Pioneer QX-8000 Quad

Pioneer QX-8000

Here is one of Pioneer’s classic Quad’s, or 4 channel, offerings the Pioneer QX-8000. The QX-8000 supplied 20 watts per channel into four channels at 8 ohms. It weighs just over 34 pounds. It also featured:

  • Low and high filters
  • Loudness on/off
  • FM muting on/off
  • Speakers front on/off rear on/off
  • Two bass/treble controls
  • Phones outputs front and rear
  • Tuning meter
  • AC Outlet Switched and Unswitched
  • Phono 1 + 2
  • Aux 1 + 2
  • Speakers A Front  Rear
  • FM Antenna 75 Ohm + 300 Ohm
  • AM Antenna
  • Tape Monitor 1 Out/In
  • Tape Monitor 2 Out/In

The Pioneer QX-8000 was manufactured from around 1974 up until 1976. It’s parts layout from the top view looks like this:

Pioneer QX-8000 diagram

The Pioneer QX-8000 isn’t in high demand so its price is still reasonable. They sell from around $150.00 up to $300.00.

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4 thoughts on “Pioneer QX-8000 Quad

  1. This pioneer qx also got 2 aux,2 phono,nice wide open luxurious display,fancy as well,built like a tank,nearly broke my back carrying this thing.a keeper

  2. this receiver is a fantastic pre-amp. It has 10 total inputs counting the two phono inputs. Though not much power, you can always pre-out to a bigger receiver or power amp and use it for it’s ample inputs.

  3. Grew up with cranking one purchased in Japan by my dad. We had six of the old Pioneer CS-06 Omnidirectional round speakers setup in a multizone system throughout the house.

  4. I have one and the sound is on another level. Crisp highs and deep lows! I have it playing through some Bose 301 speakers with zero fatigue. Clean as a whistle visually and to the ears!

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