Onkyo TX-8500

Onkyo TX-8500

Onkyo’s contribution to the Monster receiver genre is the Onkyo TX-8500.  It was Onkyo’s top of the line receiver at the time and put out an under rated 150 watts per channel into 4 ohms and 110 watts per channel into 8 ohms. This line of Onkyo receivers including the TX-2500, TX-4500, TX-6500 and TX-8500 are all under appreciated units. The build quality, performance and features are all second to none. Onkyo was a little late to the scene with their monster receiver so it didn’t receive the fanfare that the Pioneer and Marantz receivers received at the time but it is easily comparable. A later MK II version was released that had a digital tuner along with the analog tuner. As you can see below it is fairly easily distinguished from the original TX-8500 shown above.

Onkyo TX-8500

Below are the specifications for the TX-8500.

Onkyo TX-8500 Specs

The TX-8500 does not have an Aux input though it does have 3 Tape inputs so you shouldn’t be short inputs. The amplifier section is one of the best around and the tuning section is no slouch either. This unit is big at 22-7/16” X 6-5/16” X 18” and weighs in at around 55 pounds.

Onkyo TX-8500 Back

As I mentioned above the vintage Onkyo receivers don’t get as much attention as they deserve. Because of this you can usually get one for a very good price. Of course, they aren’t that common either so you don’t see them for sale all that often. Still, if you want a monster receiver but don’t want to pay the extravagant Pioneer or Marantz monster prices then try an Onkyo. You can pick up a TX-8500 for $400-$500 in good working condition. The MK II’s are a little more expensive but still a very good value.

Update: A really nice and fully functional TX-8500 Mk II recently sold for $1180 (09-05-2013). So, maybe these aren’t such sleepers any more and prices are rising!

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  1. I bought the TX-8500 from a local used record store (I live in the Metro Detroit ares of MI)in the spring of 2011. For only $200.00, it was a hell of a stereo for a hell of a bargain. Although the extremely efficient power consumption of only 330 watts is misleading, I knew judging by it’s enormous size and hefty weight that it must be packing some serious heat underneath. The store owner actually mis-quoted the power output at 160 wpc (he must have been looking at the MK II’s specs). However, for a long time after I had it, I really believed that it put out that much power! When I finally read the specs online and found that it was rated at 110 wpc through 8 ohms I thought, that must be a conservative rating. A friend of mine, when he first heard it, was actually more impressed by it’s performance than he had been with my Sansui G-7700! That says a lot, I think. Also, I don’t think there are any receivers period, vintage or new, that can match the over-the-top build quality of these receivers. Most receivers at that time (1976) were considered over-built by today’s standards. This one was considered over-built by 1976 standards! Through all of the many hours of pure listening pleasure it has given me, it has never once let me down. Aside from needing a professional internal cleaning ($50), I don’t believe this unit has ever been serviced. For a stereo that’s now pushing 40 years old, that’s nothing short of incredible. 4 out of the other 5 vintage receivers I own needed major repairs to keep them going. But this one just keeps cranking out flawless vintage monster sound!!! Could a vintage stereo fanatic ask for anything more?

    1. I had one of those receivers and powered a pair of AR9s with it.it drove and sounded better than the amplifiers i purchased to drive AR9s.big mistake on my part for getting rid of it.Don’t make the same mistake by selling your very reliable onkyo TX 8500 MK II like i did.take care.

  2. In November of last year I bought a bunch of stereo equipment from this guy. I just wanted the EV sentry 100 speakers, but I have to buy it all. It started out at $75, but he couldn’t get the cd player and cassete deck to work, so he reduced it to $30. The package included the speakers, yamaha p700 direct drive turnable with cartridge, 2 equalizers, and a fully working Onkyo TX8500 MKII receiver. I was sold off the turntable and equalizers for $100 and I was going to sell the receiver until I researched it. Thank goodness I didn’t. When hooking the TX8500 MKII to the EV100 speakers, it became the best stereo combo I ever had. It’s a true 160 watts because I have yet to go past a 1/4 volume becasue it is so loud and clear and that setting. The tuner picks up so many stations that my other surround sound can’t. It’s been the best 30 bucks ever spent on stereo equipment (actually, I am 70 bucks ahead)!!

  3. Hello, im willin to pay full boat but would need be shipp ed to virginia. Ill pay insurance and shipping

    Thanks and merry christmas jeff fisher

  4. I have a TX-8500 MK II for sale. Reason is I am slowing down at 86 years. It is in prime condition. Contact at E mail

    1. Have you sold your Onkyo 8500 Mk II reciever, if it is in fine to perfect condition I will buy it for my personal use, and I will Pay well over top dollar for it.

    2. Do you still have the 8500 mk11 I use to own one I miss it a lot I would love to have one please call at 9286627772 name is Paul

  5. Dear Sir, Do you still have the 8500? How much were you thinking of asking..? Also I was wondering where you are located…. Thanks very much for your time. Regards, David Rodgers

  6. Hi, Im looking for an Onkyo TX 6500 mk II 9 Would love an 8500 but pretty sure that outside my budget). If anyone has a really good one they would like see go to a good new home, please contact me at cmhbritm4 at aol.com. Many thanks!

  7. I have a Onkyo TX 8500 MKII for sale. I’m the original owner. It’s in great condition, just missing 2 preset buttons, otherwise everything works great. Willing to ship.

  8. I have a TX8500 MKII. IT was my dads. It has been sitting for about 12 years at my parents house. My mom recently died. It looks beautiful, and seems to work fine. Very heavy though. I live in Westchester N.Y., And would accept any offers. Local pickup preferred, but shipping is possible if you arrange it

  9. Jack Newman,

    I am interested in you Dad’s TX8500. You are a good drive from me, but doable
    for pick up.
    Sorry about your Mom’s passing.

  10. Is there any TX-8500 mkll for sale. And willing to ship to Va. if your local to hours from Richmond would pickup. Thankx. George

  11. Would like a 8500 MK ll Onkyo in Kansas. Have many items to trade like a knight 55 wpc tube with matching tuner. Would need some cash with this trade. Wharfedale W70 near mint. BES SM300 speakers. Luxman 115-wpc integrated and tuner the survo face. Rta 8t polk. Infinity rs 4000 emmit tweeters. Luxman 1040 reciever. Mission Cryus One. Bang and Olufsen B&O 5700s Awesome. Power house sansui integrated amp. Pioneer Elite reciever with matching Pioneer Elite 300+1 CD player

  12. If anyone is looking, I would be willing to sell my TX8500 MKI ! I am in the Seattle area, shipping would not be preferable! I have the original box and owner’s manual. I would be asking $799

    1. Hope u get one. I have one but it’s not for sell..but it completely blows away my pioneer sx 980, and my dad’s sansui g6700 for sound.

  13. Hi friends, I am looking to buy a TX 8500 MK II. I live in Cupertino, CA. I will cover all shipping and Insurance costs. My cell number is 8017064149. Thanks and Regards, Gaurav

  14. Hi friends, I am looking to buy a TX 8500 MK II. I live in Cupertino, CA. I will cover all shipping and Insurance costs. My cell number is 8017064149. My email is saiberdyne@hotmail.com
    Thanks and Regards, Gaurav

  15. Hi. Im Jim from Clemmons NC . I am very interested in purchasing an Onkyo tx-8500 MK2. I can pay asap with paypal and am seeking a unit in decent condition that can be delivered. Please text me at 1 (631) 522-2483 or email me at esteejp@icloud.com. Thanks kindly.

  16. Bought my 8500 MKII new in 1976, has been matched with Klipsch Horns ever since. After 46 years still best sounding stereo around!

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