Pioneer QX-8000 Quad

Pioneer QX-8000

Here is one of Pioneer’s classic Quad’s, or 4 channel, offerings the Pioneer QX-8000. The QX-8000 supplied 20 watts per channel into four channels at 8 ohms. It weighs just over 34 pounds. It also featured:

  • Low and high filters
  • Loudness on/off
  • FM muting on/off
  • Speakers front on/off rear on/off
  • Two bass/treble controls
  • Phones outputs front and rear
  • Tuning meter
  • AC Outlet Switched and Unswitched
  • Phono 1 + 2
  • Aux 1 + 2
  • Speakers A Front  Rear
  • FM Antenna 75 Ohm + 300 Ohm
  • AM Antenna
  • Tape Monitor 1 Out/In
  • Tape Monitor 2 Out/In

The Pioneer QX-8000 was manufactured from around 1974 up until 1976. It’s parts layout from the top view looks like this:

Pioneer QX-8000 diagram

The Pioneer QX-8000 isn’t in high demand so its price is still reasonable. They sell from around $150.00 up to $250.00.

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One thought on “Pioneer QX-8000 Quad

  1. This pioneer qx also got 2 aux,2 phono,nice wide open luxurious display,fancy as well,built like a tank,nearly broke my back carrying this thing.a keeper

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