NAD Model 160


You’ve most likely heard of this audio manufacturer before but still may not recognize the name on the faceplate. This is the New Acoustic Dimension Model 160 receiver which was made from 1975 up until around 1979. You may be more familiar with the name NAD. Of course, in the U.S. NAD is most known for their 3020 integrated receiver which sold very well here. Earlier models such as this 160 and the later 160A were sold mostly in Europe and are not often seen in the states.

NAD Model 160

New Acoustic Dimension was started in England in 1972 by Martin Borish. His vision was to create components that weren’t overloaded with features that people wouldn’t really use. This gave NAD’s products, especially the late 1970’s and 80’s models, a very streamlined look. You’ll see a couple different variations on the faceplates with some having New Acoustic Dimension at the top left and the Model on the top right while others have NAD and the model at the top left and Stereo Receiver at the top right. Some of the lettering is green and other times it is black. Inside they are the same.


NAD produced the models 120, 140, 160, and 300 during the mid 70’s. The 120 had 25 watts per channel, the 140 35 watts, the 160 50 watts and the 300 was at the top of the line with 100 watts per channel. These units were all very well designed and built. They have some cosmetic similarities to the Marantz models of the time with the lettering and push buttons. Similar toYamaha in the way the wood case butts up against the faceplate. NAD was actually one of the first audio companies to start outsourcing production of their units to Japan.

NAD Model 160A
NAD Model 160A

Mechanically the Model 160 does have an issue with the power supply which is susceptible to overheating. This however is an easy fix as it is usually one of the large resistors on the power supply board. Notice also, that the Aux input is a DIN so don’t expect to be running your iPod through this unit unless you have an adapter. Note also that it has only one phono input on the back. The Model 160 has no Loudness function but in the later Model 160A the Muting button was replaced with a Loudness button.


NAD grew rapidly when they introduced the 3020 which sold over a million units during its production run from 1979 to 1993. But, it’s these older models that are very hard to find for collectors. While these units are very well built and perform nicely they are still sleepers.

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3 thoughts on “NAD Model 160

  1. Hi.
    I have one of these beautiful receivers unfortunately my Main power transformer got burned and I can’t seem to find a replacement. Any idea where I could find one?
    That being said I really enjoy this web page and must congratulate on making it as useful as it is.

    1. That’s a tough one. The Model 160 is hard to find. I haven’t even seen one on ebay for quite a while. eBay is probably you’re best bet though. Someone will eventually part one out, hopefully. Or you could buy a parts unit that’s not working and take the transformer and sell off the rest of the parts (assuming the transformer works). Good luck!

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