NAD 7220PE

Introduced around 1987 this NAD 7220PE Power Envelope receiver was one of NAD’s lower end offerings at the time. It is rated at just 20 watts per channel into 8 ohms. NAD’s goal was to …

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7020 / NAD

NAD 7020

NAD, or New Acoustic Dimension, was formed in 1972 by Martin Borish and others. Bjorn Erik Edvardsen did most of the engineering. NAD’s initial concept was to build audio components that rivaled the performance of …

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7140 / NAD

NAD 7140

The mid to late 1980’s saw a transition toward cheaper less robust audio components mostly made of plastic. During that transition there were some interesting receivers made by companies such as NAD. This NAD 7140 …

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NAD Model 160

You’ve most likely heard of this audio manufacturer before but still may not recognize the name on the faceplate. This is the New Acoustic Dimension Model 160 receiver which was made from 1975 up until …

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