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The Pioneer SX-1280 is one of Pioneer’s classic receivers. It came out in 1978 and took over for the SX-1250. The design and styling are beautiful. It is rated at 185 watts per channel which is second only the the monster SX-1980’s power output. MSRP was around $900.00 which was a decent chunk of change in 1978 and rose to $950.00 in 1979 which was the last year of production for the 1200 series receivers. You’ll notice that the Pioneer SX-1280 has black vu meter faces with white lettering while the SX-1250 had white meter faces and black lettering. Just one of the subtle differences between the two receivers.


A few features:

  • Total harmonic distortion  .o1%
  • Weight: 63.25 pounds
  • Power output: 185 wpc in to 8 ohms

SX-1280’s are very collectible and prices reflect that fact. A parts or repair unit can run upwards of $1000.00. In good working condition they routinely sell for around $1500.00. In mint working condition I’ve seen them reach $3000.00. So, if you’re looking for one of these receivers be prepared to shell out some cash.

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6 thoughts on “Pioneer SX-1280

  1. eu gostaria de saber qual o valor desse aparelho. hoje no mercado nacional? alguém sabe me falar. aguardo resposta

  2. On September 2019 you can’t touch buying a Pioneer SX-1280 without at very least $2,000.00 to spend. You might find a beat up Pioneer SX-1280 for $2,000.00 and if you are VERY lucky a nice one AT $2K. Most basic vintage Pioneer SX-1280’s without upgrades and repairs sell for $2,100 to $2,400 today. If you want a repaired Pioneer SX-1280 pre prepared to spend $2,400.00 today. A full professionally recapped, upgraded Pioneer SX-1280’s with LED lights can cost close to $3,000. I was lucky I got a clean Pioneer SX-1280 today for just $1,800.00 on Ebay but such finds are rare in 2019.

  3. I purchased my Pioneer SX-1280 on E-Bay December 18 / 2019 for $1900.00 in excellent condition everything working looking like new. I will be taking in to my Technician for a full check up but as of this posting it has been flawless and is a nice addition to my Pioneer SX-1080. I will be adding Led lighting to the dial and indicator lights when I take it for its check up

  4. Hi,
    So what model is collectable and does not have the rear shelf like the SX.
    Also, a model that is easy to rebulb! Ha.

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