Onkyo TX-2500 MK II

Onkyo TX-2500 MK II


This Onkyo TX-2500 receiver is a low to mid-range offering from Onkyo with the TX-8500 being the big dog at the time.  I've always liked the look of the Onkyo receivers - even the bolt on front dial glass.  When all the bulbs work and they are lit up they have the warm glow of candle light.  This particular TX-2500 is the MK II version which does differ slightly from the regular TX-2500.  I believe the TX-2500 came out around 1976-77 and the revised MK II around 1978.  The MK II had a retail price of around $360.00.


Onkyo TX-2500


Onkyo's TX-2500 is listed at 27 watts per channel while the Tx-2500 MK II is listed at 40 watts per channel.  Of course, the late 70's were the height of the receiver wars where each manufacturer was trying to outdo the other with more watts per channel and other features. This is probably why Onkyo decided to up the ante with the power output. Total harmonic distortion was lowered as well from 0.5% to 0.1%.


Onkyo TX-2500


The late 70's Onkyo receivers are very good performers and you be hard pressed to find someone that does not like them.  They very regularly sell for quite a bit less then a comparable Pioneer or Yamaha receiver.  So, for the money I would consider them sleepers and if you have a chance to pick one up cheaply you should do so.

This particular receiver sold in April of 2012 for $140.00 and was in great shape and had been recently serviced with new bulbs.  I've seen sales of clean working units for around $50.00 to $80.00 as well.


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7 thoughts on “Onkyo TX-2500 MK II

  1. I just recently purchased an Onkyo TX-2500 MkII and wish to replace the tuner, locked, meters and dial lamps. I am having a very difficult time finding these bulbs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks tons!!

  2. Hi there,

    I’ve got this classic receiver, the MKII, paired with infinity Primus surround sound, and am very curious if there’s any way to wire it for 5 speakers so that I can include the amazing center speaker. Any suggestions greatly appreciated! thanks

  3. I’ve owned both an Onkyo TX-2500 and a Marantz 2226b. I found the Onkyo to have a better tuner and superior phono section, as well as better sound overall, at least to my ears.

  4. The specs match (close enough anyway – 6.3v .25A). As long as the TX-3000 uses fuse style bulbs then they should work.

  5. George…just curious as to why you would want to have a center channel?? on clearly a 2 channel stereo receiver?….fyi it can be done although ilIm still not sure as to why?

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