Realistic STA-2080 Lit


The STA-2080 has two magnetic phono inputs, two sets of push connect terminals for A and B speakers, a headphone jack, AUX input, Tape 1 and Tape 2 inputs, and main in/preamp out jacks.


Realistic STA-2080 Ad


The coveted setup in the early 1980’s was the STA-2080 paired up with a set of Mach One liquid cooled speakers and LAB-440 Direct Drive turntable. Lucky buyers could have that setup for just $1079.00!


Realistic STA-2080 Inside


The build quality of the STA-2080 is really good. People occasionally scoff at the Realistic receivers but many of them were very well built. Many of the Realistic lines were built by Foster/Fostex and Hitachi though there were other manufacturers involved as well.


Realistic STA-2080 Back


Nowadays the Realistic STA-2080 is a little bit of a sleeper. The STA-2100 or STA-2300 are the Holy Grail for Realistic collectors so the STA-2080 kind of falls through the cracks.  A really nice example can be purchased for $350 to $400. A good working unit can be had for around $250. Those prices will more than likely move upward over time.

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REALISTIC STA-2080 left right channel meters

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REALISTIC STA-2080 on off switch complete

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4 thoughts on “Realistic STA-2080

  1. Realistic receivers were a very good value and had a great look to them. I just bought one off of ebay, an STA-95 with 45 wpc. Not up there with the big power or holy grail units, but it is a rarely used, brand new looking unit that will more than do for years of enjoyment. Again, a great vintage look with the aluminum/walnut veneer pairing.

  2. bought a set of mach ones , deal was this is a set bought back in the 70 s brand new . sa2000 amp tu1000 5 band eq, and a turn table and the mach one,s and a pair of optimus t 100 speakers all for $400. buckes lot of people he said wanted the speakers only , he would not separate them , buy all or nothing.. so i bought all , three and a half drive to ottawa area to pick it all up.. hooked up the sa2000 soon as i got home .. this thing sounds great hook up to the t100 speakers , bought a second set of them as well . had the amp rebuilt , sounds fantastic .. have sansui g8000, 9090 , 9090db , sta 84 sta 2225 , and have a sta 2080 on the way ,but my sa2000 and t100 speakers ROCK…

  3. Bought mine a couple years ago,had it recapped and have it hooked up to some Realistic T-200 speakers. Needles to say they ain’t going anywhere….

  4. Hey, guys, I was bit hesitant this morning when I spotted one at the local Sunday market, the guy was asking $80 so thinking a pouch of tobacco cost me the same I got it and I am loving it a bit of CRC on the knob controls got rid of cracking and it kicks grooves will get a second pair of speakers and hook up my Realistic reel to reel deck to complete the picture.

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