McIntosh 1900

McIntosh 1900

Most vintage audio enthusiasts consider McIntosh equipment to be the top of the line. It is some of the best designed and best built audio equipment made during that time period. And, actually many would argue that you would have to spend thousands of dollars today on contemporary audio equipment in order to equal the performance of restored vintage McIntosh gear. McIntosh amplifiers are some of the most highly sought after vintage audio equipment around.

This is the McIntosh 1900 AM/FM solid state receiver. It was produced from 1971-1978 and had a list price of $949.00.

  • Power output: 55W RMS into 4 or 8 Ohms
  • Harmonic distortion: less than 0.20%
  • Intermodulation distortion: less than 0.20%
  • Damping factor: 59 across an 8 Ohm load
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Finish: front panel in anodized black and gold
  • Weight: 14.97kg – 33 pounds
McIntosh 1900 Back

A McIntosh 1900 in very good condition recently sold for $850 (8-2019). It had been fully serviced.

Update: A McIntosh 1900 sold for $1400.

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25 thoughts on “McIntosh 1900

  1. Mclintosh was not at all the best equipment in the mid to late 6os- to 70s The old man thought his equipmeennt was the best and it was over prices It really didn’t sound very good with classical music At that time Marantz was far better and if you wanted to spend more Audio Research was even better then Mac could ever be Even today it is not worth the money One would be better to envest n Marantz


  2. Bill has appaently never owned McIntosh equipment. I have owned and continue to own a lot of “MAC” equipment. All of it has always performed flawlessly for many, many years. The only folks I know of who are not particularly fond of “MAC” equipement are the out-of-work audio repairmen.


  3. bill is right about marantz- it is a good value today. the vintage marantz is really nice. i have a model 1070 integrated amp. it bests jolida’s 1501. and pioneer sx880. soon will compare it to a mac 1900. got a feeling the marantz will come out winner. the detail and range is amazing. the jolida is a nice amp, but the marantz is something else. much of the vintage gear is nice- hi fidelity solid state.

    1. I think so too. I have a few Marantz receivers and when they’re restored there isn’t much out there that is better.

    1. Yes. I stream Pandora through my mac1900. Jus get a cord from Walmart, Home Depot or audio store with plugs that will hook to your tape, phono or aux. then get your iPhone adapter to plug into the female connector. If you want to go wireless you will need the Bluetooth adapter.

  4. I have owned a Mac 1900 since the early 1980’s I think it is the greatest built AMERICAN product. I raised 4 children and they blew out lots of JBL’s and other speakers my son played his electric guitar thru the Mac!!!

  5. I have owned my MAC 1900 since the spring of 1977. It is on EVERY DAY. When it was new (less than a year old) one of the channels went out. Macintosh at the time was putting on their “clinics” around the country. They repaired it when they hooked it up and found only one side was working. Since then the only other problem was the on / off switch. That was replaced two years ago. Other than that, “it takes a licking and keeps on ticking”! My $948.00 was well spent.

  6. The best receiver I ever had. The Mac 1900 was a tank since 1974 I bought new in Gainesville, Fl full price ran big JBLs and reconed them later yrs still sounded like the first day I bought it. I moved and traveled to South Fl where with high humidity storage and couple moves took bath in 1994 but the Mac was turned on every time I walked in day or night. I gave it away to some guy when it ate it(not smart). Since bought Onkyo TX80..? and 2 Nakamichi (nice), Marantz (all ok, Nak closest in mid and highs, but none quite like the Mac 1900). So now I just purchased a Mac 1900 again and LOVE IT! Might buy 2 more or the bigger ones soon. Jay Asheville, NC
    October 29/2015

  7. Arguing what is the best of any category of machine will always be a subjective discussion with no one person’s opinion ultimately right. For me, longevity (value) and performance at expected specifications are the best measures of quality.
    I purchased my MAC1900 in Rochester in the early ’70s. I took it to those free clinics. It has powered a pair of JBL 100s, in addition to two other pairs of lesser speakers, for over 40 years. The only repair work was performed about 10 years ago on the tuner’s stereo indicator light and the on/off volume knob, done at the factory in Binghamton. The technician advised me that the replacement on/off volume switch was substandard as McIntosh must use aftermarket parts. A deficiency is only noticeable at very low gain.
    My late father-in-law built two switching devices to allow for additional inputs and outputs, from sources like television, IPads and Internet radio.
    I continue to enjoy listening to all genres of music and feel like my $950 was well spent. (Over $4500 in inflation adjusted dollars!) Having to get up out of the chair to adjust the volume provides needed exercise for someone in his 60s.
    My only dilemma will be deciding which child will receive it in my will.

  8. I have Mac 1900, that found in a basement. I had it cleaned, replaced volume switch, and balance control.Some
    Work was done on the output circuits.

    This unit is the best sounding Receiver . The Few hundred dollars I put in it are well worth it. It’s in mint condition

  9. Bill it’s hard too take a person seriously that can’t spell invest … while Marantz made nice equipment and I own many of them currently including a 2275 .. it was always considered The working mans MAC .. allowing for a Marantz fan a glimpse towards true Audiophile gear… Marantz was in its day Family entertainment ..nuff said

  10. I own a Marantz 2235 I bought in 1976 and a Marantz 2270. I love the sound and looks of my Marantz receivers. I added a Mac 1900 to my collection last week and I am loving how it sounds with my stacked Large Advents. The Mac handles the 4 OHM load well. The Marantz is definitely more pleasing to look at but I’m not sure yet which one sounds best!!

    1. Bob Hill, I have read where many folks have double stacked the original Large Advent speaks. I have two pairs, one pair just got NOS fried eggs and I am waiting for new surrounds to complete their rehab. If I may, what makes double stacking them sound so great? I have dq10’s, 4311/2’s, L100’s, L88’s, maggies & many more. But I am intrigued about the double Advent set up. Hopefully, you & others will see this post and share experiences. thanks, Jeffro

  11. I got my hands on a MAC 1900 as an exchange while installing a home theater system. Customer said it had been damaged by a power surge. I had it reconditioned in Binghampton and after A/B-ing it against a number of other receivers and integrated amps, I’ve hung on to this unit as my “A” system. Frankly, nothing else even came close to the quality and accuracy up and down the frequency spectrum. I run any digital source material through a Nu Force DAC and use a variety of JBL and AR speakers dictated by what I’m listening to. I’m not sure I could ask for any more pleasant listening experience!

  12. I bought my Mac 1900 in 1973 at Grammophone in Baltimore. It has performed faultlessly for all these years. It can pull in stereo FM signals clearly from 100 miles and the sound is incomparable. I would not sell it for any price because to my ears it is priceless. I use 4 Klipsch speakers with it but it handles my Totem ARRO 4 ohm speakers admirably. The power and clarity that the 1900 produces is better than my vintage Marantz receiver, which by the way is not as good at pulling in distant FM signals.

    Easton, MD.

  13. I heard from a reliable source that the mac 1900 was actually built by Fisher. I was told that by a fellow Tech who worked for Fisher at that time.

    1. No.

      As the head of sales, Gow pushed for McIntosh to come out with a receiver in the ’60s but “Mr. McIntosh said no,” relates Ken Zelin, historian and director of U.S. sales training at McIntosh. “Receivers involved some degree of compromise, so year after year, he overruled Gordon.”

      Finally, the owners came up with a solution they both could live with.

      “They would build a receiver in the McIntosh factory but not call it a McIntosh,” Zelin reveals. “They formed a division called MAC Audio Company to market the receiver. It was built in the McIntosh Lab factory and sold through McIntosh Lab dealers but if you look at the receiver and its manual, both say MAC instead of McIntosh. That way people knew not to expect it to be 100% as good as McIntosh separate components.”

  14. I have owned a few Marantz recievers ,They are beautiful pieces very aesthetically pleasing.Dollar for dollar anyone would be hard pressed to find a reciever with sound as full and as powerful as model 2270. The only section of the reciever that I would improve is the tuner, I don’t believe it’s as good as it could be.Otherwise great,I have not yet had the pleasure of owning a Mac. I am sure they produce great sound as well,American engineering and quality cannot be bested. I am happy to see that Mac has continued to make a high quality product in the USA ,It is unfortunate to see Marantz relegated to the heap of mass produced foreign junk.It would have been nice to see those two manufacturers going at it today especially with all the technology at hand.

  15. Can anyone tell me the type, length and thread of the machine screws that secure the mac 1900 wooden case to the frame/interior? A reply to my email would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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