McIntosh 4100

McIntosh 4100

This is the McIntosh 4100 receiver. It was produced from 1978 up until 1985 and had a retail price of nearly $2000.00. The design seems to have a love-hate quality with audiophiles and collectors. Many think the design is ugly and don’t like the plastic push buttons or lower quality veneer on the case. Others however, think the design gives it character and overlook any aesthetic weaknesses because of its fantastic sound. I believe it was the first integrated, solid state receiver offered by McIntosh which was known for their top of the line tube amps and tuners.

It’s rated at 75 watts per channel in to 8 ohms or 100 wpc in to 4 ohms. It has some unique features such as the 5 band equalizer utilizing knobs as opposed to the more common sliders. It also has a loudness control that uses a potentiometer instead of a switch which means you can control the level of the loudness rather than just on or off.

It weighs roughly 42 pounds and measures about 18.6 x 6.5 x 12.5 inches or 472 x 165 x 318 mm.

McIntosh 4100 Back

Of course, it’s a McIntosh, so it’s very popular and in high demand. These receivers can sell for over $3000.00 in great working condition. Most sell for around $1100-$2400.

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13 thoughts on “McIntosh 4100

  1. A neophyte here, so I am not sure if I am approaching this correctly. I have a MAC 4100+pair of McIntosh XR 16 Isoplanar Radiator Loudspeakers. I am the original owner and have orig paperwork for all. The system was in storage for 13yrs when I was out of country and then remained in boxes since. Has not been checked out by pro but works well and looks new. Need help to sell. Advice?

    1. If you want to sell them as a group then I’d try Craigslist first. Those speakers would be very hard to ship. Second choice would be to sell the speakers on Craigslist and the receiver on eBay. But, McIntosh equipment is pretty popular so I would think you would get some interest on Craigslist if you’re in a decent sized city. A nice, fully functional, 4100 should fetch $800-$1000 on eBay, especially if it has the walnut case, paperwork and boxes. There are people on Craigslist that advertise to buy vintage audio equipment as well but they usually flip it on eBay so they won’t pay as high a price as a collector. If you do post an ad on Craigslist you’ll probably get a dozen responses in about 30 minutes. Those will be all the flippers. If you want to sell fast for less than top dollar then you can sell to one of them. Just don’t do any trades, money orders, or requests to ship as those are almost always scams. Good luck!

  2. Hi Richard, I might be a year and 1/2 late. Did you ever end up selling your 4100? if not, i’m interested.

      1. Are you still interested in buying a 4100? I have one that i am currently trying to sell. Great condition, it was my grandfathers… i have no manual or anything from the original packaging.

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