Marantz 2245

Marantz 2245 Front

This is a classic solid state Marantz 2245 receiver. It was produced from 1971 to around 1976 and put out 45 watts per channel into 8 ohms.  The retail price in 1971 was around $450.

It has the typical look a a mid 1970’s Marantz receiver with the brushed aluminum face plate, blue tuning dial and flywheel tuner, which they called Gyro Touch Tuning.

Marantz 2245-left-faceplate

As you can see the Marantz 2245 has a Mid tone adjustment which is nice. It also has a Low and Hi Filter along with Loudness and Muting.

Marantz 2245 Right Faceplate

It really looks great in the WC-22 wood case but keep in mind that the wood case can inhibit the flow of air into the unit somewhat which can result in overheating. Still, they do look good in wood! The color of the tuning dial is usually off quite a bit from the original color because the vellum paper that is used yellows over time giving the blue  more of a greenish color. Many people change ou the original lamps with LED lamps. They are nice but sometimes are a little more pronounced than the original lamps.

Marantz 2245 Wood Case

Most of the Marantz receivers of this time are well built. Restorations aren’t that difficult either as it is nicely laid out and many of the boards will swivel out of place without completely removing them. For a look at a 2245 restoration check out at RetroVoltage.

Marantz 2245 Inside

One thing you will run into with vintage Marantz receivers, and all vintage receivers for that matter, is that the switches and potentiometers will become dirty over the years. This can result in some strange behaviors. So, before spending hundreds of dollars on a restoration try cleaning the push button switches and pots on the receiver. If you want more detail on this procedure check out these threads at AudioKarma.    Thread 1     Thread 2

Marantz 2245 Back

Mid 1970’s Marantz receivers are very popular and the Maratnz 2245 is no exception. Fortunately they sold quite of few of them so they aren’t particularly difficult to find. But, demand does keep the prices up. The 2245 is a good mid range receiver and has a reputation for producing a great sound. Prices have climbed over the last few years and will probably continue to do so.

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11 thoughts on “Marantz 2245

  1. I’ve had my Marantz 2245 since new. I have never had any work done to it.

    I no longer have stereo sound on the right side, of main or rear speakers when I play tape, phono or Auxilery (CD)
    If play in Mono then I have sound on both sides.
    And if the radio is broadcasting in stereo I have no sound on the right side but if broadcasting in mono then I sound on both sides. Any comments on how to repair. Thank you.

    1. It may be the the capacitor or protection circuit. I had similar issues with intermittent audio. None of my audio cables would connect properly. The sound was as if a connection was loose. I had the same issue with component cables too. I’ve had my receiver worked on 2x in the last 10 yrs. The first time the capacitor was replaced and just days ago the protection circuit was repaired. I brought it into a shop that works on older audio equipment and now… My Marantz is back!

  2. push and release Mono/Stereo switch about 10-20 times and try to slightly wiggle it in stereo position if the sound comes back . if it is the case , you got a dirty switch . And it is time for good cleaning of all switches and controls.

  3. Yo recien me compre un 2245 en un estsdo impecable y un gran sonido
    No es mejor que mi otro marantz SR-6000 es mucho mejor de sonido

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